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  1. arnz added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Bride / Recaro Seats
    has anyone got a reputable source for the rails?
    I found this one company but not so sure on the quality.
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  2. arnz added a post in a topic Thoughts on Gold enkei RPF1's   

    I think the silver and gold has potential.
    I guess i could always sell them if i don't like them, just cause i am looking at getting new tyres and the quote for the tyres was more expensive then buying the RPF1s which also have fresh tread on them.

  3. arnz added a topic in 350Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Thoughts on Gold enkei RPF1's
    I could have the chance to pick up a set of 18x9.5 all round, enkei RPF1's in gold.
    I was wondering what everyone thought on them and what they may look like on the dark grey Zed. Cause honestly i cannot make up my mind if i should get them.
    As i currently have 18x9.5 and 18x10 ROTA p45r's on my car now. And tyres need to be replaced, and that will cost me the same price as these enkeis which have 90% tread on them as well.
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  4. arnz added a post in a topic Replacing Sub and Amp   

    I ended up running the wiring through the grommet on the passenger side of the car and down the side and into the glove box behind the passenger seat, i was able to install a secondary glove box so i had and amp in each, i didn't both pulling out the old bose amp i just left it all there in case i ever want to put the old system back in, then i just had a custom box made to sit in front of the strut brace in the boot to save some boot space to hold 10" subs.
  5. arnz added a post in a topic Built By Wizards Raced By Madmen 350z Racecar Build   

    I'd constantly be hitting `nos rockets` for the hell of it
  6. arnz added a post in a topic asianRobert's Daily Driven 350Z   

    Damn man looks nice!!! Hight on the rear is perfect, front is a little to low for my liking! But still looks mint!!!
  7. arnz added a post in a topic asianRobert's Daily Driven 350Z   

    Did you end up getting the new tyres and coilovers?
  8. arnz added a post in a topic Anyone here play video games?   

    I collect consoles have a range from atari through NES's, Playstations 1 > 4, started collecting the XBOX series
    Best one i own is an old Commodore 64 Beast  sooo ghetto.....
    But i am more a PC gamer, feel free to add me on Steam : deceit5950
    Current i play a mix between, Diablo 3, CS:GO, used to play source quite competitively but stopped..
    But always down to play anything with anyone as i tend to get bored on my own 
  9. arnz added a post in a topic asianRobert's Daily Driven 350Z   

    Damnnn post a picture when you do those tyres will look mean, i'm keen to see what they look like!!!
  10. arnz added a post in a topic asianRobert's Daily Driven 350Z   

    Hey Man, sorry took a while to get back to you! I am running Falken Azenis i beleive i am running 265/35R18 on the rears (18x10) and 245/45R18 (18x9.5) on the front, so i might run with the 255 next time... But i do like the look of the 265
  11. arnz added a post in a topic 2003 350Z wheel required   

    If your not fussy on size, i have a set of 05 stock rims with tyres i am willing to let go for 200. 
    FYI they are not 18's, they are also 7 spokes i think. Just thought for a cheap options if you didn't want to spend alot.
    Link to my thread with pics >>>

  12. arnz added a post in a topic asianRobert's Daily Driven 350Z   

    Hey Mate! What size tyres you rolling? As i have the same rim sizes (18x9.5 & 18x10) and i get an issue with TCL coming on randomly on bumps and stuff now, do you experience the same?
  13. arnz added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted a 370 hornsby heights galston road, rego was along the lines of MI55Z dark plates and i saw them laste minute
  14. arnz added a post in a topic Step By Step NA 350z Article   

    Such a beefy car, wish i had the money to afford some of these mods!
  15. arnz added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    I've seen this car at Turramurra Car Wash couple of times, beautiful looking Zed!