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  1. paracin added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI
    After 2 months of market and forums research, I bought my new wheels – 19” Kiwamis. The following factors were considered: wheel size and spacers, quality, price and the supplier’s customer service.
    To determine the right size, I thoroughly studied 17 pages of “370z wheel fitment guide” on The370z forum and settled for 9.5 +25 and 10.5 +12, which should provide a flush fit without spacers or camber adjustment while accommodating larger tyres (if so inclined after suspension upgrade).
    Quality-wise, after considering some questionable 20” Taiwanese options like XXR ($1200+), Koya ($2400+), Vertini ($2800+ with 35% off), Rohana and Ferrada (both over $3K), I settled for a proper JDM option – Work Emotion Kiwami AHG (matte bronze), deep concave front and ultra deep concave rear. JDM Concept’s price is not only cheaper than the above, but also cheaper than Work USA.
    Regarding customer service, my first choice of wheels were Gram Lights or Weds but I didn’t get a quote from Aaron in nearly 4 weeks (he did apologise); Koya (Koya wheels), Venero (representing Ferrada wheels) and B.Boss (for Vossen VFS-1) NEVER even acknowledged receipt of my web inquiry; the main players on Princess highway between Tempe and Arncliffe, where I inquired in person, were totally disinterested, one even outright rude. (Is it my grey hair, I wonder, that causes people not to take me seriously in a Zed?)
    The shining stars of customer service are: Leonardy from JDM Concept, representing Work wheels, who replied to all my emails within an hour, often quicker. He specialises in Work wheels and is extremely helpful and accommodating (eg I picked up my wheels within 3 hours from committing to the purchase). George from Rollenso employed significant efforts to assist me with finding the right Lenso wheels. George is experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. I also ordered the tyres from George cheaper than Tempe, and that’s saying something.
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  2. paracin added a post in a topic 18x10 +22 or 20x10 +42 with spacers – what would be your personal preference?   

    Wasn't quite looking for used wheels, to be honest.
    However, PM me some details please, I might consider.
    You never know...
  3. paracin added a post in a topic 18x10 +22 or 20x10 +42 with spacers – what would be your personal preference?   

    Interesting observation and a testament to how a wheel design can create an optical illusion. 

    I like bronze Kiwami's on a black car but the reason I'm looking at 20" Lenso's is that they are considerably cheaper (19" Kiwami's are $1998 at JDM Concept). 

    I'm also toying with the idea of experimenting with a full square setup:  20x10 +42 all around. With 30mm rear spacers, working out as +12 offset at the back, all 4 wheels would extend by 18mm from standard setup. Advantage is that, with 275 tyres all around, tyre rotation would also be possible.

    Decisions, decisions...

  4. paracin added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    18x10 +22 or 20x10 +42 with spacers – what would be your personal preference?
    I'd appreciate your assistance with my dilema. Here is a case study: For your 370Z you are considering Lenso Project D D1R, because you’re trying to achieve this look. Front sizes are fine but the only sizes available for the rear are 18x10 +22 (you'd add 5-10mm spacers) and 20x10 +42 (with 25-30mm spacers). In 18’s you’d go for 255/45 front and 275/40 for the rear because they can still be found reasonably priced. In 20’s, any size is fine.
    What would you choose and what’s your reasoning behind it?

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  5. paracin added a post in a topic FYI: Lenso Project D Spec F DO NOT fit MY13 370Z   

    Thanks, I have decided not to buy any wheels without trying them on. So far, the three of the biggest shops on Princess Highway between Tempe and Rockdale have been as useless l as the proverbial mammaries on a bull, and just as arrogant. 
    I'll keep you posted as soon as I buy something. 
  6. paracin added a post in a topic FYI: Lenso Project D Spec F DO NOT fit MY13 370Z   

    No, i failed to mention that my comment was a 'long story short'. Square setup was impossible because 20x10 +15 at the front sticks out almost an inch. Rollenso guy said that +35 should be OK but that wouldn't fit because of the caliper. 
    The second solution, with 20x12 +0 at the rear only fits flared guards.
    Thanks for the advice, I'm looking at Vertini RF 1.1 as the come with custom offset but I'm still worried about the x-factor. Does anyone here have these fitted, I wonder?
  7. paracin added a topic in Introductions   

    Bit the bullet and bought the Zed
    Been pondering this purchase for a while (30+ years, I’d say). Three years ago I decided to wait for (what I believed inevitable) a new, turbo Zed. I was also looking forward to the new Infinity 3 litre TT mill in a classic Z body. Since it never came out, and there is none in sight, and I’m not getting any younger , I bought my 2012 MY13 Zed a month ago.

    Had I known it was going to be so fantastic, I would have bought a new one. I’m in love!

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  8. paracin added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    FYI: Lenso Project D Spec F DO NOT fit MY13 370Z
    Not only devastated but gobsmacked as well! 
    Just bought my first Z. Following the information from The370Z.com, I went to try stunningly beautiful (disclaimer: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder) Lenso Project D Spec F in Hyper Dark.
    While 20x10 with +15 at the back looked pretty flush (without a tyre), front 20x10 +35 would not get anywhere near due to the caliper. 
    Moral of the story: don't believe everyting you read on the net. Try before you buy. Get seller's guarantee that it'll fit the specific model.
    Thank you George from Rollenso, for really trying to assisst me with sizes...
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