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  1. 350z_QLD added a post in a topic Timing chain rattle - 06 Rev Up - Quick Fix?   

    Well oil changed, pressure up and problem solved.  Off to the dealer she goes for the trade!
  2. 350z_QLD added a post in a topic Timing chain rattle - 06 Rev Up - Quick Fix?   

    axloz - what oil and filter would you recommend?  Might give it a change this weekend and see if it makes any difference. 
  3. 350z_QLD added a post in a topic Timing chain rattle - 06 Rev Up - Quick Fix?   

    Axloz. Yeah it is a only on startup after it warms up for 10 minutes or so its ok (I guess when the oil pressure builds). As I rarely drive the car I probably do not change the oil as a regularly as I should servicing more to km's than time.  I will try changing the oil and filter first and if that does not work will have my mechnaic look at the tensioner and see if it can be adjusted.  I must have a Friday car because even with the low km's I have had every "common problem" that the Z's have (axle clicking, interior paint coming off, clutch pedal travel issue, battery going flat all the time ... and the list goes on)
  4. 350z_QLD added a post in a topic Timing chain rattle - 06 Rev Up - Quick Fix?   

    Martin - thanks I will get them to have a look -at that and will advertise those bits here when my post count gets up.
  5. 350z_QLD added a post in a topic Timing chain rattle - 06 Rev Up - Quick Fix?   

    I am using whatever oil the stealership has been putting in there.  I do expect it is a little expensive but I did let the trade guy know she was a little noisy.  I will change the oil before trading anyway.  Sad really I was actyually going to start modding her (bought Hi-Tech Cat Back, full K&N incduction, Eibach Springs new factory front splitter ) but life got in the way a bit.  I always used to wonder why people hard parts in boxes purchased but never used (like my Eibach springs, brand new Nismo shift knob and front splitrer) and now I know!!!  If you know anyone that wants any Z gear give me a holler as I its going cheap (just dont want to give it to the stealership on a measly trade price).
  6. 350z_QLD added a post in a topic 350z best sounding exhaust   

    I went through this a while ago and researched the heck out of it. I wanted something that sounded good but did not drone or rasp and I also wanted something fairly stealth and stock looking.  I was really about an increase in performacne more than anything else.  I settled on a Hi-Tech cat back as they are Australian made and dyno tested (check out their Website Hi-Tech Mufflers and read the reviews online everyone raves about it).  I am in Brisbane myself and I am trading the Z in a month or so on a family car so if you want to come and have a listen to it email me mrdcastelli @ gmail.com.  I have had really positive comments from Z owners and non-Z onwers.
    To be honest if you really like the sound and performance I can part it out to you cheap (as I still have my stock exhaust and the dealer won't give me more on the trade for it), they are only $1,100 brand new and I would only be chasing half that (also I have only had it on the car for less than 1 year and 1000kms). I have it matched to a K&N induction and cold air box (also had for a year) and it sounds amazing (they actually send you a dyno chart with this aswell!!).  You can have that too it you want it or even if you want to have a listen.  I bought all these parts thinking I was going to bring the old girl back to her former glory but life anf amily got in the way :-(
  7. 350z_QLD added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    350Z Prices these days.
    Alas the time has come to trade the Z (06 Rev Up Track 6MT).  I was thinking of putting it up on carsales but I see the same Z's up there and none of them are moving.  What sory of money have people been offered on their Z trades recently?  I see quite a few posts of people trading out of them.  Mine has 46,000kms on it ... its got the usual car park battle scars and the usual Z rub marks on the interior .... the offers have been as low as $13k.  Just wanted to know how bad I should expect to get it.
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  8. 350z_QLD added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Timing chain rattle - 06 Rev Up - Quick Fix?
    Hi All
    So family first and time has come to trade the Z.  As murphy's law would have it I have now developed the timing chain rattle right ahead of my trade.  This seems strange given my Z (06 Rev Up Track 6MT) has a sum total of 46,000km's on the clock and has lived a sheltered life.
    Given I will be trading it for a low ball price (second hand market is not so good anyway) and do not want to spend bulk cash is there any "quick fix" for this?  Some US forums suggest a filter change or different oil but I can't find anyone that has actually be successful with this.
    Thanks in advance
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