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  1. mapanp added a post in a topic ESCL ekectronic steelring lock   

    thanks to the forum I have been able to bypass the steering lock and car works fine
    A new module from Nissan was quoted at $2750, but they could do it for $1950, the same unit, brand new Nissan part on Ebay USA  $260USD
  2. mapanp added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    ESCL ekectronic steelring lock
    Hi All
    lust wondering if anyone else has had electronic steering lock (ESCL) issues, you will come back to you car after going out to find it will not start, initially you may think that your battery is flat but the ESCL may be the problem. if the yellow key light emblem is on then thats what it probably is. Could not start my 2012 370Z this morning, yellow key light was on and car would not go to AAC to start, called NRMA and after two hours (and a new battery) the car would not start, had it towed to an auto electrician.                    
    Did a bit of a google search and found this was a common and reported problem overseas, so much so that Nissan USA did a voluntary recall, yet when you call the local Nissan dealer or Nissan Australia they have never heard of the issue.
    Found some useful youtube videos on how the over-ride the steerling lock and may do this if the cost of repair is way too much
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  3. mapanp added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    370z hid ballast
    Hi All
    blew  HID ballast on my 2012 370z, genuine nissan replacement approx $600-700, ordered two new ballasts from from the states (ebay) 
    Matsushita Panasonic for $119 each delivered
    Tried replacing via wheel well but unable to access all the screws holding the old units in, will do this weekend but will have a friend from a panel shop
    remove the front bar
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