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  1. alphonse added a topic in General Wheels & Tyres   

    2013.5+ 370z Wheel Colour
    Dear All
    I was wondering what the colour of the current model 370z wheels is. I have a couple of stone chips on mine and I'd like to do a touch up. I understand these wheels are a type of shadow chrome. However, the only repair kit that I can find (from Duplicolor) appears too dark.
    I would appreciate your suggestions.
    Kind regards
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  2. alphonse added a post in a topic Nismo exhaust and CAI ??????   

    I have a 370z Nismo S Tune exhaust laying around doing nothing. It is used but presents itself in "as new" condition. Would you be interested, by any chance?
  3. alphonse added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    370z bonnet - Gun Metallic
    Dear all
    I was wondering if anyone has a gun metallic 370z, with an installed carbon fibre bonnet and has a stock bonnet laying around? I Intend to use mine to apply vents etc. and want a fall back strategy. 
    Kind regards
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  4. alphonse added a post in a topic Thinking of Selling 370z   

    I was wondering if you have sold the car yet?