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  1. Dire added a post in a topic Tell me what's wrong with your 370Z.. Cause I'm gonna tell you what's wrong with mine..   

    I have an 09 370z & my cruise control has started playing up... The dash light always works like normal but most of the time it simply won't do anything (I set a speed and it just coasts,  doing literally nothing to control speed of vehicle). The days it does work its usually fine but can occasionally cut-out while doing a set speed.
    The problem has gone from happening maybe once a fortnight to recently starting to happen more often than not.
    It could be any number of things, hopefully its just the brake pedal switch
  2. Dire added a post in a topic My gunmetal TSW Bathursts   

    Yeah 285 is very safe, I might go 295 next time
  3. Dire added a post in a topic My gunmetal TSW Bathursts   

    Found this on google:
    Thats 9.1kg
  4. Dire added a post in a topic My gunmetal TSW Bathursts   

    Bathroom scales said both front and rear were 9.6kg... Take that with a grain of salt
    According to forums,stock 18's (what I had before) are something like:
    Front: 9.5kg
    Rear: 11.1kg
    Stock 19's something like:
    Front: 10.5kg
    Rear: 10.8kg
  5. Dire added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    My gunmetal TSW Bathursts
    Recently bit the bullet and got new wheels & tyres...
    TSW Bathurst (in gunmetal grey, also come in silver)
    Michelin Pilot Supersports
    245/40 & 285/35
    In terms of offset, front tyres are level with the guards, rears have a bit of room, I have some 10mm spacers laying around but might not bother.
    They easily clear the brakes.
    Tyres are amazing. Complete overkill for the road & stupidly expensive, but I wanted the experience just this once 
    Sorry about shitty grainy photos. Car is stock height

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  6. Dire added a post in a topic Hello from Perth!   

    Hi guys I fell off the grid a bit!
    I now have a full Invidia exhaust (including Invidia cats which required spacing out the O2 sensors, no biggie).
    And today I found an american thread about removing the 'clutch helper spring' from the clutch pedal so I tried it and its GREAT. I've had problems with using my clutch and always thought I was the problem, but removing the spring brings all the feedback back to the pedal.
    I couldn't find any mention of it here but I can't post links yet lol
  7. Dire added a post in a topic Hello from Perth!   

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah I do want an exhaust but my family all lives together and my nanna is very sick so I don't want to wake her up 6:30 every morning haha.

    Most of my lancer mods were suspension related but I'm more interested in powertrain stuff for the Zed, so I've got some learning to do
  8. Dire added a topic in Introductions   

    Hello from Perth!
    Hi guys, about 2 months ago I bought a grey 09 370z (manual and stock). I traded in my lancer to get it, and I used to be heavily involved in ClubCJ for the current gen lancers! (State Rep. at one stage).

    I've already fixed some of my head unit dials (using electrical contact cleaner like suggested on here).
    I am thinking about new wheels but that'll be after christmas at least.

    A quick question though: Is it normal to have a bit of transmission whine in the manual? I don't mind the sound but if it's a problem I wanna know!

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