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  1. BlackStain added a post in a topic 09 Zed 18" cracked spoke!!!   

    Yep I ended up going to a Nissan wrecked and picked up a new wheel for $300 then took it to a tyre shop and have the wheel swapped over. All in all a pain in the neck since you don't expect this to happen to an OEM part but it did and has happened to others from what I have found while researching... 
    Pick of the cracked wheel for reference... 


  2. BlackStain added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    09 Zed 18" cracked spoke!!!
    So the story goes...
    A few months back while washing my Zed I noticed a slight crack on one of the spokes on the RHS front wheel, car is out of warranty but took it into NIssan regardless for them to have a look at and see what my options are. That exercise on it's own was a total waste of time since they pinned it on me saying I'd hit a pot hole or something for it to crack. I know for a fact that while the car has been in my possession I have never done so and take great care while driving. 
    So now few months later while coming back from a drive up in Healesville, I took a sharp left turn and heard a masie thud from the front of the car, I pulled into my garage and started to inspect and saw that the crack has gone completely the whole way through the spoke!!!
    I'm now totally worried to drive it like this and don't know whether or not I should try go through the hassle of going back to Nissan or should I just cut my losses and buy a new front pair of wheels from a wrecker (cheap option), or upgrade all four??? (expensive)....
    Anyone else on here experienced the same??? Like why haven't they done a recall when it is obviously a manufacturing fault???
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  3. BlackStain added a post in a topic GTR mode: ACTIVATED   

    Yep I've got the same, how much better does it look huh???
  4. BlackStain added a post in a topic Boot Spring / Penny Trick / Boot Release DIY FIX   

    Just order two of these http://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-spring-lift~84415-1ea1e.html 
    and problem solved the proper way! 
    I did the coin thing and occasionally it still wouldn't lift in one go... 
    I also removed the boot lid weight and I've never had a problem since! 
  5. BlackStain added a post in a topic How to remove counter weight from boot   

    I did this and also got the updated part for the boot springs and the boot now opens on the first go! 
  6. BlackStain added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    V21 is almost impossible to find.
  7. BlackStain added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    Hey guys
    I haven't been on here much lately and have had a number of ppl asking for the update.... 
    I will be making a new batch shortly, so those interested can you please PM me with your details.
  8. BlackStain added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    Guys please use Nero it has a burning ROM application which is what I used to burn the .ISO file onto. 
    If you are still experiencing difficulties shoot me a PM and I'll burn some new discs which I can send out to you. 
  9. BlackStain added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    I never experienced any addware with the DL, I have Avast and as always I did a check on the file. 

    The update is for maps including new roads and suburbs, it does have advance lane guiding and I have also noticed the accuracy has improved. 

    If it helps PM me and I may be able to sort something out for ya.... 
  10. BlackStain added a post in a topic New 370z owner - aux question   

    There is also this which I've recently found but just not sure how good it is... 
  11. BlackStain added a post in a topic New 370z owner - aux question   

    I personally use the Quadlock case/cover with the car mount: http://www.quadlockcase.com/products/car-mount-kit-samsung-galaxy-s4  
    I also have the bike mount for when I'm on the bike and despite the fact that it makes the phone feel a little more "bulky" I actually don't mind the fact that I've dropped it like 5 times + and it's saved my phone. 
    Re: BT to Aux I was thinking on getting a BT transmitter as per what Zipkicker has on his: http://www.belkin.com/uk/p/P-F4U037/ 
    Thing is that they're getting hard to find as I think Belkin don't make them. I've seen a couple on eBay but you have to get a phone specific one and one that has the A2DP so you can stream music. 
  12. BlackStain added a post in a topic Buying 2nd hand springs   

    Yep that's 100% correct, springs alone will make the car very bouncy after some time, the damper force on the shocks may not be a match for the springs and the car will jump all over the place. I had this happen on my NC MX-5, I then upgraded to coilovers and never looked back! 
  13. BlackStain added a post in a topic Headlight Washer Covers Removal   

    Thanks for the info Jason, I'll give that a go some time this weekend, I have to get the car all detailed up for a mates wedding in a couple of weeks!!!
  14. BlackStain added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    I'm still seeding it, but if worst case I can burn you a disc....
  15. BlackStain added a post in a topic Not a Z but close enough   

    Nice car mate!
    I test drove a 370GT a couple of years back, and was a nice black couple with 6spd manual, I wish I could have bought it at the time but then again I'm really happy with my Zed!