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  1. PintofBrew added a post in a topic Do I have HID lights?   

    Thanks all 
  2. PintofBrew added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Do I have HID lights?
    Afternoon all,
    Im away from my car at the moment and I cant figure out whether I have HID or Halogen low beam lights.. (aka normal light when i drive around at night)
    When I flick my headlights on into normal light mode (2 clicks) it goes really bright for half a second then dims to normal light. It looks white as far as I can tell if that makes any difference?
    It's an 2003 Track model
    Cheers in advance

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  3. PintofBrew added a post in a topic Differential bushes changed   

    Im just about to do this myself but was thinking of going with SPL solid ones instead.
    How much did you get charged for your bushes to be changed? Pedders in Melbourne are quoting me $320 for the job? Thats with me suppling my own, otherwise almost double if I use Nolathan ones.
  4. PintofBrew added a post in a topic Bad LHF Strut to bearing and top mount rubber   

    Just a update,
    Turns out it was just my brakes once again, and so it was a real cheap fix which I was happy about
  5. PintofBrew added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Bad LHF Strut to bearing and top mount rubber
    Hi guys
    I recently had my car serviced down at Dandenong Nissan (which were great btw), and found that an annouying squeak I had from my front left was a issue going from the LHF strut to bearing and also the top rubber.
    I will be clarifying this tomorrow, but I wanted to know on here if its worth simply replacing not just the front left strut but the struts all around the vehicle with coilovers, as I was quoted that to get a OEM part from Japan for the LHF would cost me $1500 (same price almost as some MCA Blues). Would the coilovers essentially resolve that problem?
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  6. PintofBrew added a post in a topic Should I keep my 350Z?   

    I see your point 13 and it is a good one. Ultimately i have myself to blame (a lesson learnt) in that i didnt inspect the car properly and found later that it had been guttered and not fixed until i got my hands on it (alas the control arms etc). I had a diagnostic done today and turns out nothing seems out of the ordinary. Additionally i took it out for a extensive drive purposely up/downshifting and put any grinding down to my own poor driving. Though the diagnostic revealved that the airbag module on passenger side/front is faulty!?! And the reason i never saw it is that the bulb apparently was taken out of the instruments panel... so ive been told. Again im more or less concerned that more random rubbish ia gonna keep propping up (although im told ive probably fixed every little thing on the car now already!). I think im just 'cough' emotionally tired of having to worry every month something comes up and would just rather a new car from scratch... though something tells me ill be making another big mistake... Thanks for the help though. Ill have to ponder this out. Sent from my GT-I9295 using Tapatalk
  7. PintofBrew added a post in a topic Should I keep my 350Z?   

    I might be taking it down to Hallam Autoworks tomorrow for a diagnostic see how that goes. I have heard that even on the CD009 5th gear isn't perfect, and only the 07/08's really got it right. The only way to really tell is to drive someone's later model Zed
    This definitely is an automotive/life lesson on sports cars, but why did it have to be me
    Depending on tomorrow's response I'll decide whether to keep or sell the vehicle. A shame I feel this way after 4-5 months of owning the car. Don't let me become another VW driver ...
  8. PintofBrew added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Should I keep my 350Z?
    Hi all,
    I've barely had my 350Z for 4-5 months and already I'm feeling weary of my purchase
    I purchased it with my heart... Loving Z's of all kinds without ever owning one or realizing how many 'basic' problems could probably arise...
    Transmission, fuel gauge giving funky numbers, rear axle click upon changing gears at low speed etc.
    I purchased mine originally for 15K and since then have spent:
    $800 on fixing control arms etc (my fault didn't have car checked prior to purchase)
    $On new brake pads and machining discs after some guy did a botch job
    $1600 on new enkei's
    $700 on tyres
    $900 on new head unit, sub and 6.5 splits (and still have to install but doing myself)
    Car has been resprayed before as well.
    And whats actually broke the camels back is my fifth gear is grinding a bit of I change gears without paying attention and 'I think' my clutch slave cylinder is starting to go... (probably a throw out bearing to who knows....) Considering the purchase of a CD009 transmission from ConceptZ (1650 US atm) But it would be at least $600-700 AUS to install and that's not including freight costs.
    From the outside the car looks amazing, I get looks all the time from all sorts which is nice (because its a 2003 car). But I can't believe I might be spending close to 1/3 of purchase price of the car. The only thing that can be said is that it has full service history (serviced every 5K's).
    It's my fault a bit but sometimes I wish I could have just bought a Auto Camry
    What do you guys think?
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  9. PintofBrew added a topic in General Wheels & Tyres   

    melbourne tyre shops?
    So just got my enkei t6s 18x 8.5 + 25 18 x9.5 +15 for my 350z and need some reasonable priced rubber for everyday spirited driving.. Before i go to average joe has anyone got any suggestions? I was about to get some michelin pilot sport 3 (245/40 front 275/40 rear) but they are expensive so im open.
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  10. PintofBrew added a post in a topic Fitment advice - 18x9.5 +20   

    I just used this as a guide and used the calculators at the bottom of the 'tyre' section to calculate whether rims are going to fit or not. From the US 350Z Site.
  11. PintofBrew added a post in a topic Hi! New Z owner:)   

    Wish I had a 350Z in white, well done on your purchase looks fantastic!
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