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  1. razar63 added a topic in Facebook   

    South Australia
    Hi im interested in finding like minded people 45+ for cruizes around Adelaide. Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
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  2. razar63 added a post in a topic Catback dual exhaust   

    Wow sorry but $2244 is a little out of my price range I think my other half would have something to say about that much spent on my toy while she is saving up to go on a cruise. Though it does look like a great system. On the weekend a friend told me that he had seen on YouTube that some guys had just cut out the resonator to get more sound. Just looking into pros and cons on that.
  3. razar63 added a post in a topic Catback dual exhaust   

    Thanks guys think I will go ahead I think the exhaust needs a little more sound to it. Too quite for my liking.
  4. razar63 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Catback dual exhaust
    Thinking seriously about a new exhaust on my 350 z roadster on ebay by auturbo. Wonder if anyone has installed one and whether or not the exhaust droan has been too much in the soft top? Do a lot of country travelling. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  5. razar63 added a post in a topic [SA] Spotted!   

    Blue 350z coupe with cc number plates hungries at munno para 3.20 today
  6. razar63 added a post in a topic [SA] Spotted!   

    Spotted orange 350 with cc number plate 8.00am main north Rd munno para.
  7. razar63 added a post in a topic Prospective 350Z owner here :)   

    Hi just bought my 350 six weeks ago the car been looked after 80k on the clock the only marked up parts door handles and centre cubby hatch on dash quick visit to lakeside nissan $600 approx later parts ordered from Japan 2 weeks later fitted and all good. Ps test drove it and bought it straight away.
  8. razar63 added a post in a topic New member here =) SA   

    Hi guys im a new member too. Had a little fun myself driving through a carpark with speed humps got picked on about driving too slow in my efing fancy car. Have just purchased my 350 roadster about 6 weeks ago.
  9. razar63 added a post in a topic Nissan 370z VS Toyota GT 86   

    Come on having just purchased my350 roadster there isn't a ugly angle too it,can't say that for the rest.