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Gazza Wood

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    3rd GEN (Z31)
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  • Car 370Z Shiro White - Jan 2015 build

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  1. Gazza Wood

    Hi - I'm looking at getting some 20 x 12" rear rims for my zed with 345mm tyres - 20 x 10" at the front..?

    Anyone else on the site here gone as big as the 12" ? I am interested in any feedback at all? Positive or Negative?


    1. asianRobert

      I have heard of 18x12" but not 20x12"...any reason why you want 12"? I personally wouldnt get 12" unless you plan on getting coilovers and camber arms

    2. Gazza Wood

      I have 20 x 11" rims fitted at the moment with 305 tyres - I just want a meaner look.

      The Zeds have a Tough looking Phat Arse end anyway so I'm just looking to enhance

      that look.... I'm not interested in a more aggressive camber as i feel the stock camber

      is more than enough anyway...

      Thanks for your input though - much appreciated..


  2. Gazza Wood

    Take a look at this link...  http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1100166_german-sports-car-startup-halcn-unveils-falcarto-at-frankfurt-auto-show-video

    If you think this car's side profile looks like a 370Z - you would be right..!!! read the article - the 370Z was the donor car....!!

    Enjoy fellow Zed lovers...

    1. Majestik

      Nice find Gazza!

    2. Gazza Wood

      I just added another one Ronnie...

      It's amazing what lengths some people will go to...Lol..

  3. Gazza Wood

    A couple of Zeds will be meeting up at Harry's Diner next Thursday 9th April at 7.30 pm. Would be good to get more Zeds involved..if you are interested please let me know the more, the merrier guys.. Thanks Gary..

  4. Gazza Wood

    anyone in Brisbane up for a cruise in the next month?

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    2. aeroz

      Hi Gaz, I will see if I can find some more people that are keen, a lot of old owners have sold their zeds.

    3. Gazza Wood

      Yes - I noticed that last night - a lot of the guys I knew haven't been on the site for at least 18 months so I can only assume they have moved on... I did however "friend" some newer ones around Brisbane that have logged on since Xmas... Will have to wait and see if I get some replies... Really quiet on this site though...!!

    4. aeroz

      Hey Gaz I found out a few guys had planned a cruise for this weekend, not sure if it is too short notice for you. I started a thread in events.

  5. Gazza Wood

    In Goolwa (Adelaide) at the moment! 43 deg Celsius and the wind is hotter! Phew!