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  1. aeroz added a post in a topic [QLD] Spotted!   

    see a red 370z in breaky creek now and then, it has a zclub sticker on it.
  2. aeroz added a post in a topic Front/Rear camber arms   

    SPL are the best but you pay for the quality.
  3. aeroz added a post in a topic July 2014 ~ Z of the month entries   

    picture from the weekend thanks to JD Media.

  4. aeroz added a post in a topic You've been selected for a random breath test.....   

    This has happened to me before, when i had a skyline i was pulled over 3 times in one night, I wasnt doing anything stupid
    and each time no tickets just rbt. It has been much better since I brought a z, although a couple of months ago i was hasled
    twice in 2 days, both for car being too low, which it was, fined both times.
  5. aeroz added a post in a topic 350z twin turbo build   

    nice shane, great number for stock boost.
  6. aeroz added a post in a topic 350z twin turbo build   

    nice Shane, you will love it! interested to see your numbers, what TT kit did you get?
  7. aeroz added a post in a topic Looking to upgrade wheels on 350z   

    im selling my volks if interested -- http://zclub.com.au/forums/index.php?/topic/4814-fs-volk-gt-f-19x95-30-19x105-24-gun-metal-grey-with-polished-lip/?p=68587
  8. aeroz added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Evans NPG+ anyone tried it
    Just wondering if anyone has tried Evans NPG+ coolant.
    Good or bad reviews?
    I was thinking about using this in the twin turbo zed to stop the coolant boiling
    after i shut the car off.
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  9. aeroz added a post in a topic Gold Coast: Exhaust Advice Please   

    i paid $1400 for a greddy Tic true dual exhaust and 500ish for berc HFC, install was around 100 bucks.
    i mainly got this setup as i was going FI, but it worked and sounded great on NA also.
    I sorced my own parts online, install was done by exhaust innovations at capalaba, highly recommend this guy.
    he can also fabricate any exhaust you want as he gave me this option also.
  10. aeroz added a post in a topic Brisbane Exhaust shops   

    I highly recommend Exhaust Innovations 5/33 Steel St, Capalaba QLD 4157
  11. aeroz added a post in a topic Mechanic says my car needs an engine restoration.. $15k   

    im sure you could import a fully built forged built engine from the states for way less than that.
    there is a bunch of vq engines for sale in the classified sections of www.my350z.com you would have to get it shipped here though.
    otherwise i know there is wreckers in melbourne selling 350z engines, try nis4x4.
  12. aeroz added a post in a topic [QLD] Spotted!   

    spotted a nice silver 350z at albion maccas today, looked like varostein rims i think.
  13. aeroz added a post in a topic Berk HFC - Where to purchase from?   

    i got mine direct from berk, shipping was only 40 bucks on top of the purchase price.
  14. aeroz added a post in a topic Car security/Alarm   

    ive been looking into trackers also, i found one called tramigo t22 which looks really good and doesnt have monthly fees like others.
  15. aeroz added a post in a topic Fixed my problem regarding clutch   

    i had the same problem, i bought a CEL braided line and SRF high temp clutch fluid, problem fixed, also put a heat shield around the exhaust which was close to the clutch line.