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  1. Jedi2901 added a post in a topic z club stickers   

    any word on these?
  2. Jedi2901 added a post in a topic Tazzin' around Tassie   

    Hey mate! So sorry for the late reply ( i dont use the forum much) i live in the hobart region with a black 2012 370Z.
    Id be guessing you would have gone home by now,  but if not let me know to catch up!
  3. Jedi2901 added a post in a topic New owner in tasmania   

    from my research they started in 2011, but like i said the 2014 got hot very easily,  the only difference i can see between them is auto vs manual, but im very happy that it doesnt seem to be a issue for me
  4. Jedi2901 added a post in a topic New owner in tasmania   

    Thanks guys!
    Hi Robert! at this stage, im aiming to keep it as neat as possible, and drive it as much as possible, considering entering it into a hillclimb here in october, Ive been considering a few different mods, but at this stage im quite impressed with the cars performance from factory.
    Before i bought my 2012, i test drove a 7spd auto 2014, and took it for a good thrash through grasstree hill (public road used as a targa tasmania stage) halfway through the oil temp was around 130 degrees, this very nearly put me off buying one, ive since had mine right through the course, and then back again the other way, and havent seen the temps go over 100, ive looked over the car and its definitely 100% factory so im not sure what thats all about?? 
    Please do come down zipper! we have plenty of fantastic roads down here thats for sure! Have you been to Tas before? if you are lucky enough to get good weather its a very beautiful place, the mr2 boys have a biannually event and came down in 2013, it was great and they all had a fantastic time!
  5. Jedi2901 added a topic in Introductions   

    New owner in tasmania
    Hey guys! 
    Recently got my first zed since wanting one forever,  bought a 2012 black 6spd 370z, seems to be a pretty rare car down in hobart where i live!
    So far im super impressed with the car, most modern car ive ever owned, my other toy is a 91 sw20 mr2 with 300rwkw, obviously the mr2 is faster in a straight line but the 370z feels like it has an amazing amount of grip!
    Anyway just wanted to say hi and get involved with the community!

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