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  1. ZBanger added a post in a topic 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.   

    Well good news, the Z went in and got its new steering lock module and Nissan Australia decided to cover all associated costs under they Customer Goodwill Loyalty Program not under any warranty cause my car was out of warranty and not under any recall cause my VIN was not part of the recall, so in the end all turned out fine.
    The only cost i was out of pocket for was the original diagnostic charge of $143 to identify the problem, i did try to get them to reimburse me by asking if that also could be covered under the Goodwill scenario - but no luck on that front. But atleast i didn't have to fork out $1999.
    Been driving it since and no orange key light anymore.
    Yes Rodd, i too believe that it may very well fault again one day but i only do 5000Kms per year and it looks like this thing faults at around 30,000-35,000Kms so i should have another 5 years or so before it may become an issue and thanks to everyone on this forum who has posted rectification advice on this matter i am atleast armed with what to do if it happens unexpectedly - thanks to all those who have contributed.
    Best if this happens to any other 370Z owners no matter what year model it is, you should first go to Nissan with the issue and see if you can get it covered for the more of this issue being reported the better the chance that it may in the future be part of another recall for the later models. And if not you can always as the last resort do the fuse thing to get you out of a pickle and not have to fork out the quite expensive cost of rectification.
  2. ZBanger added a post in a topic 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.   

    Just following up for info that might be handy for any others who have the same problem and same model Z as mine.
    Put the car into my local Nissan dealer and explained my issues and they had it for 2 days and found a fault code while doing diagnostics (which cost me $143). They contacted Nissan Australia and sure enough it was the fault code for the electronic steering lock. (I know previous posts on this topic have suggested that the steering lock problem did not exist on models after a certain year) So looks like models even as late as mine are effected.
    Local dealer gave me a quote of $1999 to fix it but offered to present it to Nissan Australia as part of the recall even though my VIN number was not covered but could not guarentee me that it would be covered.
    Received phone call today from local Nissan dealer and was told that all parts and labour will be covered by Nissan Australia - great news. Goes in on Friday to be repaired.
  3. ZBanger added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.
    Hi to all
    Hope you could point me in the right direction to resolve a problem.
    I have a 2014 370Z and just recently a orange key light symbol has lit up on the left side of the dash and stays on while i am driving and some times stays on all night even when the car is turned off and locked up.
    Read up heaps about the steering lock issue but was wondering if that issue effects the 2014 models. looked under the dash and sure enough there is a silver box that has been mentioned on forums. Is that box the potential problem?
    I have put new batteries into my remote keys and a new battery in the car and the orange key light still appears and stays on while driving.
    Does anyone have any ideas what it could be cause from what i have read it is not supposed to affect the later models?
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  4. ZBanger added a post in a topic Concerns with engine light constantly on.   

    Well since i last checked in here the local Nissan dealership had my Z for near on 2 weeks doing all sorts of checks - spark plugs, compression tests, fuel pressures, intake air leaks, purge valves, PCV valve, air fuel ratio sensors. 
    No luck in finding anything with the above testing so they ran their own wiring to the air feul ratio sensors and the ECU. Still nothing.
    Eventually Nissan Techline went over the data again and found that it was the air flow sensor bank 2 not bank 1 that they had originally replaced that was flatlining. So they replaced bank 2.
    Have now had the car back for some weeks and done around 700km's without any issues. Engine light has stayed off and the car drives so much better and the fuel economy has greatly improved.
  5. ZBanger added a post in a topic Concerns with engine light constantly on.   

    Engine light is back on again and having the same issues as originally. New air flow censor did absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Back to the dealership it goes AGAIN for yet another long sleep over. This time i am going to ask for a loan car.
  6. ZBanger added a post in a topic Concerns with engine light constantly on.   

    Update: Monday had the new air flow censor fitted, it was censor number 1. Apparently there is 3 of them.
    Also managed to get the actual code off them - Trouble Code PO300
    Sort of fixed it and sort of didn't. After fitting the new censor and running the engine for awhile they collected data and it recorded the same Trouble Code multiple times but this time it just sent it to the data history and didn't trigger off the engine light.
    The workshop foreman seems to think that the new censor will not fix the problem and he is fully expecting the engine light to eventually show up again. They have given me the car back and told me to drive it around as per normal and see what transpires.
    Next stop will be the injectors removed and sent away for inspection and testing.
    With my car being so new and this issue causing hassles where do you guys think i stand if this keeps up - could i ask for a replacement car under the lemon laws or because they are still willing to try to fix the issue am i stuck with being the guinea pig.
  7. ZBanger added a post in a topic Concerns with engine light constantly on.   

    After having my car for the whole week they have at last found a definite problem (and it wasn't the injectors has they suggested). One of the air flow sensors was flatlining. Getting new one from Melbourne today and hopefully back on the road this weekend. That will be the real proof in the pudding to see if they have definitly fixed the problem.
  8. ZBanger added a post in a topic Concerns with engine light constantly on.   

    They did get several codes all indicating multiple cyclinder mis-firing, but they wouldn't pass on to me what the actual code was.
    The only drivability issue i had and it was very minor was on the odd occassion when i accelerated hard it had a slight what seemed to me a flat spot. Hardly noticable though. 
    Today was informed that Nissan Japan wanted data sent to them concerning fuel pressure tests, fuel pump tests and fuel filter sample results. All results were given the OK by Nissan Japan.
    Next and apparently the last thing they think it could possibly be is the injectors. They want to have the injectors removed and sent to an injector specialist in Melbourne to have them tested. So the car is still sleeping over at the dealership.
    To be honest i am getting the impression that they have no idea what to do or how to fix it.
  9. ZBanger added a post in a topic Average age of Z owners??   

    48 and finally have a 370Z
    @20 - Datsun 180B
    @24 - Nissan Pulsar
    @29- Nissan Maxima 97 GV
    @40 - Nissan Maxima 06 Ti
    @45 - Nissan Murano 2012 Ti
  10. ZBanger added a post in a topic Concerns with engine light constantly on.   

    Update: Nissan dealer still has the car for another overnight stay and are non the wiser whats goin on. They didn't give me any codes just saying that the engine management light issue could be a hundred things causing it and its just a vague indicactor that something is not quite right.
    They did a compression test - result all good
    They checked all 6 ignition coils - result all good
    and they checked the spark plugs - result all good
    They are going to and fro with Nissan Japan for ideas on what to do and check. Next up tomorrow they are looking at the fuel pump and other fuel related parts. 
  11. ZBanger added a post in a topic Concerns with engine light constantly on.   

    No they didn't.
    I will ask them today and see if they will give it to me. They have had the car overnight and was last told that they are now looking at the coil and spark plugs.
  12. ZBanger added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Concerns with engine light constantly on.
    Gday all.
    Have a manual 2014 model Z with just over 6,000k's on the clock. In the past 2 weeks the engine light started intermittenly coming on, changing from flashing to solid then going altogether. After reading the owners manual which didn't give a great insight into the issue i took it to the local Nissan dealership where they done some tests and told me that the error codes were multiple cyclinder mis-firing. Said that my fuel was very stale. Reset codes. They advised me to put new fuel in and use it up asap then refill again. 
    I only use Caltex premium 98 in the Z. Done as requested and with the same fuel but from a different servo some 150km's apart and after about 50 or so km's the engine light came back flashing for awhile and now has stayed contantly on. Taken back to the same Nissan dealer and again they say the fuel is very stale.
    Was wondering if any of you guys have had any issues with the engine light flashing or staying on and what caused it?
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