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  1. Mo

    Looking for black headlights to suit 370z. Anyone have a set they'd like to part with?

    1. actv8d

      i mod headlights if u are interested

    2. Mo

      Good to know man. However I can't be without a set :(

  2. Mo

    Are there any single-turbo 370z kits available in Australia yet?

  3. Mo

    Anyone know where I can get Swift Spec-R lowering sport springs for a 370z in Aus?

    1. badthing

      Check with our forum sponsors. I've had good experience with Paul from Street to Track.

    2. Jay89

      I bought mine from Paul. He doesn't hold any inventory though so you will still essentially be importing them from the States.

    3. Mo

      Thanks guys. A little worried about lowering with the state of SA roads but I'm told the Swift springs are a good compromise for the road.

  4. Mo

    Anyone got a Topspeed Pro 1 exhaust?

  5. Mo

    Hmm, BERK, Invidia and Agency Power CBE's seem readily available in Australia. Are they any good? Or is it worth paying double (or triple) for Motordyne, FI and Armytrix?

  6. Mo

    Hey guys, what is the going rate for a Motordyne exhaust for the 370? Are there any local suppliers?

    1. badthing

    2. Mo

      Swore I searched the forum. Thanks badthing!

    3. badthing

      No probs. We're all here to share and help. At least you use the search function :)

  7. Mo

    Looking into FI/supercharging options for the 370. Are there any turn-key suppliers in Australia? Or is it better to do an engine transplant with a wrecked R35?

    1. BGTV8

      Putting a GTR engine into a Z34 is going to be a lot of pain. FI/Supercharging is all based on US kits - Stillen, GTM, Fast Intentions and there are others.

      Talk to Revzone in Ringwood (Vic) and maybe Croydon in Syd.

      U could also search the forum more widely or use google - search "the370z.com FI build" and you;ll get most of the US-threads. Google zclub.com.au FI build for this forum

    2. Mo

      Thanks for the information BGTV8.

      I just found a Revzone ad on ebay, 11k for twin turbo.

      Yeah I noticed they are all US as well, I'm surprised the JDM kits are light on the ground.

    3. 3FiddyZ


  8. Mo

    Guys, best place for tyres in Adelaide? I know there's lots of places online, but have no capability to transport tyres anywhere now that the Z is my only car.

    1. BGTV8

      Try Mark Povey @ SA MotorSport Tyres - he can do Hankook daily driver as well as motorsport tyres

    2. Shimmy

      i got my last set at adelaide motorsport tyres on magill rd. good quality work, great alignment, good prices on hankook (i got z221s).

      also, you should be able to squeeze a set of tyres in, i have in my 350gt, its only a fraction bigger - oh hold on, is it that massive strut tower brace that gets in the way?.. :/

  9. Mo

    Anyone know of any Uprev tuners in Adelaide?

  10. Mo

    Is there any point to just upgrading the cats on the Z's exhaust?

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    2. Mo

      Thanks Jay, I'll probably just get some Berk HFC's for now.

    3. Mo

      Does anyone know where I can buy Berk or stillen HFCS from?

    4. Mo

      Ended up purchasing some Fast Intentions HFC's direct from the US. Should I try installing them myself? I hear it's difficult.

  11. Mo

    Being a complete dumbass, I accidentally put 95 in the 370z instead of 98. What should I do about it?

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    2. Jay89

      I fill 98 always but I thought that the car was tuned for 95 from the factory?

    3. Gazza Wood

      You can run on 95 but 98 gives

      you more power & better mileage.... 95 won't damage anything.....

    4. issey.miyake

      It'll be fine - if you're really worried just don't fang it hard and run it until its empty.

  12. Mo

    WORK Kiwami MBL wheels (and tyres). Where can I purchase these from in Aus?

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    2. Mo

      Yeah I'm trying to buy Roy's :D I'd rather buy from a zclub member

    3. Mo

      JDM concept don't do wheels and tyres. Don't particularly want to buy the wheels, ship them to a tyre shop and get tyres fitted. Anywhere else sell them as a wheel and tyre package?

    4. RedZ

      Probably not mate, as I'm pretty sure JDM concept is the official distributor of Work in Australia. If you're looking for a whole package, you're best bet would be to go for Roy's set if he's willing to ship them.

  13. Mo

    Where do you buy CAI's from? Takeda or Stillen?

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    2. Mo

      Thanks guys. I'll get the Takedas! The modding bug has bitten hard.

    3. Mo

      benamon - did you get the short or long ones

    4. benamon

      I got the short ones, didnt want the intakes out in the weather. Another reason I got the Takedas was they are a dry filter, so no chance of oil messing up the air flow meters.