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  • Car 1979 280ZX 2+2

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  1. MTZ added a post in a topic 280ZX 2+2 Resto-Mod - Hello from Sydney!   

    1. Managed to source full windshield and window chrome trims and mouldings
    2. Ordered Air Dam via ebay and pending delivery as it's coming from Malaysia.
    3. With a bit of luck checking facebook marketplace, Have recently acquired a pair of 4th gen Honda Prelude seats for $50. Would need to remove rails fromm seats and check fitment.
    pending photos
  2. MTZ added a post in a topic 280ZX 2+2 Resto-Mod - Hello from Sydney!   

    Thanks! So far not much progress due to the COVID-19 situation, however, this has also been a good opportunity to dig into a few unknowns.
    Keeping it within the Datsun-Nissan Family, I am definitely going towards the RB25DET Engine and Transmission spec. Keeping the engine stock for some time and just enjoy the drive once passes rego (if it ever does).
    Engine and Transmission: RB25DET S2 or Neo (which ever is available)
    Everything else would be closest to stock.
    If there are any mechanics that can provide some tips on how to get the car rego'd with these planned changes mentioned, that would be highly appreciated
  3. MTZ added a post in a topic 280ZX 2+2 Resto-Mod - Hello from Sydney!   

    Purchased R31 Engine Mounts via ebay as i've read that it's the closest thing for a easy swap experience and will be a good cost effective option to take once I manage to secure a RB25DET
  4. MTZ added a post in a topic 280ZX 2+2 Resto-Mod - Hello from Sydney!   

    Hi and thanks Ryan!
    As per my countless hours our researching and bludging with, i have arrived at this lovely company that does cross member with RB Engine Mounts as well as the Full Front Suspension Kit via link - Apex Engineered in my opinion would be closest to my build.
    By the looks of things, i would think the next step is to find the engine and transmission i'm not sure what else I would need for swapping. Have not thought about the electrical - but i am going for the path of:
    1. No powersteering
    2. No A/C
    3. Yes on Power windows
  5. MTZ added a topic in Introductions   

    280ZX 2+2 Resto-Mod - Hello from Sydney!
    Hi Everyone!
    Finally i have been able to find my first Z project  since i joined the forums back in 2016 and I am keen to start with my resto-mod for this lovely 1979 280ZX 2+2.
    A bit of background with my journey, I have been into S30's and S130's and finding out years later that my grandfather had a 240Z and has not mentioned it until one random day, my grandmother said "Your Father and I almost got into an accident, i couldn't control the car! I think we were using your grandfather's Datsun."
    Fast forward some 20+ years or so (could be more), an opportunity came in at the right time and found this 1979 280ZX 2+2 that is not that far from my current location. After some interesting conversations with the seller, and i hope most people can relate to this, this is how it went...
    Had a "look", "Hmmm not that much rust"
    "Actually, it's not in pretty bad shape at all!"
    *think *think
    "Done i'll take it." 
    it's current sleeping in my garage, came with boxes of goodies, and will definitely need a engine and transmission for a start.
    Moving on to the fun part.. Noting that I am NOT a mechanic or an expert which is how i landed here. I am in no rush to complete the build and would like to take my time, understand the car, get the right tools, do things the recommended way etc.
    Goal and scope for the car engine would be to get it registered and running an RB25DET. As this is my first resto-mod/build, I am moving towards a weekend car theme and would have parts easy enough to acquire. RB26DET has always been the cherry on top but not at this stage and build. I would want to stick to Nissan engines (SR's and VQ's) however, the idea of a 2JZ is making the decision difficult - RB vs 2JZ at it's best lol.
    I have been doing some light to moderate research and there are a few swaps done for S30's but not that much documentation and parts available for S130's which is probably causing me the most anxiety at the moment. 
    i'll kick off some questions, might be stupid questions but let's see how it goes.
    1. With the goal and scope, will i even get this roadworthy and registered?
    2. S30 Engine Mounts compatible to S130?
    3. Recommended performance / racing team shops?
    Thank You!
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