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  1. BEN313 added a post in a topic Nismo 370Z... at last???   

    Come-ON NISSAN , bring out the new version already and stop recycling and face lifting it to sell more of the same thing . This 370Z Nismo is OLD and no real performance over a standard 370Z!! Drive train is almost 20 years old and no earth chartering R & D from the 350Z... Granted all the fairings ,Interior  and some suspension upgrades makes it look great but that's where it stops..
    And for people who don't know, you will still experience all the usual stuff when driven hard on all these models even the Nismo version.
    Just checkout the US forums.
    List as follows:
    - CSC will eventually fail [need to get an aftermarket CSC replacement]
    - Engine heat through the driver side firewall 
    - No Insulation [cabin noise]
    - Power steering fluid will boil [need a larger oil cooler]
    - Limp mode when engine gets to hot [need a larger oil cooler and a 3 layer radiator]
    - Crap traction control & LSD
    Love these cars and how they look but lacks refinement!!
  2. BEN313 added a post in a topic Suspension and fitment help   

    General2020 -
    - MCA BLUES,X series,Reds or Golds pending on your use. Keep in Australian ,plus MCA does there own R & D and its a local good product if you ask me [but I could be biased] Josh  form MCA is extremely helpful and will custom your front & rear spring rates.
    - Get the right Off set!!!! spacers are Illegal which means your insurance wont cover you if they find out. [your risk]
    - Don't cheap out on tyres and get the right size, don't have them stretched out.
    - Get the right camber,toe etc.. kit so you get it adjusted accordingly , you will need it the minute you lower the car.. [up to you if you want your tiers to last]
  3. BEN313 added a post in a topic [NSW] Mid-Year Meet 2017: Sydney Olympic Park - Saturday, 22/07/17   

    Sorry guys - Would have dropped in if I knew, looked like a reasonable turnout..
  4. BEN313 added a post in a topic Stillen exaust   

  5. BEN313 added a post in a topic Stillen exaust   

    Not much activity here unfortunately, FB seems to be more active I've been told from other members..
  6. BEN313 added a post in a topic Stillen exaust   

    Stillens are heavy and expensive [good product tough] , Invidia has a very similar look.
    HKS hands down on looks & sound alone for me..
    Its all about preference and budget.
  7. BEN313 added a post in a topic Bridgestone Potenza RE050A or RE003's?   

    I second that! They are suppose to be as good if not better than some of the semi slick tiers !!!! I'm yet to experience it but guys from some of the forums I've read have said so themselves...
  8. BEN313 added a post in a topic New to zclub considering a 370z   

    If you have you have deep pockets Id be getting the M3 hands down but they can cost you more than the cars worth if anything goes wrong with them based from experience, pending on which M3 [older models not the V8] the 370Z will be just as good in terms of performance and a whole lot CHEAPER to repair over the M3.. 86 is a great car but has ZERO performance, you can get every single bolt-on and a tune on the 86 and they will still be a slug!!!! if the 86 were boosted I would have bought it over the Z..
    The 370Z is a great car, its a poor mans sports car and its a sports car to buy if you cant afford to buy the real thing hence why I have one. If you don't plan on tracking the Z they are great cars and has reasonably good performance for the everyday guy, they have a number of challenges if you ever decide to track the car..
    They are also reasonably cheap to do up compared to an M3..
    Do your research well , its all about your expectation and use..
    Good luck!!
  9. BEN313 added a post in a topic Need help   

    A guy from the US runs 345 in the rear with no problems - 11 inch in the front? steering must be a bitch! it would look better if it was lowered though.. Hope it doesn't rub, nothing worse when that happens..
  10. BEN313 added a post in a topic recommend mechanics in illawarra?   

    Hi There - NOT a fan of Armytrix ,Motordyne, Meisterschaft base ONLY on my research ,  sound's like a car without a muffler in my opinion.. Invindia, Stillen sounds good but visually messy & disorganized under the car for my liking..
    Ark grip,Ark design,Injen  & Fast Intention on the other hand has substance and depth but have some drone but looks visually & ascetically pleasing.. and many more I haven't listed
    Akrapovic my favorite but just cant justify the cost..
    I've always tried to achieve looks, performance not that you get much out of a CBE, sound minus the drone and something cost effective..[middle ground]
    But we all have our taste and opinion just sharing..
  11. BEN313 added a post in a topic recommend mechanics in illawarra?   

    Replace your CATS which will be a good start and the cheapest option, if you want louder then get a better flowing CBE.. Be careful of which one you get as these cars don't have any Insulation and can cause annoying drone .. I went through  2 CBE to get one that I was happy with..
  12. BEN313 added a post in a topic recommend mechanics in illawarra?   

    Yeah it is!! I usually buy all the part and get him to fit them in for me..
    Let me know how you go!
  13. BEN313 added a post in a topic Tein Flex Z adjustables   

    Tein's aren't true coilovers not that makes much of a difference pending on your use, don't agree with the spring rates more so for the rear.. I'm currently running  MCA X-C 16 front and 5 for the rear spring rates and the rear is stiff enough for me!! I can only Imagine what 10 spring rates for the rears would be like..
    Personally I'd go MCA Blue over Teins, based on my extensive research and budget before I bought my MCA.  Teins were hit and miss in terms of ride... Plus if anything goes wrong with MCA , they are only a stone throw away not to mention they have done a lot of testing on the 370Z on the track and road..
    If you have the spare cash I'd be getting MCA Blues but its your decision and money at the end of the day..
    Just sharing my opinion of course
  14. BEN313 added a post in a topic Stupid Coilover Related Question   

    Congrats ! Recommended travel is a minimum of 75 mm otherwise it may bottom out, and having it on the heaviest setting doesn't mean it will handle best .. Josh from MCA can help you with that, they did a lot of testing on 370Z .. They don't even recommend replacing the EOM  swaybars as they are good enough for track with their coilovers.
    Its very easy to ruin the ride in the 370Z BTW..
    Each to their own I guess......
  15. BEN313 added a post in a topic New rims on