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  1. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    Ain't it funny how things turn around.
    After a year or so away from a Z, I am finding that I'm missing a Z in my life once again and am looking for a new ride.
    I bought a Mazda RX-7 FD some months ago and basically it has been on stands since LOL! Talk about stereotypes! Well, it's not because of the engine, I'm upgrading the suspension, and the wait for parts has taken weeks and weeks. I've put it on the market as it's just not something I can live with at the moment (I was retrenched at work, so there goes any ideas of single turbo conversion). Plus, Rotaries have appalling fuel economy. 
    You think the Z is bad? 
    Don't get me wrong, the Rx7 is kinda my dream car. When these engines are on song, man, there isn't anything like it. And when the induction whine whistles from the twin turbos and the engine growls and rumbles and backfires, well, it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 
    But it's time to let it go and get back into something more, um, sedate. 
    I'll miss the sheer power, but this time around, I am definitely going to consider supercharging it (once I am back at work).
  2. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    Hey, Ben. I am starting to see why they could become a money pit. That never ending quest for speed and drive ability. And they such a great looking car that you almost want to throw money at them to make them faster, steer better. It's insidious! I know one thing. I want to make that engine sound better. And the exhaust well, man it is way too quiet!  I had the GT Haus Meisterschaft catback on recently but had to take it off as it was too loud in the morning when I started her up to go to work. I really miss it!  It's due for a service actually, so I will probably do the filters, throttle bodies etc
  3. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    I think you are right on the money. It's not breathing too well and a CAI unit is probably only going to perform better higher up in the rev range. Its the low range that shows a deficiency. I think. Tune up definitely on the cards. 
    I think definitely will try the throttle bodies and  give them a good clean out. Cheers
  4. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    You know what I think the trouble is with it? It's not breathing properly. Seems to run out of breath. Maybe I need some sexy cai's. Nice set of Stillen's. Hmmm
  5. big hugh ness added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Not feeling the love...
    Hey guys. Initially I really liked my 370z. I thought it was pretty cool and all. But lately I have been able to take it on a couple of deserted back roads and really let it do its thing and, well, to be honest, it aint doing its thing. Like, it is hitting brick wall around 140k's and sounds absolutely awful while its getting there. Is it me? I am just not feeling the love anymore. The car feels like a slug, and I really have to work at it to get anything out of it. I must be asking too much of it by comparing it to my old rx7 FD.
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  6. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Steering Problem   

    Struts are okay, Bruce?
  7. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Nismo 370Z... at last???   

    thanks mate. interesting article. Would love to see a TT factory special ed.
  8. big hugh ness added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    GT Haus cold start
    One thing I have heard is a bit of a rattle when the idle settles. Otherwise not a bad sound. Very loud initially. And when you give it some stick well, it's incredible. Fills the cabin with this wonderful rumble. Man, it has taken ten years off my age, heheh.
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  9. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Choice of exhaust for 370GT   

    I agree. Invidia seem to provide the best brap for your buck while providing a decent system.
    I went with GT Haus. Second hand, but great sound.
  10. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Speedo telling porkies   

    Ta mate. Looks like I might have to do similar
  11. big hugh ness added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Speedo telling porkies
    Took the 370 for a run up the highway and kept getting passed by just about everyone and I am thinking hmmm. this aint right. I'm doing the speed limit 110k and it feels slower than that. Went out a week later with the old tom tom sat nav and it confirmed what I thought. My speedo is about 10kph higher in the car than satnav. I think there are old threads on this topioc but wondered if there was a solution?
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  12. big hugh ness added a post in a topic What's your normal voltage reading?   

    Mine only ever sits at around 13, so mine's probably a bit low. Yours is probably running fine.
  13. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Why did you decide to buy a Z?   

    Totally agree with everything you said. Were you into performance vehicles before you settled on a z?
  14. big hugh ness added a post in a topic New to zclub considering a 370z   

    I owned an 86 for about one month. Great car, pretty quick, very nimble around town, great looking. Just about everything you would need, I thought.
    And then I drove a Z.
    A week later the 86 was on the market.
    Depends on what you are after I guess. That 86 was so light and that little engine was so revy. It was aching for a squirt around a track. Seems like that is what it was made to do best. The Z, to me, is like a GT, Grand Tourer. Bit of a lump to lug around, plenty of grunt, lots of lux. Every time I get in the Z I feel like I am sitting in something very special. That is what did it for me. I'd give you a run in mine but I am in cockroach country.  Good luck. You WILL love it! 
  15. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Why did you decide to buy a Z?   

    um, what?