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  1. s14 added a post in a topic supercharger for 370   

    Awesome man, post up how you go. I'm very interested.
  2. s14 added a post in a topic 370Z or vw mk7 r   

    Take them both for a test drive. One will put a smile on your face more than the other.
  3. s14 added a post in a topic 2012 370z Navigation Update   

    I emailed a couple Nissan service centres around my area and none of them got back to me with any info regarding pricing or how and when. So I gave up. 
    Let us know if you end up getting it sorted. Ill hit up a couple other Nissan’s in the meantime. 
  4. s14 added a post in a topic New to the forum 😊   

    Love the colour mate. 
    Where’d you get the halo lights done?
  5. s14 added a post in a topic 370Z   

    Welcome mate😁
    Pics aren’t working for me either.
  6. s14 added a post in a topic 350z and Exhaust laws   

    I doubt you’d be under the limits with the hfc’s    
    Maybe with just the catback. If it’s any help I have an Amuse catback and it’s not that loud. I wouldn’t be worried if I were to be tested. 
  7. s14 added a post in a topic 1.5 Way Nismo GT Pro diff   

    Agreed. The traction control is terrible. Kicks in way too early. I turn mine off everytime I hop in. 
  8. s14 added a post in a topic Front Bar Upgrade 2012 to 2016   

    I doubt there would be any structural change or configuration change behind the bumper. They only changed the bumper so should be good to go. 
  9. s14 added a post in a topic 1.5 Way Nismo GT Pro diff   

    I find my diff doesn't kick in enough sometimes when i'm  going harder through an uneven corner, or maybe its the wheel lifting, not quite sure, it doesn't happen often enough. 
    However I do think the 370z is better than you give it credit for. It's no track monster but comparing it to other cars around the same price point and type, you get a pretty decent steer. 
  10. s14 added a post in a topic 1.5 Way Nismo GT Pro diff   

    Any update on this? How’s the diff upgrade? Any better handling?
  11. s14 added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    What mods do you have? My catback gave the engine such a good note and made the upper revs such a fun place to be. Which is where all the power is anyway.
    I recently cleaned my throttle bodies and gave the car injector cleaner treatment. The cars heaps more responsive, has more urgency through the rev range and sounds better. It also idles nice. Maybe give that a try, My car's done 60000 Km's and the throttle bodies were pretty filth.
    I've driven my mates Spirit R FD a couple times. It has a full exhaust, sways, rims and coilovers. Such a nice car. A lot more chuckable than the Zed but not as planted and grippy through the twisties. The engine was nice and smooth except for when the engine went from the small to the big turbo. Definitely a different kettle of fish but you either like one or the other.
  12. s14 added a post in a topic buying 370z, have one question, guys and gals   

    Sounds like a load of bull. Dunno why you'd rev limit a car your trying to sell.
    It's a shame you gave up trying to find a Zed. They're a load of fun. Though the 86 is a fun car too. Just different:)
  13. s14 added a post in a topic New to the Z scene - Mid North Coast   

    Nice car mate. Any plans to mod it?
  14. s14 added a post in a topic Thinking of Selling 370z   

    Km's? Theres a 2014 zed on carsales going for around 42k.
  15. s14 added a post in a topic Exhaust upgrade or not.   

    Yeah dude $100 is a bargain. If it doesnt fit or sounds shit, you wont have lost much at all.