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  1. s14 added a post in a topic Hi, First time Z car owner - Perth.   

    Looks mint mate. I love the bonnet bulge too. Looks very 240z ish.
  2. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    So I took the zed from Pitt Town to Wisemans Ferry. I left the damper settings to 14 all round (16 being the hardest). The car handles amazing. The roads ranged from long sweeps to tighter sweeps, up and downhill and smooth to rough roads.
    The car handled everything so easy. It was so neutral, no understeer and oversteer only if you wanted it to. Handling was very predictable and turn in is next level.
    One of my biggest complaints with the stock suspension was the fact it got really unsettled when the roads turned rough. A sort of wallowy, over damped feeling. These have all been eliminated. The car remained composed over all of it.
    At 6 clicks all round, the car feels a little bit firmer than stock. Still extremely comfortable. At 14 all round the car’s definitely firmer but nowhere near uncomfortable.
    For a street setup, I don’t think you could ask for more.
  3. s14 added a post in a topic Paint Repair   

    What did you pay for the repair? Would need a whole panel respect to really fix the chips I’d assume. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. s14 added a post in a topic Shock Absorbers   

    I think these are the two you’re after:
  5. s14 added a post in a topic Paint Repair   

    I can only see one photo. Looks like they just used touch up paint. 
  6. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    It’s a small drop but gives the car a better stance imo. Looks better in person too. 
    I’ve only pushed it through the streets. I’m gonna go for a drive through the Nash or Putty Rd This weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes. 
  7. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    Sure thing. The car definitely can go lower. I’ll wait till I get new rims to play with the height settings a bit more.
    I was able to keep my front and rear camber and toe the same as well. 

  8. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    I had the Tein’s installed today and had time to play with the settings. 
    At halfway all round. The car feels a little bit firmer than stock. Very comfortable and not crashy over bumps. 
    At two clicks back from the hardest setting, the car’s a bit firmer but not uncomfortable. The cars very planted and extremely predictable. Points really well and doesn’t have much body roll at all. 
    I lowered the front 30mm and the rear 25mm and I’m having no problems over speed humps. I’ve changed my angle when I go up my driveway and I’m not getting any scrapes at all. 
    Pretty stoked at my purchase😁
  9. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    So after further research I ended up purchasing a set of Tein Flex Z coilovers and will be keeping the stock sways for the meantime. 
    My first choice was the MCA blues but got a good deal on the Tein’s so pretty stoked. 
    They should arrive end of next week. 
  10. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    Yeah I definitely wanna minimise my drop. I scrape enough going down my driveway as is!
    Should I budget rear camber arms and camber tops if I do get coilovers?
  11. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    That helps heaps mate, thanks.
    I'll start with the sways and go from there.
  12. s14 added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Swaybars or coilovers
    Hi guys,
    Looking at upgrading the swaybars to the whiteline BNK014 kit. 
    Will there be a noticeable handling upgrade while still having stock suspension or should I just upgrade to coilovers?
    I’m interested in the MCA blues if I go the coilover route. 
    I use my car as a weekend toy with a bit of spirited driving and I wanna take it on a track day maybe a couple days a year. 
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  13. s14 added a post in a topic supercharger for 370   

    Awesome man, post up how you go. I'm very interested.
  14. s14 added a post in a topic 370Z or vw mk7 r   

    Take them both for a test drive. One will put a smile on your face more than the other.
  15. s14 added a post in a topic 2012 370z Navigation Update   

    I emailed a couple Nissan service centres around my area and none of them got back to me with any info regarding pricing or how and when. So I gave up. 
    Let us know if you end up getting it sorted. Ill hit up a couple other Nissan’s in the meantime.