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  1. Bzk370Z added a post in a topic Melbourne Forced Induction workshop options   

    Much appreciated dude, i did see something about Cougar posted here but not to this detail - thanks for posting
    i've dropped them an email and will see what's on offer
    anyone else know of any shops/kits?
  2. Bzk370Z added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Melbourne Forced Induction workshop options
    Hey all,
    tried searching but havent really found any recent info on options for FI around melbourne for my 370
    I know there is Revzone, and I've had a long chat around options and costs, etc. but would like to see if theres any other options around town - not that there is any issues with Revzone, they look to be an awesome shop...
    But, I do like to make sure I've done my research before going down a pricey route
    Superchargers - has everyone just purchased a supercharger kit direct and fitted it themselves - from where??? Topgunz modified kit looks good - anyone from here on this?
    Twin turbo options, given the engine comes out this doesnt look like one I can do myself, what shops around town are there? 
    Or potentially TT kits that can be purchased separate and fitted by a workshop? I understand there was some fab needed for the AAM RHD kit mentioned on this forum
    I come from a 180sx/Skyline background so all the mod work (turbos, intercoolers, injectors, exhausts, etc.) have been done by me and the tune always a shop
    This is my first post, soz if i've put this in the wrong section, or this info is sitting somewhere
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