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  1. mikecala99

    is now engaged to Mzz Dee =) =) =)

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    2. gumpy

      Wow congrats =)

    3. Majestik

      Zclub - Bringing people together since 2009!

    4. Nismo Z

      Hey guys haven't seen you in a while, hope your all good, Congrats for the great news guys!!!!

  2. mikecala99

    We have now selected the 2 brick colours for the new house!! Took 5 hours and sending them to the builder tomorrow Ooofftttt

    1. MZZ350

      Oh wow congratulations!

    2. Luke1905

      congrats guys!!!

  3. mikecala99

    Cumberland Hwy, dark silver 350z zed and a corolla. Axel and bumper of zed all over the road and 2 lanes are blocked. Avoid if possible

  4. mikecala99

    finally decided on getting some springs. Coilovers are too expensive and I dont want to pay $900.00 to lower my car 1 inch. =P

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    2. BackinblackZ

      i hope that is a joke??

    3. rorii

      buy those cheap set of eibach springs on sale at the moment. i had a set of those before and it lowered 1inch

    4. issey.miyake

      do it mike!

  5. mikecala99

    im gona make love in the zclub

    1. Guest

      Well, just make sure to hose it down when you're done. No one wants to see mikejuice all over the zclub.

    2. John

      Also wear protection heheh you know they come in diffrent colours .

    3. MZZ350

      Hrmmmmm u are a concerning young man mikey

  6. mikecala99

    If Mzz D is the Gate-keeper, then Im the Key-Master

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    2. Philthy

      put your key in the hole... put your key in the hole! MZD

      I cant see its too dark .. Mike

      says the kids trying to unlock the front door of the house to escape the winte chill outside..

    3. MZZ350

      Lol phillis!!! Hahhahah sounds like a story I read today

    4. issey.miyake

      lmao so may images for those with a vivid imagination

  7. mikecala99

    Happy Birthday Mzz De

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    2. CHZ

      Happy birthday.

    3. MZZ350

      Thanks for the warm bday wishes everyone! A quarter of a century today :P

    4. badthing

      Happy bday!

  8. mikecala99

    so i work at fedex every monday, i look at customs area from time to time and i see a massive box that says HKS so i look closer and its an exhaust for a nissan car, ooo someone is gna be happy

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    2. MZZ350

      yum HKS!!!

    3. Philthy

      hey you ever deliver my shit (stuff from the US)? .since you say u deliver in the area i work...

    4. mikecala99

      Nah bro, i del stuff when i do alexandria south of cbd.

      All your stuff would be at the rydalmere fedex doc that does every suburb in the west

  9. mikecala99

    what an amazing Zclub National Meet. Just got back after a bypass to dinner and I heard Melbourne people are still on there way home =P

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    2. John

      Glad to hear you all had a great time and back safe looking forward to the photos and chat ,I feel so bad I mist it ......

    3. MZZ350

      Yay ZzZZZ time

    4. Majestik

      Yay! Reports for work time!! :(

  10. mikecala99

    the awkward moment when you pick up 2 guys that own zeds at the gym while half naked coming out from the pools =)

    1. MZZ350

      Errr... I don't think ur gf will be impressed hahahaha

    2. Opal78

      Unless they are presents for your gf...

  11. mikecala99

    enjoyed my first melbourne meet, now heading back home for the Sydney meet

    1. Majestik

      Drive safe!

    2. mikecala99

      Just crossed the border. There was a sign tht said no u turns in nsw lol

    3. Masuta

      Hope you guys have a good trip home. It was great to meet you both.

  12. mikecala99

    finally got my lugs in the mail!!! slapping the volks on tomorrow morning!!! finally

    1. MZZ350

      7.30am tmr!!

    2. Majestik


    3. sarge67

      Doh !!

  13. mikecala99

    so my cousins mate just bought the Lexus LFA. its in some Melbourne warehouse. so if you see a blue lexus driving around melbourne on the weekend. thats my cousin

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    2. mikecala99

      I got one photo of the car in some warehouse. Looks legit. I dunno if its even out in oz yet.

      Yea the guy had a spare 800k in his pocket.

      I guess after selling his land for 5mil he got himself a toy

    3. ugame

      Fk me waist of money IMHO. The badge or the car does not justify the price. But seems like he ha money to burn. Give him my number. He can buy me a gallardo and write it off tax wise as a charitable donation lol

    4. MZZ350

      FYI 245/40 and 275/35

  14. mikecala99

    New Phantom Volk GTS in 19"s

    1. mikecala99

      theres only 2 pics I took of the Phantom GTS's

      Hope you guys like em

    2. MZZ350

      Love them!

  15. mikecala99

    so i found a really awesome "hidden" drag strip in Sydney. Goes for about 1km and its very wide. you wont be able to see this new piece of road from the main hwy because its actually in a business complex. =P

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    2. MZZ350

      yesssss please. its been far too long since us sydney peeps got together

    3. sarge67

      Ditto :-))

    4. mikecala99


      went to this spot today and the road is closed off =(

      i think its open during weekdays

  16. mikecala99

    Had trhe weirdest dream!! My Nismo Wing got stolen.... Random

    1. MZZ350


    2. Majestik

      I dreamed that I stole your Nismo wing! :)

    3. mikecala99

      well i dreamt that i stole your wheels =P

  17. mikecala99 » aaronjo

    how much did you get your HKS single turbo kit?

    im trying to source one out but i was late when they were selling for 2.5k

  18. mikecala99

    So this P-Plater orange honda civic hatch wanted to race me last night on Great Western Highway but since peer pressure and being egged on doesnt work on me, I didnt do anything and drove speed limit to St Marys area. Did I do the right thing... LOL

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    2. Philthy

      you can bait em till the redlight so they go through it and get flashed :P

    3. sarge67

      Flip him the bird next time Mike !! F'n 'wannabes'....

    4. sarge67

      Flip him the bird next time Mike !! F'n 'wannabes'....

  19. mikecala99

    On my way to Penrith KK and Aqua Golf with MISSZED yay!!!

    1. mikecala99

      if you see black and blue zeds in penrith, Honk your horn!! =P

    2. MZZ350

      i am the best aqua-golfer everrrrr

  20. mikecala99 » MZZ350

    Another +1 to your latest visitors

  21. mikecala99

    Im happy i didnt wash my Zed today. IT RAINED!!!!

    1. MZZ350

      when was the last time you washed it??

      back in concord??

    2. mikecala99


    3. Rysiie

      i washed it last week. rained the next day ==

  22. mikecala99

    dont rain tomorrow!!!!!

    1. tietkej


    2. OttoG

      It did, but it didn't matter

  23. mikecala99 » Carbon Demon

    how much can you wrap the roof of my best friends zed. we already have the gloss black vinyl but just need to apply it on


  24. mikecala99 » MZZ350

    you only got most viewed member on Zclub cos you have a pic of my car as your DP

  25. mikecala99

    wats there to do in melbourne besides crowne

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    2. ML370


    3. Marz

      lol now there's an idea

    4. mikecala99


      back in sydney,

      thinking ill drive the zee down next and meet up with you guys

      bye bye for now melbourne