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  1. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic Uprev or Haltech   

    i was originally going with the idea of haltech and flex fuel but e85 is going to be inconvenient and leaning towards uprev so that idea goes out the door. besides how much more power on e85 can i make on the vq before the engine goes and i dont want to be rebuidling an engine at all. my question is can a competant tuner be capable with doing uprev, ive got a shop in sydney that i plan to do my work with the bloke has done many tt kits on the 350z before and he mentioned he has used uprev for the 370z so im most likely going to go with him. the thing ive heard is that you should have the rights to keep the cable? can someone confirm? or can anybody also advise where in nsw they got thier uprev tune?
  2. V(35)Powarh! added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Uprev or Haltech
    Hi Guys,
    I have a hks single turbo gt3037 about to be fitted to my car, however im in two minds at the moment with what management i should go with.
    The two i have in mind is an uprev reflash, or the haltech standalone. if anyone has had one of the two or experiences with both please chime in with your thoughts, i know its really two different things in terms of fuctionality and package, but i really just want to turbo my car mainly street use and if it means uprev will do so be it, but if i get more info on the haltech i might go down that path. Also alot of people are advising i go with 600cc injectors with the uprev and 1000cc with the haltech, is there any way i can go 1000cc with uprev or maybe even 725 cause the injector dynamics dont have 600cc and id prefer that brand.
    Looking forward to your opinions/advice.
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  3. V(35)Powarh! added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Hks gt3037 single turbo supporting mods and tune
    Hi guys managed to get my hands on one of the above kits for my v35 6mt. i have found topics on this before but just wanted to see anyone out there who has fitted these to their v35/350z in nsw? Im looking at finding a tuner who has vq knowledge or have done a few of these as i want a reliable boosted car. Also wanted to see what power you guys had in these as i know its about anywhere from 230-280rwkw and on what psi? One last thing can anyone recommend good injectors and fuel pump and ecu? Any help would be appreciated and so keen on boosting my car.
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  4. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic New Perth member   

    Hey mate what tt kit you looking at?
  5. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic metal clanking noise passenger side front tyre   

    Cheering found out it was a loose nut from the valve stem rolling around inside the wheel thank fck for that something so simple caused alot of stress hahah whoooo
  6. V(35)Powarh! added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    metal clanking noise passenger side front tyre
    Hey guys heres the story I took my g35 in for a front bumper repair and respray didnt have this problem before after I pick up my car from them I am getting this metal clanking/clattering sound like metal rings hitting into each other....its coming from the passenger side front wheel/tyre? It happens when I have my windows down driving low speed and you can hear it more noticeably from 1st to 2nd gear its really annoying me and would like it fixed however no mechanics open today.....I took the wheels off to have a quick look for rocks or loose brakes or rings on the coilover but doesnt look like I could find the solution. .m PLEASE HELP!!!
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  7. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic gtm twin turbo kit   

    Know of any I could possibly get? Rhd is a $200 extra option as stated on their gtm website.. this is so annoying I just want a good kit I know will work and get it done already needs boost arghhhh
  8. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic gtm twin turbo kit   

    They offer both lhd and rhd just gotta pay abit more and I dunno much about lhd v rhd fitment issues but I know its something to do with the steering rack column someone correct me if im wrong
  9. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic New GTM kit coming to market   

    Also I dont know what other kits there are for s/t or tt greddy I know is out of the question cause only for lhd and hks for the 350z not sure if they still make em and if itd fit the g35
    S/c between stillen (though I heard to fit you need to change the oem bonnet of the g35?) Hks not much power and vortech which is decent power but noisey so still all up in the air atm still reserching!!!
  10. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic New GTM kit coming to market   

    Doesnt sound good at all mate thanks for the heads up... from what ive seen looks like they getting way too many orders and just taking the money and not looking back!! O enquired about the kits and that took a while to respond lol so I cant imagine paying quite a sum of money and not getting my products..... have you tried consumer affairs or some shit like that? Sounds like they in a whole heap of shit... one thing I want to ask is the kit good quality? What stage and turbos did you get? Im after the stage 1 kit with the twin gt28rs' apparantly pretty good for my g35 6mt its a dd just wanted to boost for that extra kick and something a lil different as I love the g!!! The shop I planned to do it at offered this gtm kit i havent confirmed whether they already have it in their in sydney shop yet the plan was to purchase myself and get them to install and tune but looks like that would be a silly mistake!! So what im thinking now is see if they got the kit ready to go for rhd and of the parts all fit then id go for it otherwise back to the drawing board as I was set on getting the gtm tt equals potential for more power and dat boost kick in.... Im still not ruling out the s/c only thing is for a lil bit more in price tt more power more fun and just seems more bad ass imo
  11. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic New GTM kit coming to market   

    Any updates on this? I was looking into gtm but not sure now after reading these? My initial thought was to purchase the kit and have it installed and tuned for cheaper costs although ill now call the garage I was intending to do the tt to see if they actually have the kit available makes it easier where they have no parts missing and I dont have to wait for the kit to come..... through research I have found the kits take forever to come and poor quality but the garages ive spoken to have used them and advised they are good kits
    Someone pls give me their 2 cents on this
  12. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic gtm twin turbo kit   

    Thats the problem mate most of the kits are from america and intended for lhd.... the shop I intened to do the work advised that they offer the gtm kit pay and driveaway so ill have to confirm that with him.... theres a hks tt kit for the 350z but hard to know whether they still make them?
    I have yet to be in one or drive a supercharged car but turboing I would prefer
  13. V(35)Powarh! added a post in a topic gtm twin turbo kit   

    thanks for that man, im in sydney and the shop i plan to do the tt recommended this kit, i have had mixed reviews where the kit itself is really good though waiting times and service is very very poor, i was going to purchase the kit myself and have the garage install and tune for me as it would have saved me a fair bit of money but its tunring me off of that now as i have been reading into it and the wait list and service as i said is very poor, so im hoping that the garage im doing it at already has the kit and that they have installed one before... my mate and a few other 350z owners have had the aps tt kit installed at this garage they know the vqs really well..... i dunno what do !!!??
  14. V(35)Powarh! added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    gtm twin turbo kit
    Hey guys,
    I wanted to see if anyone has had their z twin turboed with the gtm kits from america? If so thoughts on the product and service please. Im looking to get my v35 done and there is not much on the skylines forum. Any help is much appreciated and also any other kits you may recommend
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