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  1. rovert added a topic in DIY   

    Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build
    Finally Gotten around to starting my Diy RHD Twin Turbo Build.
    You won't be disappointed.
    Posting it all up to my Youtube Channel.
    I've already done 2 fuel system mod vids, but this is the first proper start of the Twin Turbo Build.
    Hope some of you guys find it helpful.
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  2. rovert added a topic in DIY   

    350z Early G37 Fuel Pump & Return Upgrade Diy
    Hey Folks, Just uploaded this to my Youtube Channel.
    Some of you may find it helpful hopefully.
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  3. rovert added a post in a topic steering lock problem   

    There are numerous topics about this on the US 370Z forum.
    Here's one. http://www.the370z.com/diy-section-do-yourself/53437-steering-lock-cut-one-wire-switch-optional.html
  4. rovert added a post in a topic 370GT Owner Greetings   

    G'day,  no unfortunately.
    Damn stupid life getting in the way of Cars.
  5. rovert added a post in a topic 2016 Nismo Headlights   

    They will probably fit, but If they are for a US 370Z won't they be aimed for left hand drive?
  6. rovert added a post in a topic AAM Competition Announces Development of RHD Turbo Kit   

    No idea Mate,
    Just click on the link in the first post & it'l take you to their thread on The 370Z.
  7. rovert added a post in a topic AAM Competition Announces Development of RHD Turbo Kit   

    Not everyone is a fan of the Revzone kit.
  8. rovert added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    AAM Competition Announces Development of RHD Turbo Kit
    AAM Competition has just announced they are developing a RHD Turbo kit for the 370Z.
    Good news for some. Link
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  9. rovert added a post in a topic 2009 370z 7AT transmission issues?   

    Have you tried re-setting the ECU?
  10. rovert added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Other Cool Vehicles in the Garage
    Hey folks, I've recently had some interesting vehicles in the garage at home & thought maybe some others may have too.
    I've been quite fortunate to build a few cars for other people over the years & thought i'd post up a few pics.
    I've recently been building  a split screen Kombi which is almost finished.
    Presently the owner has it for a couple of weeks while we wait for a spot to open up at the trimmers in Victoria.
    It was a major resto, rotisserie rebuild.
    Suspension & driveline swap, full re-wire etc etc.

    And currently I have this here, its a 66 Mustang Convertible.
    I finished this around 4-5 years ago, another big dollar / rotisserie build.
    All stock, bar a Disc Brake conversion, a bit of suspension, a shift kitted Transmission & of course the wheels.
    She's back for a bit of a service & a general check up, first since the build was completed.
    Needless to say the owner has barely driven her, 6000 miles in total.
    Honestly I probably put nearly half of them on running everything in.
    Owner is a great Bloke, just very time poor.

    So there you have it, apart from my 370gt, thats what i've had in the garage lately.
    Not everyone's cup of tea I imagine, but interesting none the less.
    Hope you like them.
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  11. rovert added a post in a topic 370GT Owner Greetings   

    For sure Mate, I'm just over in Berkeley Vale.
  12. rovert added a post in a topic auto/manual   

    Nothing to be concerned about, at stock, or mildly upgraded power levels, the shift kit will actually make life easier for the transmission.
    A more positive engagement will reduce the heat generated & dumped into the oil.
    Wack on a decent cooler & you should get plenty of fast laps without overheating it.
    Increasing the power put through it without further modifications will however reduce its lifespan.
    Just like with a manual transmission, is you feed more power into it you will quickly find the weakest link, usually the clutch
    In an NA application imo its all positive, the extra force is transferred further down the driveline, you may see slightly earlier wear on the drive shaft & axle uni's/cv's, well worth the trade off imo.
    Big power increases from forced induction is where the Auto is gonna cost you some coin, where as the manual trans seems to be good to go, other than the previously mentioned mandatory clutch upgrade.
    Cheers Guys,
  13. rovert added a post in a topic auto/manual   

    Ok, first let me just say I'm definitely no expert on Automatic Transmissions, as I stated earlier, this is my first Auto equipt personal car.
    I have however been around Auto's quite a bit & built cars for friends/customers previously fitted with Auto's, so i think I have a fairly decent understanding.
    Firstly I'm not aware of an off the shelf kit available for the 7at, any decent transmission specialist should be able to make one up though. Fortunately they are available for the 5at which is what I have.
    So what does it do? Well its really just a way to modify the behaviour of your trans.
    You firstly need to understand that the Auto box, like a lot of components on the Z are set up from the factory with a compromise between performance & comfort to cater for the big variety of owners.
    There are also other things built into the equation such as drive line preservation etc,etc.
    The trans is designed to shift smoothly, reliably & predictably to suit most Z buyers & not put to much strain on the tailshaft uni's, differential & axles & not kick out to much under full throttle changes in the wet etc.
    What a shift kit does, is it pushes the line across to the sporty side at the sacrifice of the comfort side.
    Shifts under heavy throttle applications become much faster & firmer, but they should not become harsher.
    In other words they should not overly Jar the driveline.
    One of the biggest noticeable areas of change is in the lower gears.
    First to second & second to third will be noticeably faster as they are the softest changes on a stock box, done by the factory that way for the reasons outlined above.
    After shift kitting (depending on your tyres) you should be able to get a good chirp from full throttle changes in this area, which is just highlighting the more positive engagement of the gears.
    In very basic terms, when an auto changes gears, for example changing up from second to third, when the shift happens, third is engaged before second is released, when second is released that is the moment when the change happens. The friction plates in the trans control this & just like in a manual trans, the application of the clutches determines how the shift feels.
    The length of time for this operation to happen determines the speed of the shift & the amount of heat generated by the friction plates.
    This is a must under high horsepower applications as well as other modifications, such as more aggressive friction material on the plates, more plates where they can be fitted, & machining out the friction drums to accommodate extra plates.
    All of this stuff is on the mechanical side of the trans, but there is also tweaks that can be applied the electronic control too.
    Back to just a shift kit though, some people such as myself love them & others not so much.
    It really all depends on what exactly the individual wants from their car.
    I hope that was some help to you & apologies for rambling on a bit.
    Cheers, Trevor.
  14. rovert added a post in a topic BGTV8 VQ40HRGA build has started   

    Great thread, love the serious mechanical stuff.
    I'm new here, but have followed a lot of your stuff on The370z forums.
    Cheers Mate,
  15. rovert added a post in a topic auto/manual   

    I bought an auto for similar reasons, we (the wife & I) regularly do a 6 hour each way drive to central west NSW to check on her ageing parents.
    Really handy to have another driver to do the stints where the cops are usually hiding lol.
    She cant drive a manual & its the only time she drives the car, but still worth it imo.
    I'm in my 50's & its the first auto i've ever owned, i've owned & built some fairly high performance manual vehicles over the years so this was quite a step.
    Overall i'm pretty happy with it, I do however only drive with the paddles in manual mode.
    So I haven't fully let go yet.
    After 2 years of practice with the paddles I feel i know the trans pretty well, mind you my 370gt has the 5at not the 7 in the Z, that said, they feel much the same to drive.
    It is a little laggy in some circumstances, generally down shifting in the lower rev range.
    I find the harder I push it, the more positive & faster the changes are, especially on the down shifts.
    Once you get to know the trans you can work around its weaker shifting areas to improve the experience.
    Being a Modder I am about to fit a Shift kit & a remote cooler I bought a while back, which i'm hoping will tidy up a couple of those weaker shift points & generally improve the feel.
    So yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.