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  1. GTS065 added a post in a topic supercharger for 370   

    Re Stillen Kit 370
    I have purchased new and arrived here december 2017, i have had it up on blocks for the past few weeks getting to it when i can, i have found the kit very comprehensive, as far as most things have been thought of..
    the instructions that come with it are a little less impressive however, some parts are not even in the diagrams for example.
    i have enjoyed playing with it, and i am a mechanic by trade, even if i dont do that for a crust anymore.
    i would not recommend this kit be done at home unless you are very handy with the tools, and up for a challenge
    so far i have had to modify a lot of bits to try to make them fit properly and have burnt quite a few hours.
    i am almost done, but still have an oiler cooler to fit, and then i will fire it up...
    the last point is the tune at autotech hopefully next week and then i will gladly let you know if it was all worth it.
    cost around 9 for the kit plus 1 for the tune, so 10ish hopefully finished..
    mine has 40 ks on it now and i like to take it to the track, but found that i was wanting more squirt from it, so this made the most sense to me, the supercharger that is..