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  1. hickz added a post in a topic Ipad Head Unit 350Z   

    good pickup, unfortunately they only have a design for the 10.1 not the 10.5
  2. hickz added a post in a topic [SA] Spotted!   

    spotted a tan 350z with aftermarket chrome taillights in renmark on my way to adelaide, also spotted a white 350z with big wing and black top on the A20 outside adelaide
  3. hickz added a post in a topic New Z Owner, Country Vic   

    O_O woah
  4. hickz added a post in a topic Invidia Gemini Exhaust   

    Hey man what was the cost? and where you got them from their website?
  5. hickz added a post in a topic Rattle in gearbox   

  6. hickz added a post in a topic Rattle in gearbox   

    I also get the rattle when clutch out in idle, noticed it not too long ago, mentioned to mechanics on service and they said if it got any worse it may require repair/replacement, 03 350z though, still works at the moment and clutch just makes a fair bit of noise as it is.
  7. hickz added a post in a topic tips needed on sizing for 18inch work gt5   

    thats where i scraped my lip for the first time, road tripped to adelaide was fine on the way in, crept out on the way out to turn into the street and rippeeddddd, brutal
  8. hickz added a post in a topic tips needed on sizing for 18inch work gt5   

    holllyyy shit im loving your fitment I may steal your setup but tweak it a little bit, your lip looks the same as mine too but you have the later model car so jealous. But god damn man your car is dumped how do you drive it? I have the lip on mine and im still stock and ive already scraped it and i was being careful it seemed unavoidable
  9. hickz added a post in a topic tips needed on sizing for 18inch work gt5   

    thanks for the link man
    appreciate all the help guys! Filtering to through the Zclub forums everys going for either 9.5 front 10 in back or something similar, alot of people here have +20 offset or +22 but the rims im going for dont seem to have anything near that, its either +30 +38 or +18, 18 is closest of course but id prefer to be on the safer side of things something around +25
  10. hickz added a post in a topic tips needed on sizing for 18inch work gt5   

    Thanks for the input sir, how do you go with the fitting on the inside of the wheel?
    MartinZ has recommended increasing my rim width to 9inch wide all round whereas with my current setup my fronts are 7.5inch wide and they arent far off being in line with fenders. Doing some reading on the Vicroads regulations on wheels and it states that anything passed the fenderline isnt roadworthy and anything adjusting the offset further out by 25mm is also not roadworthy. Rules also state the width of the rim cannot be anything more than 25mm larger than largest specified rim for car from manufacturer (nismo 19inch rims came in at 8.5inch) which means that 9inch does come under that rule but i doubt 10inch wide rims would.
    I assume that with a fair few people running 9inch wide rims that the inner side of the wheelwell should be fine for fitment but the fender side of things has me worried, would i need to go for a more + offset to make sure to counteract the widening of the tyre?
    Id rather nut out all the do's and don't and make an informed decision on choosing my tyres as they ain't cheap! I've seen posts where people have just gone super aggressive then just getting pulled over by cops telling them they have to change the rims back.
  11. hickz added a post in a topic z club stickers   

    am keen
  12. hickz added a post in a topic tips needed on sizing for 18inch work gt5   

    cheers for the quick reply martinZ you're always quick to reply and on point with information.
    Yeah my cars the 03 touring so i got the budget brakes so shouldn't encounter any issues, i gathered it was only with brembos bigger dimensions itd cause issues. The stocks wheels im running atm are the 17s shown on that link that you provided. Are there any benefits to staggering the size of the wheels front and back?
    Again is there any reason that you would know of why it isnt listed on the compatibility list? As long as the bolt pattern and dimensions fit the same as what i have now it should work correct?
  13. hickz added a topic in 350Z Wheels & Tyres   

    tips needed on sizing for 18inch work gt5
    Hi guys im in the market for some new rims for my 03 350z am an in need of some assistance with the theory side of things, really liked the look of these
    Im after 18inch diameter as the 17inch stock rims just dont seem big enough, from what i gather via lurking other threads that fitting a tyre that keeps the overall dimensions of the wheel as close as possible to stock so speedo and stuff stay in check. Another part of choosing a wheel is the offset, im still to fully understand how it works but going for something like +20 is generally whats recommended (i assume that width of wheel also affects this) to get the wheels looking flush with fenders. Fender rolling is often discussed but i assume this is only required in extreme cases where a car is lowered or wheels are bigger than stock or offset too far out so vertical travel of wheel hits fenders on bumps?
    My biggest question so far is listed on the jdmconcept website for these rims it has compatible cars listed and the 350z isnt listed and im not quite sure why?
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  14. hickz added a post in a topic Issues fitting carbon fibre lip   

    No i haven't but it doesn't seem as though that parts interfering at all.
    I have tried to force it on to fit, have been able to get the right side on, middle on but left side doesn't even come close, there's a tight fit and then there's I'm going to break this part trying to get it on, and that's not even final fit trying to get like 3M tape and screws in properly. This has resulted in scratching my bumper, not that it didn't have its fair share of scratches before i started, I wouldn't care so much if I could get the lip to fit on and covered it all.
    To be honest the way the middle section feels as though its too big I'm leaning towards him giving me the wrong one, the one I ordered was specifically the 03-05 model as mines 03, even says so on the shipping invoice. Mine has more grills and a black molding around the sides of the grill which seems to be obstructing the lip, where on yours it seems theres a bit more space.
    The sides also dont seem to match up curves wise, again im not super picky as long as it goes on, this has been alot more effort than everyone elses posts implied. Not happy, considering getting a quote from a body shop to repaint and repair my bumper as well as fit the lip.