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  1. Punked added a post in a topic Offset for Wheels to clear Brembos   

    I think you are both a little confused.
    Lower offsets wheels (wheels closer to outside or poke from guard) will generally give you more brake clearance. However, some high offset wheels (wheels more sunken from outside of guard) will clear too. Hugely depends on the wheel/spoke shape and design.
    The factory wheels are 18x8+30 (or close?) and clear Brembo brakes but many aftermarket wheels in those specs will not clear.
    I run 19x10+15 and 19x11+15 on my 350Z and they clear by a mile. The same wheel as mine in a 18x8+20 probably wouldn't clear...
    You really need to try some wheels on your car....you will find many of the Japanese wheels are made to clear larger brakes (not always though)...
    https://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator# this is the best for fitment- won't help with your clearance issue though.
  2. Punked added a post in a topic Need opinions asap on 10inch on the front   

    I am running 19x10+15 up front with a 255 5 19 tyres. Car is low and no issues.
    Although I would advise going wider (i am running 11+15 Rear) in the rear as the fronts will stick out a lot more than the rears. or run the 10+15 Rear with spacers.
  3. Punked added a post in a topic Offset question   

    19x9.5 +12 with a 245 35 up front will stick out slightly but no rub on a 370. ( even if extremely low) and 19x10.5 +12 will sit flush or just inside the guard with a 275 35 dependning on your camber settings
  4. Punked added a post in a topic rolled guards needed?   

    I'm running 19x9.5 +12 and 19x11+15 rolled slightly pulled rears (probably didn't need the pull) and pretty low no rubbing on 245 35 & 275 35
  5. Punked added a post in a topic New BBS LM rims   

    Wow! I just realised how old this was! Oops...
  6. Punked added a post in a topic New BBS LM rims   

    My car did this with the 10f 11r re30s... But only when I had the 30 profile tyres... Ideally you need a 35 which would bring it as close as possible to standard rolling diameter... I would go a 245 35F /275 35R on a 9 & 10
  7. Punked added a post in a topic 350z best sounding exhaust   

    Hey tommy I have a hitech exhaust which to me sounds fantasticcccc! I absolutely love it. There's one for sale on the forums at the moment. No drone at all. Can't tell it's there at cruising speed 100kmh. But gives a nice roar under hard acceleration. There is also a Fujitsubo on gumtree really cheap it's only 500$. Apparently they are extremely quiet and subtle. YouTube any of them most exhaust of posted on there. Good luck!
  8. Punked added a post in a topic 370z front camber adjustment   

  9. Punked added a post in a topic Original OEM Rays 19' Wheels   

    Goodo! They have also purchased 3 Z's from me too... Good blokes, about to buy some RE30's from them next week.
    Got a pic of your car with the TE's on it yet?
  10. Punked added a post in a topic Original OEM Rays 19' Wheels   

    Sam and Mickey.. Good blokes, tell them Alex from Nissan sent you... Not sure if that will work to your favour or not haha kidding
  11. Punked added a post in a topic 19" Work Kiwami offset and tyre sizes   

    If your car is standard height and you run a bit of camber they should for saweeet
  12. Punked added a post in a topic 19x9.5 +22 Varrstoen - What spacer required to clear akebonos   

    This is my mates..9.5 +12 front. 10.5+12 rear /monthly_05_2014/post-13880-13990362426366.jpg" rel="external nofollow"> /monthly_05_2014/post-13880-13990362549807.jpg" rel="external nofollow">/monthly_05_2014/post-13880-13990362708412.jpg" rel="external nofollow">

  13. Punked added a post in a topic my new te37 super laps   

    Looks like a 9.5/10.5 +22 ish.... Niiiice
  14. Punked added a post in a topic Original OEM Rays 19' Wheels   

    The guys at tyrepower hawthorn have a beautiful set of 1 week old or so te37 time attacks. I nearly bought them until I came across some re30's