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  1. kraazed added a post in a topic 2009 370z 7AT transmission issues?   

    I find that it is indecisive too when I drive it like an old lady to conserve fuel.

    If you drive it with a little heavier throttle than usual on take offs it seems to become more responsive to your input and run smoother, I feel as if the car hates being driven slow.

    An ECU reset temporarily eases the behavior but it will return. My remedy, leave it in M mode and drive the thing like its meant to be driven.
  2. kraazed added a post in a topic supercharger for 370   

    So I have had my Red 2009 370Z for a few years now and I have 54,000km on the odo. Just wondering how the 7AT is holding up to the punishment of arround 400rwhp?

    I have a choice of either buying another car and Trading in the Z or doing something extreme like a supercharger as I occasionally do track days. I was tempted to buy a BMW M135i and do some simple mods to that, but I love the Z too much.

    I may need some wider rubber as well, I am running Ku36 245x18 on the rear and the Z especially in cold weather lets loose in first and second with enough ease.