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DIrty bloody car

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    • 20160420-190702.jpg
      By Optimiser

      I've had one installed for about a month or so now. High quality part.

    • Screen_Shot_2015-09-28_at_1.47.01_pm.png
      By BOTrahman

      the wheels looks good, what brand is it?

    • First time out
      By Thirteen

      What a beast!

    • Super low 2.JPG
      By Ncz33

      i need these wheels in my life!!, can someone please tell me brand, specs etc!!!!! 2012 370z looking for serious dish..

    • Quick photoshoot before breakfast.
      By arnz

      Wicked photo! Let us know next time you do a cruise down the old pac definitely be keen to join!

    • IMG 41822
      By arnz

      Awesome i'll have to look into this! looks very cool and unique!

    • IMG 41822
      By craftysdc

      Thanks mate! The blue on the silver turns heads anywhere.

      Short run down:

      LEDs all round but 40 cm LED light strips in the foot wells that are wired in to the central locking, 3x4 LED in each of the overhead lights, more of the 40 cm strips in the boot lid and under the strut bar that just run off the boot light, and EL wire that runs around the dash.  Good old Ebay, LEDs for about $20 all up and EL wire form SCA (cant remember how much)

    • IMG 41822
      By arnz

      Did you install neons or just Blue LED kit? Looks awesome! Wouldn't mind doing this myself.

    • IMG 8233
      By DonkeyKong

      which spoiler is this?? looks great!


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