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  1. Mo added a post in a topic Tell me what's wrong with your 370Z.. Cause I'm gonna tell you what's wrong with mine..   

    Sorry to bump this, but the axle clicking noise is driving me nuts. 
    I've sourced the exact Kawasaki nuts (part #92210-0280) but where can I source the Cotter pins (part #400730L700) and washers from locally? Can't find the part number for the washers.
  2. Mo added a post in a topic Best Z tuners in Adelaide??   

    I think Classic Performance do basic Uprev tunes from memory in N/A. Been a few years since I lived in Adelaide though so that may have changed.
    In Melbourne you'd be looking at Brad from Zoom Garage, who have supercharged and tuned many 370's and 350's in various trims. Revzone do it too, though I see mostly turbocharged cars roll out of there
  3. Mo added a post in a topic Hello im new from adelaide   

    Hey mate, ex-Adelaide myself. You're right, there weren't many when I left, the Z's get a lot of attention!
  4. Mo added a post in a topic Brakes / Suspension woes   

    Thanks James, I've seen your for sale post. Bit out my price range at this time of year
  5. Mo added a post in a topic Brakes / Suspension woes   

    Thought I'd give a bit of an update on this
    Took it to Pedders and while under the car they discovered that the steering rack mounts are degraded. There's tonnes of play in the rack, so they will be replaced. The techs said this is definitely the bump steer issue.
    Rear springs seat are also dry, but that's minor. No other issues were found, which surprises me.
    I'm have a Whiteline front swaybar, so I'll get that done at the same time as the mounts
    Oh and also discovered one of my Fast Intentions HFC's is cracked after the cat body :/
    Cars, eh?
  6. Mo added a post in a topic Brakes / Suspension woes   

    Totally agree, I'll update the thread once the professionals give it a look over
  7. Mo added a post in a topic Brakes / Suspension woes   

    Same company, but different workshop. That said when I took it last time, I had different tyres on and standard brake pads
    Another thing someone mentioned may cause the issue is having two different tyres on. I have Toyo T1s upfront and Kumho KU39 at the back, first I've heard of that but I suppose it's possible?
  8. Mo added a post in a topic Brakes / Suspension woes   

    Yup, back to Pedders again. Bit over it to be honest.
  9. Mo added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Brakes / Suspension woes
    Hey guys
    I have a problem with my car where braking at speeds above 90km/h in a straight line causes the car to dive to one side and become unstable, and it will begin to fishtail (with no steering input, VDC on). In general the car doesn't feel planted at all at any speed, but is very floaty and unstable at speeds over 90 of late. The car has stock suspension, 38, 000kms. 
    I have new(ish) tyres (2 months old on the rear and 5 months old on the front, with 2000km driven this year on the fronts) and newish brake pads (4 months old, Project Mu NS400) on the car.
    So I'm not sure if it's a general suspension problem, alignment, joints or a combination of those. What should I be looking at/for under the car this weekend (Mechanical noob)?
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  10. Mo added a post in a topic New member owner from Melbourne   

    Hey man, looks the goods
  11. Mo added a post in a topic AAM Competition Announces Development of RHD Turbo Kit   

    I see. I was always a bit thrown on this, because of the VG30DETT in the Z32. It was a twin turbocharged 3.0L in the same era as single turbo 3 liters. I guess it makes sense for responsiveness on a v configuration.

    The expense is devastating for the Z34 though, even 7 years after the cars release. Whereas you've got more options for the Z33.
  12. Mo added a post in a topic AAM Competition Announces Development of RHD Turbo Kit   

    Why are kits always twin turbo? 
  13. Mo added a post in a topic 2009 370z 7AT transmission issues?   

    Mine is the same with the initial delay. Even after tuning. I think that's just how it is. Noticeably better in Manual mode as well
  14. Mo added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    STILLEN Live Dyno the Infinity Q50 with VR30TT!
    Just watched STILLEN live test the new twin turbo motor. Really interesting results, at 375rwhp, 350torque stock standard on the Dyno Jet
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  15. Mo added a post in a topic Intelligent Key System steering wheel lock failure   

    Had this just this weekend. Car wouldn't start at the shops. Put new batteries in both keys, no luck. Luckily it had failed without totally locking steering, so I got it towed (steering lock failure actually blocks the car from starting).
    When I got it home, I smashed the steering lock with a mallet while hitting the start button (Forums say the actual problem is a small switch in the lock that comes loose). When she fired up, put it in ACC with the start button. Then yanked the fuse for the Steering Lock (Fuse is located in a box that sits alongside the battery). 
    No problems since. No help from Nissan since, either.
    Extra information and a video I used, located here: http://www.the370z.com/nissan-370z-general-discussions/55315-steering-lock-problem-solved-real-58.html#post3472152