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  1. RedZ added a post in a topic I may have screwed up..   

    Yes sir, tone is great...It has a very aggressive bark to it which is awesome.
    For my taste its just a bit loud, but would suit someone after something more aggressive or someone running stock cats.
  2. RedZ added a post in a topic I may have screwed up..   

    So here is the potato video, showing a few hard revs. 
    I think the system would suit someone that does not run HFC perfectly, or someone that runs HFC and wants a very aggressive system. 
    As such, system is now for sale (I will make a sale thread as well). Let me know if anyone is interested...Oatsey, this means you, seeing as you're not running HFC 
  3. RedZ added a post in a topic I may have screwed up..   

    So I took a quick potato quality video of the way it sounds atm, it was extremely windy though and a full video with drive by etc would not have given an accurate representation of the way it sounds.
    Unfortunately, for some reason it would not let me copy & paste said potato video into the thread Anyone able to help?
  4. RedZ added a post in a topic I may have screwed up..   

    ^^ great question. I too would like to know this.

    What are the negative effects on back pressure of the whole system?
  5. RedZ added a post in a topic I may have screwed up..   

    I'm lucky enough to have never had my lovely law enforcement friends grace my windscreen with one of their canaries, but I fear that driving about like this is asking for it. Not only that, it's a bit obnoxious and my neighbours are sure to start hating me.

    I will be getting in touch with my exhaust man today to get some advice on how I can calm her down.
  6. RedZ added a post in a topic I may have screwed up..   

    Yep Dynamat is definitely an option to make it better inside Mr KZ34WA did it when he straight-piped his beast, however I need to quieten it down from the outside as well.
    I'll be taking an example video this weekend.
  7. RedZ added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    I may have screwed up..
    Ladies and Gents, I need some advice.
    Exhaust wise, I previously ran an X-Force CBE with Berk HFCs. Although this sounded great, it was never really aggressive enough. So I looked at ways to improve the sound/aggression.
    Today I had a Topspeed axle back custom fitted to the X-Force mid pipe (leaving me with Berk HFC, X-force mid pipe and top speed axle back).
    The tone (not to be confused with volume/loudness) is absolutely amazing, with crazy burbles, pops and sharpness. But its just way too loud, to the point that its embarrassing and you struggle having a conversation in the car.
    What options do I have to quieten it down? I know the only option is probably to add resonators to the mid-pipe, how effective are resonators really?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  8. RedZ added a post in a topic October 2014 ~ Z of the month ~ Entries   

    May as well give this a shot.
    Photo credit to Ross Wilson.

  9. RedZ added a post in a topic New pads and rotors   

    I use DBA T2 rotors and Remsa HPT pads.
    Good setup, and can handle light track duties. They just lack a bit of heat when cold.
    Give Brakes direct a call, they should be able to give you a package deal.

  10. RedZ added a post in a topic Exhaust Help - Ark Performance DT-S or GRiP? Or Motordyne Shockwave E370?   

    Motordyne E370 makes my insides tingle. So definitely add another vote for the motordyne.
  11. RedZ added a post in a topic Stillen Sport Rotors   

    I recently bought a set of DBA T2 rotors for my Z, from Brakes Direct.

    As the car never sees any track time, the T2 rotors more than meets my needs. Also, as DBA are an australian brand, shipping costs are far lower than what it would run you from the states. PM me if you want any more information regarding costs etc.

    Brakes direct recently offered a package deal (which is what I ended up with), below is a picture of what is included:

  12. RedZ added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    4.5" straight cut single wall exhaust tips
    Since installing my X-force CBE, the tips have never aligned 100% (the driver side pokes around 1.5cm further than the passenger side). Even after re-installation and re-allignment when installing HFC, they still don't seem to align properly.
    As my OCD can no longer handle this, I want to have the tips replaced with 4.5" straight cut, single-wall ones (inlet size 2.5"). It just so happens that I prefer the look of the larger diameter single walled tips anyway...so the change was bound to happen sooner rather than later.
    Would anyone be able to help out with where I can find tips to suit my needs online. There seems to be an abundance of 4", or 4.5" with 3" inlet, but nothing to suit my needs.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  13. RedZ added a post in a topic New GTM kit coming to market   

    Definitely does not fit RHD, there are a few threads on the 'other' 370Z forum stating as such...which is unfortunate.
    That being said, a single would be tremendous, and you would be more unique than other TT 370s running around.
    VSR also offer a top mount single turbo, opposed to BP's mid-mount setup, which I would prefer above the boosted performance kit. Again no RHD option though.
  14. RedZ added a post in a topic New Perth Member   

    Big welcome!!
  15. RedZ added a post in a topic FORMULA 1 FANATICS - 2014 discussion and predictions   

    It looks as though Seb is coming back to form making his way up to a respectable 4th place on the weekend.
    Hopefully Mercedes' prototype exhaust, being tested in Barcelona this week, will remedy the boring sound we are currently stuck with.