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  1. General2020 added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Suspension and fitment help
    I have prepared myself for flame
    Hi, I have a 2003 350z Track edition, so far it is stock apart from exhaust, CAI and that's pretty much it apart from some better tyres.
    However, this year i have plans on buying new wheels, tyres, getting coil overs for my Z.
    But being the complete noob i am, i know nothing about how to get fitment.
    So, I would like to know if anyone knows of any good coilovers that are good for street use, and occasional track use. So far i have BC BR coil overs in mind and maybe MCA. Any Recommendations???
    As for wheels i really want to go with "weds kranze lxz" as i love the deep dish look how ever i may change my mind to enkei rpf1 as they are light and solid. i also like the look of rotas or volk te37's. i will need to get a staggered set most likely as my brakes would most likely collide with the wheels as they are the brembo ones that come with the track model. here is where spacers or hub bearings or something come into play as i want to make it flush with the car. i have heard i may also need to roll my fenders but ill figure that out when i lower the car. keep in mind when i want fitment i also want as little camber as possible. or some just make it look nice, not rice. 
    Tyres can be figured out when i get the wheels.
    I would just like to know maybe what set ups other people are running or how to get good fitment. if your that guy that comes on here and says this has been answered, google it, help me or redirect me as i don't know what to search.
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  2. General2020 added a gallery image in Member's Galleries   

  3. General2020 added a post in a topic Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol   

    saw that vid and good lord i freaking love it
  4. General2020 added a post in a topic Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol   

    sounds freaking awesome!
  5. General2020 added a post in a topic Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol   

    HOLY f#!k that looks so sexy
  6. General2020 added a post in a topic Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol   

    You must have a 370z, IM JEALOUS, armytrix sounds godly
     OMG those tips are awesome!
  7. General2020 added a post in a topic Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol   

    I absolutely love the mtordyne sound aswell, thanks for your input
  8. General2020 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol
    Greeting everyone!
    Can I have your guys opinion on which exhaust YOU like best on a 350z. my 350z is a 2003 track DE model and I just wanted to see what the majority of people like to help me decide. who knows, i might just get the one i like in the end anyway lol. or post which exhaust you have and i will have a look into it
    thanks guys!

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  9. General2020 added a post in a topic New Guy From ACT :D   

    yea cool, sounds wicked man! Keens to see some pictures
  10. General2020 added a post in a topic New Guy From ACT :D   

    Yep, sure will, im thinking of doing mostly exterior mods like a rear diffuser, wheels, exhaust system, lights etc. then move onto the interior with steering wheels, shift knob etc. later down the track i will start doing performance mods, when i get a better paying job and have a feel fore the car.
    What about yourself, and/or what mods have u already done?
  11. General2020 added a post in a topic New Guy From ACT :D   

    Unfortunately I cant sell the plates as they are being put on my old car and that is then being sold on car sales.
    have a nice day
  12. General2020 added a post in a topic New to this forum and I have some questions :)   

    thanks guys, i made a smart choice and found, then bought this one

  13. General2020 added a topic in Introductions   

    New Guy From ACT :D
    Greetings everyone!
    My name is Cameron and I am 18 years old and just bought a 2003 Nissan 350Z Track edition (used, private seller).
    I am looking forward to meeting you all and getting your opinions on things in the future for modifications etc.
    The car has 110,000 kilometers and is completely stock, which amazes me beyond belief.
    Have a nice day everyone!
    Here are some pics  

    This isnt my number plate, I am in the process of getting the car and plates switched into my name etc, the new number plates are custom black with white writing on them with my last name on them. "MINIHAN"

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  14. General2020 added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    New to this forum and I have some questions :)
    Greetings all Z lovers, sorry if this is the wrong thread.
    I am looking at purchasing a 2005 Nissan 350z with 89,000 KMs for $15,000 however I do have some questions.
    Went and inspected the car today, exterior was a vinyl wrap which had some peeling in corners of the car (comes with another whole roll to cover the car if need be), interior was immaculate, everything worked, no grinds, oil pressure gauge works, full service history etc but.
    1. Since I live in the A.C.T and its Victorian rego, does anyone know the estimated cost of getting it transferred to ACT?

    2. He says it passes roadworthy but it has 19" Volk racing wheels which seems illegal as i thought you could only go 2 sizes above the stock. it has adjustable coilovers which have been raised to pass roadworthy.
    the back and front tyres are different, the back are wider tyres (275 35 R19) i forgot the front size
    4. Does anyone know about something called a YAW sensor??? it was mentioned 2 times in the service history and im not sure if its been replaced. it was quoted at $2000 which I do not want to fork out if i get this car
    It has had 5 or 6 previous owners, i feel that the car would have been absolutely flogged, getting it checked by a mechanic later on in the week.
     nothing is owing on it which is good
    5. Carbon fiber hood has scratches, does anyone know how much reglossing is? ill be calling places up
    also anyone know anything about re wrapping the car if u already have the vinyl, price estimate lol
    6. I have custom plates, would it cost much to get these moved over?
    7. stamp duty?, ive already worked out insurance.
    what else should i be looking for or being very cautious about.
    thankyou for responses
    I have attached a picture of the car
    paint and scratches can barely be seen in the photo because of the time of day

    By the way i'm not expecting answers to every question, more so the cost of the transfer mainly
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