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  1. Stomp added a post in a topic ODBII scan tool for 2003 350z?   

    I'd be keen to find one also. I bought a bluetooth one off eBay to find that it didn't read anything off my 03 Zed. It works fine in my dad's Mazda, my mates Lancer and and another friends Kia, but 0 results in the Zed.
  2. Stomp added a post in a topic Tune   

    Whoops - forgot to list above - thanks for pointing that out. I'm also running an after market intake manifold - the stock two piece upper and lower plenum is gone. But anyways that's off topic. The point is, it seems Adelaide is more expensive than other states for tuning.
  3. Stomp added a post in a topic Oil catch cans   

    I've used two different Elite Engineering cans from the US and they seem pretty good. Are well baffled (not just an empty can) and are made pretty tough. I'd recommend them.
  4. Stomp added a post in a topic Tune   

    Thanks for the cool tip about the semi slicks, but I'm not sure how that'd help solve the problem of running a very lean AFR of almost 16 after installing a CAI, custom 3.5" MAF, 75mm throttle body, and full exhaust including headers and cats.
    As far as cost goes - it's a shame we can't all live on the east coast huh! Finding a good workshop in Adelaide that'll tune a 350z wasn't the easiest of tasks and from the few places I found that would even do it, the place I ended up with was the only place that would tune with Uprev - plus I'd used them before for other work and was happy with their work. The other option was a standalone Haltech, which was quoted from a couple of workshops as $3k+ at a minimum, and running an after market ECU wasn't something I wanted to do.
    So, yeah I probably paid more for the tune on my 350z than you did on your RX-7. Would I prefer to have bought some semi slicks and still be rocking my AFR of ~16? Nope - I haven't regretted decision at all.
  5. Stomp added a post in a topic Tune   

    Classic Performance in Hackham.
  6. Stomp added a post in a topic exhaust advice   

    Damn, I had that Tomei Y-pipe and rear section setup too - someone told me before i bought it that it was "racecar loud". I thought it give it a crack anyways but it certainly was racecar loud. Way too loud for street use. I sold it after a few months. Awesome fit and quality, but way too loud. I ended up with Tomei headers and Tomei HFC's and a Tanabe Medallion Y-pipe and rear section. Good blend, not too loud, hardly any drone at all, growls nice under load and doesn't have the rasp of the titanium back section. Good luck in finding a nice blend!
  7. Stomp added a post in a topic Tune   

    $1750 from memory for the Uprev at a guy over here in Adelaide.
  8. Stomp added a post in a topic CES/SES lights possible on HFC/Exhuast installs?   

    No CEL for me when I installed the Tomei HFCs. I would have thought you'd be fine unless the cats have terrible catalyzing properties.
  9. Stomp added a post in a topic Rear Window Wiper Delete   

    I removed my rear wiper about 3 years ago, but have recently bought the plug from ConceptZ. Its heaps better than the ghetto gromit I had in there before. I'll take a pic and post it soon. Order some new rear hatch trim clips while you're at it - they're easy to break when taking out the rear hatch trim.
  10. Stomp added a post in a topic plenum spacer   

    Yeah, its a good kit. I use a Cusco strut bar though and the spacers that Motordyne supplied left the strut bar rubbing on the underneath of the hood, which is why I say can't go wrong if everything is stock!
  11. Stomp added a post in a topic 350z Diff dimensions - does anyone have a spare lying around they can measure for me please?   

    Hey Wegs,

    Apologies - only managed to get under the car to get the headers installed today mate and saw you already had your measurements so didn't bother measuring in the end.

  12. Stomp added a post in a topic plenum spacer   

    I had the Motordyne 5/16" plenum spacer and it was probably the most effective breathing mod on an otherwise stock Zed. Can't go wrong. Only thing that sucks is the extra height that it adds, but that's not a real issue if everything else is stock.
  13. Stomp added a post in a topic 350z Diff dimensions - does anyone have a spare lying around they can measure for me please?   

    Hey mate,
    I don't have a spare diff laying around but I am putting my Zed on stands and getting under there on Saturday to install some headers so I can have a crack at measuring what I can while I am under there if that helps.
  14. Stomp added a post in a topic Intake advice   


    The GruppeM intake looked fabulous and was a great fit, but it used a K&N filter and I have a strong disliking towards oiled filters. Plus it is possibly also the most expensive filter option out there! The Injen filter was ok but frustrating to install. The Apexi Power Intake open pod was probably my favourite but on warm days you could really feel the sluggish reaponse when the engine bay got hot!

    Go with the JWT Pop Charger. I like the filter shape/design and the velocity stack is a huge plus!

  15. Stomp added a post in a topic Intake advice   

    Hey there,
    I have had a fed intake setups on my Zed as I have never really been 100% satisfied with them. The intakes I've used are (in order):
    Gruppe M intake
    Apexi Power Intake open pod filter
    Injen CAI
    Apexi Power Intake panel filter with the stock airbox
    Jim Wolf Tech Pop Charger (currently in use)
    Opinions on them all? All extremely similar with very little increase at all. My opinion on intakes would be, make your own and get it tuned!
    I have a custom 3.5" intake sitting on my shelf waiting to go on, which is 3.5" the whole way through to the throttle body, but it needs a tune as she does not run well at all with the 3.5" intake on!
    I'd say leave your stock intake as it is till you are ready for the tune, then custom make something bigger than stock and consider getting a bigger throttle body too, but that will all depend on how far you want to take it!
    Happy to answer any specific questions, just post them in here and I'll reply!