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  1. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Armytrix exhaust .   

    fantastic! Love these exhausts. $4700 is best i can get them for. Australian distributor.
  2. big hugh ness added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Tyre of choice for the most comfy ride? Michelin wins?
    Curious to know what you might suggest for a more comfortible ride with less emphasis on handling. Old buggers like myself tend to look lovingly at a car which doesn't want to rip your spine out of your body. I've tried Bridgestone RE001's and Kumho Ku36's and now I am riding on Michelin Pilot Super Sports and am loving them dearly. I am finding that, compared to the other two, they are much quieter while still providing exxcellent grip. And yes, they feel nicer on the road. running 275/35/zr19 up the back.
    Feel free to add your thoughts. For me, the Michelin's are superb. 
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  3. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    Awesome! Test pipes really give the exhaust a deeper note, 
  4. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Hi there everyone   

    Same here, Rodd. Found mine 1200 kilometres away in QLD. 
  5. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    Welcome aboard! 
    Wow! What a stunning car. Supercharging is something I am dead keen on getting into as well. Do you know who did the installation of the supercharger? 
    Hey, Steve, what do you think of the Armytrix system? I'm seriously thinking of buying a set for my car. May I ask how it sounds on its quietest option with the berk pipes? Thinking of doing the same but curious on whether a setup like that would annoy the crap out of neighbours at 5.30 in the morning.
  6. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Hi there everyone   

    Hi from one Peter to another! Love your choice of car and colour. Great photography! Little quiet here as I think most people have gravitated to FarceBook, but I still like the traditional forums. It has a permenancy about it that I like.
    Hey, I've got a red Z too. Same Christian name, same car, same colour...
  7. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Nissan 370Z Pricing Experience & Advice   

    Wow! The quick and the dead.
    Brand new, they're into the low 70's.
    This one here only a few k's is 49k
    hot sex
  8. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Z Insurance   

    Just recently took out insurance with Shannons. Have been with them for a while.
    They have gone up quite a bit since I last insured my first  370z a few years ago. 
    Interestingly, their insurance on my RX7 series 8 twin turbo was two hundred dollars cheaper. I would have thought it was more of an insurance liability, and therefore prone to attract a higher premium than my low k 2013 Z?
    We used to insure our other two cars, a beetle and a i30, but they got too expensive and we went with Budget for the everyday runabouts. We also had the house with Shannons but they became too outrageous so we went with another insurer for our home.
  9. big hugh ness added a topic in Media Gallery   

    370z vs mexican chicken video
    Wow! This chicken is a zzz zinger! 
    check hom out
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  10. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Armytrix exhaust .   

    Hey, man, did you get that exhaust up and running? 3k is cheap! Do you mind me asking where you got it? I am contemplating one, but haven't won lottery yet  
  11. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    Yeah, got a guy coming around this weekend. I think he's keen on the FD. Gonna be hard to say goodbye to it, so am gonna have to get into a Z as quickly as I can to ease the pain   Gonna miss that speed, unless I can pick up a supercharged Z. 
  12. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    Ain't it funny how things turn around.
    After a year or so away from a Z, I am finding that I'm missing a Z in my life once again and am looking for a new ride.
    I bought a Mazda RX-7 FD some months ago and basically it has been on stands since LOL! Talk about stereotypes! Well, it's not because of the engine, I'm upgrading the suspension, and the wait for parts has taken weeks and weeks. I've put it on the market as it's just not something I can live with at the moment (I was retrenched at work, so there goes any ideas of single turbo conversion). Plus, Rotaries have appalling fuel economy. 
    You think the Z is bad? 
    Don't get me wrong, the Rx7 is kinda my dream car. When these engines are on song, man, there isn't anything like it. And when the induction whine whistles from the twin turbos and the engine growls and rumbles and backfires, well, it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 
    But it's time to let it go and get back into something more, um, sedate. 
    I'll miss the sheer power, but this time around, I am definitely going to consider supercharging it (once I am back at work).
  13. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    Hey, Ben. I am starting to see why they could become a money pit. That never ending quest for speed and drive ability. And they such a great looking car that you almost want to throw money at them to make them faster, steer better. It's insidious! I know one thing. I want to make that engine sound better. And the exhaust well, man it is way too quiet!  I had the GT Haus Meisterschaft catback on recently but had to take it off as it was too loud in the morning when I started her up to go to work. I really miss it!  It's due for a service actually, so I will probably do the filters, throttle bodies etc
  14. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    I think you are right on the money. It's not breathing too well and a CAI unit is probably only going to perform better higher up in the rev range. Its the low range that shows a deficiency. I think. Tune up definitely on the cards. 
    I think definitely will try the throttle bodies and  give them a good clean out. Cheers
  15. big hugh ness added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    You know what I think the trouble is with it? It's not breathing properly. Seems to run out of breath. Maybe I need some sexy cai's. Nice set of Stillen's. Hmmm