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  1. shadow85 added a post in a topic Melbourne Forced Induction workshop options   

    Yea I saw that cougar motors offer for supply and install of the AAM TT kit. Seems ludacris to me, since the kit cost me around 12K-16K alone for labor because of all the modification and fab work needed.
    But anyways if thats what they offer as a business thats what they have to uphold. Just wish I saw it before I did my build.
  2. shadow85 added a post in a topic Installer /tuner Perth WA   

    Mate, listen to these wise words. If you wan't best value for an installed TT kit and tuned, send your car to RevZone in Melbourne or CRD in Sydney and they both supply, fit and tune TT kits for around the $16K. From what I hear they install a custom GTM TT kit, which is good quality but there are better ones available if you want to import yourself, like Fast Intentions or AAM TT kits.
    I went the hard route, imported myself the AAM TT kit and lots of other extra pieces for support and had it installed by a shop here in SA. Well guess what, I ended up being a guinea pig and in the end I have spent over $17K just in labour to have the shop install everything and they still havent fixed the boost controller. So basically I have spent over $15K in importing all the parts myself, and then over $17K in labor for them to figure it all out, yes I spent over $30K trying to get this up and running. What I should have done, is gone to RevZone or CRD who have done it multiple times and do it for $16K supply, fit and install. Yes I would have saved over $15K which I could have just used for an engine build! I would hv rather just spent the $500 in transporting my car to them then being naive and having everything imported myself and installed by a workshop who doesn't know VQ37s.
    FML, I learned the hard way but its too late for me now. I am just passing the words onto anyone else looking for forced Induction on their VQ37. Australia is just too expensive for this platform that's why there is barely any around!
  3. shadow85 added a post in a topic Best Z tuners in Adelaide??   

    well I wasn't taking a chance with any of the Adelaide tuners on a VQ37 TT platform so I went full remote tune by Sebastian @ specialty Z from California. Hands down, this guy is the bomb when it comes to VQ tuning, I have hit 360 rwkw with his finished remote tune and I have done about 40+ 3rd-5th gear pulls in the past 4  months and the car hasn't missed a beat besides electronic boost controller issues, not related to the tuner. He has tuned my Auto trnasmission aswell, shifts amazingly like it has had a Valve Body upgraded although it hasn't.
    If anyone is thinking of tuning their 370Z turbo or NA you must speak to Sebastian from Specialty-Z, the Americans don't call him the Master Z tuner for nothing!
  4. shadow85 added a post in a topic AAM Competition Twin Turbo 370Z   

    No worries. If you can install it yourself, it will be worth it.
    I have just finished my tuning stage and car is fully on-road.
    I can tell you it is an excellent kit, the power and response is so good! But I am going to bloody need some wider tyres soon, it has made 1st, 2nd, and some of 3rd gear uselss if you want to plant it! Really have to baby it around.
  5. shadow85 added a post in a topic AAM Competition Twin Turbo 370Z   

    Hey fellaz, forgot about this thread.
    My install is complete finally!
    Lets just say this is not a real RHD kit. I am pretty dissapointed in AAM claiming it is RHD.
    Don't get me wrong the quality of the kit is excellent, but the amount of modifications/fab work it needed to fit our RHD car was insane! My install bill was huge because of it! Same with the other 2 AAM RHD kits i know of that was installed around Australia and UK.
    Save yourself the cash, and buy a RevZone TT kit for 16K installed and tuned. The amount I spent to get the AAM kit fitted is enough to build a forged engine! I kind of lost respect for AAM now for telling us it is a RHD kit. 😠
  6. shadow85 added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    AAM Competition Twin Turbo 370Z
    Would like to know if anyone else has had or heard of the AAM Competition Twin Turbo system being fitted to the 370Z down here in Australia. I know their have been plenty of Stillen SC kits and the GTM/Gamma TT kits going around in Australia, but I would like to know about anyones experience with the AAM Competition kits fitment and any issues they had arise with this kit.
    Or am I the first to have this kit fitted to a VQ37 in Australia?
    I have a shop atm currently fitting it to my 370Z, should be ready in a few more weeks I think. Please look at my build list:
    AAM Competition TT RHD system
    AAM Competition R-Line (oil-to-water) cooling system
    AAM Competition 4 Bar MAP sensor
    Fast Intentions 3" TT TDX Cat Back Exhaust System
    Fast Intentions Billet Aluminium Flex Plate 7AT
    OEM GTR Spark Plugs
    CJM S1.E Fuel System
    ID 1050x
    DW Fuel Pump relay wiring kit
    Aeromotive Stealth 340 lph Fuel pump
    PWR transmission Cooler
    Upgraded TQ Converter
    Quaife ATB LSD
    Whiteline Diff bushing kit
    Z1 Urethane Motor Mounts
    Z1 Urethane Transmission Mounts
    Z1 Subframe Bushing Collar
    Z1 Premium SS Brake Line kit
    Eibach Sway Bar kit
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  7. shadow85 added a post in a topic 370Z or vw mk7 r   

    U can make ~235rwkw (probably more with e85?) with mods on a NA Z. That is plenty quick, and the looks of the Z totally kill the MK7 R.
  8. shadow85 added a post in a topic Best Z tuners in Adelaide??   

    i can't remember now, but I think they said they got about 215kw on the NA Zs. Not sure with or without mods.
  9. shadow85 added a post in a topic supercharger for 370   

    Well I don't think I could wait out for the RJM kit even if it is going to be good, so I pulled the trigger on an AAM TT Kit the other night. Now just waiting for it all to get here!!
  10. shadow85 added a post in a topic Dyno results from Air to Air upgrade!!!   

    Sweet good to hear your Z is running well.
    I can imagine how the power/TQ would feel.
    I cannot wait till my AAM TT kit is here and I have had it installed and tuned. But I fear that will yet be months away till complete.
    Patiently Waiting!!
  11. shadow85 added a post in a topic Dyno results from Air to Air upgrade!!!   

    Did you use any fuel system upgrades, like CJM or Fast-500 in this build?
    And how is the car going now? I know it hasn't been long, but do you have any initial issues once you left the shop or is it runnign super?
  12. shadow85 added a post in a topic Dyno results from Air to Air upgrade!!!   

    Who tuned it. Was it Craig at RevZone?
  13. shadow85 added a post in a topic Dyno results from Air to Air upgrade!!!   

    Congrats that is great results! I would love to see what this can do down a 1/4 mile.
  14. shadow85 added a post in a topic Valve body Upgrade in Australia   

    Thanks already tried them. They can't do VB upgrade.
    I can buy the performance transmission rebuild kits + flex plate from USA for the 7AT and they said they can install/rebuild my trans for $1650. Not to bad.
    They can do the TQ converter also, but not the VB.
  15. shadow85 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Oil line size 370Z
    Anyone know, what the oil line size is for the engine oil cooler and transmission cooler on the 370Z?
    Might get custom oil cooler made.
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