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  1. actv8d added a post in a topic supercharged owner from sydney!   

    oo thanks! didnt know there was a fb page
  2. actv8d added a post in a topic Carbon fibre Gt wing (legality)   

    in nsw it has to be lower than roof and not wider than the guards
  3. actv8d added a post in a topic [NSW] Spotted!   

    spotted black turbo one at gladesville tonight around 8:30pm
  4. actv8d added a post in a topic Fitment advice - 18x9.5 +20   

    you will be fine with spacers. ive used them on a lot of my cars
  5. actv8d added a post in a topic Anyone tried high flow cats on stock exhaust?   

    how come 200 and not 100?
  6. actv8d added a topic in Introductions   

    supercharged owner from sydney!
    hey guys! just bought a supercharged 350z in sydney. whens the next sydney meet?!
    how do i post in zclub market place?
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