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  1. Trent Bray added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    P0011 Code (2012 370Z)
    Anybody have experience with the error code P0011? car is currently with the mechanic...unable to find an actual issue everything is checking out and few things been checked/ replaced but car is still not running right.
    Initial easier fixes through troubleshooting or stripping it down to access the gasket behind (unsure if it was the galley gasket) are yet to get it going, timing, valves, actuators etc. seem fine as checked once pulled apart a bit... mechanic said he had one or two more things to try then may have to get it to Nissan dealer. Could it be a simpler fix they have overlooked like oil pressure/ filter? but assuming they had already gone their through process of elimination..
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  2. Trent Bray added a post in a topic PPE Long tube headers or HFC+Headers   

    I ended up with Top Speed Pro headers, needed some modification to fit RHD along with Berk HFC. With the Motordyne catback its loud and sounds really good but also pass emissions etc i only bit the bullet with the headers and associated labour to finish the exhaust system before planning a tune
  3. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Exhaust clearance and height defects   

    Sounds like your a bit lucky, good to hear! i have 15% tint too, lowest exhaust part is probably about 80mm, body is fine and tyres tuck in ok, exhaust is loud as though really that's what they should have a problem with haha
    Nah all good mate, that was my first point of call when i had springs. Exhaust shop said they couldn't heat and rejig a bit as its stainless, there isn't much room to lift then it would foul the rear diffuser section plus its an expensive Motordyne exhaust so not really into f#!king around with it and its from the engine back not easy to just re-align or move and tuck it up anywhere..i have the Berks on mine too  i then forked out for coilovers so i could adjust the height and clear the defect then had them reset at a better height with new wheels so as there is no ugly wheel gap and all aligned etc
    I agree, a lot and i mean a lot of the usual suspects here, Fords and Commodores :/ 
  4. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Coils & Adjustable arms   

    Can't remember but have them in the car I'll try remember to grab them. From memory was possibly just outside spec Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Exhaust clearance and height defects   

    I know right haha heard a similar thing regarding peoples air filters/ engines (think old school holden and fords) sticking out of bonnets once, if your getting hit its the least of your worries...
    That's it, i get hes only trying to enforce regulations but surely they could choose to not bother over a few mm on a car that is obviously quite new and well looked, safer and tastefully modified especially compared to what is generally on the roads these days there is much worse about they could be wasting their time with...It isn't excessively lowered either! Overall the police and this guy in particular haven't been too bad but they aren't great here either...i'll get compliments but they'll still get me for what they can. Usually i get followed for a bit, pulled over and breath tested (as an excuse to get me over) then they ask to pop the hood or look at the exhaust. 
    There just isn't really a decent in-between or suitable solution for me without changing what i'm happy with and what has cost good money for the sake of a few 'mm' and minor regulation which really affects f#!k all :/ 
  6. Trent Bray added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Exhaust clearance and height defects
    Anyone else encountered or had any issues with the above and police.
    I have a Motordyne exhaust which angles down and is below the min. 100mm clearance which has led to a few run ins with a local cop. The first time i escaped a fine and was on springs so switched to coilovers to adjust and have cleared. Got picked up again today and fined/ defected (its probably sitting around the 85mm mark with regards to clearance) but i don't want to sell the expensive exhaust (all tend to sit pretty low anyway and the z is low enough itself) or raise the coils for good to keep them happy and leave an ugly fender gap and throw other things out..
    Tempted to keep sucking up the fines and clear the defect then lower it again and hope i'm not pulled over often for the sake of an extra 10 -15 mm clearance under the car :/
    Funniest part was when the cop tried to justify the regulations he noted that if i hit someone it would get them and basically wouldn't be pretty. You would think if hitting somebody the clearance of the exhaust would be the least of their worries!
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  7. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Coils & Adjustable arms   

    Haven't noticed any issues with turning, at full lock or scrubbing. The only time i have scraped a bit on bumps etc is the exhaust/ flange where it hangs down...wheels seem fine
  8. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Coils & Adjustable arms   

    No fender work at all. 9.5 front/ 11 rears running Pirelli pzero in 255/35 and 305/30. Offsets are in my thread I think can't remember off the top of my head.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Coils & Adjustable arms   

    I have mine dropped about 1 and 1.2 inches with coilovers, no camber arms or adjustments and no rubbing with either stock wheels or aftermarket 20s with a more aggressive width/ offset. Just monitoring tyre wear but camber isnt too bad and so far all seems ok
  10. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol   

    FYI here's a short old clip, was just the cat back system ?? https://vimeo.com/178110231 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Help Me Decide On An Exhaust Lol   

    I have Motordyne on my 370z and love it, if its similar no doubt on the 350 that's my vote
  12. Trent Bray added a post in a topic *SPRAYING DOOR HANDLES - NEED SOME WISDOM   

    Thanks, yeh at the moment I've just said do the best you can with it 
  13. Trent Bray added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Fairly urgent guys, currently have my mate locally who owns a paint shop spraying my door handles. Few questions as i'm flat out and have had no luck finding pictures or specific info on the net yet...i also went over all the DIY weeks before pulling them out to do myself
    He is hesitant and unsure how to get the actual handle part off of the backing/ main part in order to spray properly...
    Anyone who has done this know the trick or exactly how to get the pin/ spring off the back (to release the handle) and back on without damage or needing a new part? otherwise it will likely have some silver visible under or inside the handle when opened... :/
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  14. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Getting headlights painted   

    Definitely on the to do list, shame they are so far away :/ will get time to ship them down eventually
  15. Trent Bray added a post in a topic Armytrix/Akrapovic Exhaust Systems   

    I was originally looking at Armytrix too....i ended up going with Motordyne - huge fan if you haven't checked them out do so
    If it helps mid last year i had City Performance Centre quote the below for the Armytrix so maybe contact them..
    Edit: for some reason can't see prices I wrote Pm me of you want some details ??