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  1. joe added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Rear suspension
    Where is the best place in adelaide to have the rear bushes on my 350z replaced...other than Nissans
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  2. joe added a post in a topic 350Z Door Handles - air bubble problem   

    my 2006 track had the same issue...i ended up having to replace it
  3. joe added a post in a topic Stock 350z Track Wheels   

    they are australian import track specs eqivalent to 9 inch front tyre and 10 inch rear tyre size. american imports (as per web link) had different sizes
  4. joe added a post in a topic The Official Zclub Jacket   

    so what are the prices?
  5. joe added a post in a topic clutch pedal not returning sometimes   

    thanks for hopefully putting me on the right track, makes sense ,i'll change the clutch fluid when i get a chance. but i did some research on rbf600, seems to be for short term use and needs to be replaced every six months if used in street application (something about absorbs water to quickly), good for racing but not for street unless you dont mind changing fliud every six months
  6. joe added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    clutch pedal not returning sometimes
    occasionally the clutch pedal on my 2006 350z track only returns about half way, with a tap from my foot it pops out completely. seems to do it more if my driving is more 'spirited', its done about 45,000klms and im guessing its the original clutch as im the second owner, anyone know what this is about?
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