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    3rd GEN (Z31)
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  1. Gho65t added a topic in Introductions   

    Hello from the Gho65t Pilot.....
    Hello all,
    Gosh it's been ages since I was on our club page last....how's everyone been.....me been very busy with work, 3 x overseas deployments, and more work.
    After Christmas break, will get back into organising our Hunter Valley/Newcastle/North Coast club runs for those residing up this way....stay tuned for further details.
    Have made no mods/upgrades to our Gho65t either.....as the funds are being directed towards a family home at present.
    However just bought 245/40R19 98Y & 275/35/R19 100Y Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres...to replace the Bridgestone RE005s.
    So will provide a review of these as the time progresses.
    It's great to be back.....
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  2. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted (exchanged waves too) with Mia tonight at Jesmond on our way home...woo hoo...finally collect a Spotted and Wave Badge!!!
  3. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Hey Bracko, next you up here (Newcastle) let us know so that we can catch up for a coffee before you head south again...
  4. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted at Pennant Hill's Maccas....

  5. Gho65t added a post in a topic Hello from zgirl in Melbourne!!   

    Welcome zgirl, look forward to seeing more pics of your car. Obviously some aftermarket mods. I'm liking the LED's in the front bar!

    Me too...where did you find/pick them up and the cost please....they look damn great!!!!
    NTMRE top choice for a black car....with a killer cat-back exhaust....
  6. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted 2 x 370z Coupe's (1 x Black and 1 x Metallic Grey) northbound on the M1 (F3) freeway passing Mt.White yesterday around 6.30pm
  7. Gho65t added a post in a topic Ashley from Newcastle NSW   

    Hello Ashley, there are a number of us up here in Newcastle who are part of this group, not sure why no-one mentioned it, but I look after the Hunter - Midnorth Coast Zed Club members. Am looking at gathering our groupies before Easter, so stay in touch, more to follow. Regards, Gho65t
  8. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted going into Kotara Shopping Centre today at 1240, Silver 350z Coupe, YIA 50C...lady driver, long black hair, sunnies and hot!!
  9. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted white 370z... CQV 77k on Industrial Drive, Mayfield today.
  10. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted Mia239 today at Wickham train-track crossing...Mia's music was pumping so well that she couldn't hear me beeping her to say hello...last see heading up towards Market-town Shopping Centre on King St...so close yet so far....next time precious take a fleeting look to your right...as I might be there again...waving madly at you.
  11. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Think I spotted Mick5151 going up towards Uni on the Jesmond Link road...and I am trying to locate the owner of a 2013 Silver Coupe who lives around the corner from me..lady driver...ATP....?????
  12. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Yesterday: Spotted silver 350z Roadster near Warner's Bay; bronze-azure 350z Coupe at Warners Bay leaving Carlovers (Warners Bay).

    Today: silver 350z Coupe (BNY 10S) parked on Hunter Street near Newcastle Train Station...
  13. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted a 2014 Shiro White 370z Coupe (black rims) on Kooragang Island near wind-generator this morning heading towards Newcastle....
  14. Gho65t added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    Spotted a 2013 Metallic Grey 370z Coupe with QLD rego plate (745 SHV) on M1 (near twin servos) heading towards Sydney on Monday....
  15. Gho65t added a post in a topic DIY Car detail   

    Very impressive article, but he didn't show us rinsing the noodle-mitt between washing the car...so much for the rinse bucket...also do you only clay bar dirty areas or the whole car...more than 1/2 a day to clean the car...I really like the de-dusting wand - especially when there is a light dust a day or two after washing-polishing...window cleaner for rims...never thought of that before...