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  1. badthing added a post in a topic Headlight replacement   

    I think they should fit.
  2. badthing added a post in a topic Invidia HFC   

    Haven't heard any issues with Invidia products.
    I think you should be fine to get this.
  3. A37TZ added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Headlight replacement
    Hi forum it’s,can anyone please advise if 2018 smoked h/lights will fit my 2011 roadster,skippy took out r/h side so looking to replace or upgrade,cheers,Mike
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  4. harry.egan added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Invidia HFC
    Has anyone got any experience with the Invidia HFC. Curious to know about reliability and throwing any check cell lights etc. Will be pairing with a Invidia CBE and have heard that it deepens the note nicely. Thanks for any help. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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  5. paracin added a post in a topic 370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI   

    Everything is as from the factory at the moment. I'm actually happy with how it looks, the gap is less conspicuous with matte wheels, but I don't like the spring harshness for daily driving. I'm considering MCA Street Performance coilovers with 5.5kg rear springs, that  will soften it up a bit...
  6. 370Cal added a post in a topic 370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI   

    Nice write up! So you’re stock height, with 19x9.5 +25 on 245/40 r19 and 19x10.5 +12 on 275/35 r19? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. paracin added a post in a topic 370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI   

    Specs as previously mentioned. The tyres are Dunlop Sportmaxx 050+ in standard sizes. (If you're in Sydney, recommend Rollenso in  Prestons (Sydney) for good tyre deals)
    Fitment is almost exactly how I wanted it, without spacers. If I want to be picky, the rear is perfectly flush, the front sticks out just a touch. Once I install coilovers, front will be perfect and I'll decide on exact size of the rear. 
    And why do the pics get inserted rotated if I already corrected them in the Picture Manager?

  8. timjj added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    Not a bad way to start Rob. Might hunt around some wreckers and see what I can find. Will keep you posted. The thought of having a nice 22 degrees coming out my vents...  A man can dream..
  9. irish added a post in a topic New 350z owner - Gold coast   

    How and where do all the 370z guys or girls meet
  10. RobZ33 added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    Cheapest and easiest thing to eliminate IMO is the control box after checking the vent flap: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NISSAN-350Z-Z33-UNIFIED-METER-AND-A-C-CONTROL-AMP-AMPLIFIER-27760-CD401-/282940350292
  11. s14 added a post in a topic 370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI   

    That's a good price. Keen to see the photos after you've installed them!
  12. paracin added a post in a topic 370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI   

    I paid $2,100 for wheels and centre caps. Add hub rings 73.1-66.1mm  to this (about $15 from Ebay).
    The wheels are not fitted yet. I was waiting for a (very slow from Chem Guys Melbourne) delivery of "Meticulous Matte Detailer & Spray Sealant". Wanted to spray the back of the wheels before installation.
    Sealant arrived last night. Took some unpacking pics which I can't upload ("There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"). Will try again after I have the wheels fitted.
  13. s14 added a post in a topic 370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI   

    +1 for pics!
    How much did you pay for the set?
  14. timjj added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    Thanks for the reply Rob, Hoping I can find someone who has opened up these control boxes but doesn't seem like its that common of a problem. Shall keep hunting before take into a specialist.
    Got this reply else where: Not sure if it is right but will look into and write back on here with results.
    I really hope its the control box and not the following!

    If you're not getting an inbetween range, it could have something to do with the blower box vent valve. That vent valve opens and closes redirecting airflow between recirculate and outside air. If you're getting steady hot or cold when set to both extremes (max cold and max hot) then it sounds like both, your AC Evap core and Heater core are functioning as intended. This is where I would look next. Maybe the servo arm stopped working or broke somehow? It's fairly easy to access the blower motor housing. But before dropping it, I would suggest pulling up the battery cowling under the hood. From there you can visually inspect the vent flap/valve from the outside air inlet port. Make sure it's opening and closing in accordance with your AC controls. I'm not an expert with the Z's AC system beyond this. There could be other components behind the dash that work to together with the blower box to help manage temperature. I believe there are other vent valves/doors that redirect airflow. For example the front window defrost and foot well vent settings.
  15. irish added a post in a topic Bit the bullet and bought the Zed   

    Hi there . Enjoy your new ride. I think they are fantastic..........Nice car
  16. RobZ33 added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    I have the same issue, it's supposedly a fault within the control box. I haven't bothered fixing it but it is annoying.
  17. timjj added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot
    HI guys,
    I have a 2004 350Z softtop and have had issues with AC unit since I got it. 
    The AC unit has 2 options - Cold (when set at 18 on the dial) and Hot when set to anything but 18. Makes no difference is AC button is on or off. There is no range. I have read it can be because of the sun sensor on the dash (no idea how that could be of any effect). I replaced the passenger side one but makes no difference - no surprise there. I have pulled the white AC control box out from under the stereo but everything looks fine. No broken cables, all lights and functions of the unit work - just the ability to adjust them temperature is stuffed. Anyone come across this issue before and been able to find a solution? Really annoying having either a hot or cold cabin and nothing in between!
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  18. timjj added a post in a topic Convertible roof won't go down?   

    Silly reply to start off but make sure you have your foot on the brake. It wont go back unless your are stationary and foot is on the brake.
    I have the same model and I have found it does not like the cold as previous reply mentioned - must be the rigidity of the fabric. If its a cold morning, it will get about 75% of the way and get stuck. If its warm - goes back no problem. 
  19. Bry added a post in a topic 370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI   

    Good choice of wheels, now let’s see some pics. I’ve just ordered a set of Nismo wheels from america .
  20. paracin added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    370z Wheel choice – Australian market research - FYI
    After 2 months of market and forums research, I bought my new wheels – 19” Kiwamis. The following factors were considered: wheel size and spacers, quality, price and the supplier’s customer service.
    To determine the right size, I thoroughly studied 17 pages of “370z wheel fitment guide” on The370z forum and settled for 9.5 +25 and 10.5 +12, which should provide a flush fit without spacers or camber adjustment while accommodating larger tyres (if so inclined after suspension upgrade).
    Quality-wise, after considering some questionable 20” Taiwanese options like XXR ($1200+), Koya ($2400+), Vertini ($2800+ with 35% off), Rohana and Ferrada (both over $3K), I settled for a proper JDM option – Work Emotion Kiwami AHG (matte bronze), deep concave front and ultra deep concave rear. JDM Concept’s price is not only cheaper than the above, but also cheaper than Work USA.
    Regarding customer service, my first choice of wheels were Gram Lights or Weds but I didn’t get a quote from Aaron in nearly 4 weeks (he did apologise); Koya (Koya wheels), Venero (representing Ferrada wheels) and B.Boss (for Vossen VFS-1) NEVER even acknowledged receipt of my web inquiry; the main players on Princess highway between Tempe and Arncliffe, where I inquired in person, were totally disinterested, one even outright rude. (Is it my grey hair, I wonder, that causes people not to take me seriously in a Zed?)
    The shining stars of customer service are: Leonardy from JDM Concept, representing Work wheels, who replied to all my emails within an hour, often quicker. He specialises in Work wheels and is extremely helpful and accommodating (eg I picked up my wheels within 3 hours from committing to the purchase). George from Rollenso employed significant efforts to assist me with finding the right Lenso wheels. George is experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. I also ordered the tyres from George cheaper than Tempe, and that’s saying something.
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  21. Punked added a post in a topic Offset for Wheels to clear Brembos   

    I think you are both a little confused.
    Lower offsets wheels (wheels closer to outside or poke from guard) will generally give you more brake clearance. However, some high offset wheels (wheels more sunken from outside of guard) will clear too. Hugely depends on the wheel/spoke shape and design.
    The factory wheels are 18x8+30 (or close?) and clear Brembo brakes but many aftermarket wheels in those specs will not clear.
    I run 19x10+15 and 19x11+15 on my 350Z and they clear by a mile. The same wheel as mine in a 18x8+20 probably wouldn't clear...
    You really need to try some wheels on your car....you will find many of the Japanese wheels are made to clear larger brakes (not always though)...
    https://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator# this is the best for fitment- won't help with your clearance issue though.
  22. dodgybugga added a post in a topic ESCL ekectronic steelring lock   

    If I remember correctly there was a recall here in Aus as well but only for certain series of that part number. I would demand to talk to the dealer principal rather than some service monkey that knows nothing but how to extract cash from loyal customers and demand the part be replaced (possibly costing labour which is fair) for a known faulty part that was subject to a nationwide recall. Search this forum for more info on the recall. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. peter a added a post in a topic ESCL ekectronic steelring lock   

    Ummmm !! Experienced the 'No start' and the orange key light.  2012 model 370Z.
    Tried the hammer trick, tried it again and again and again and eventually it released.
    Leave the accessory light on and removed the fuse.
    Car starts OK now.
    Quote from Nissan for a new ESCL(electronic Steering Control Lock) is $1,580.13 plus GST plus labour. 
  24. MartinZ added a post in a topic 370z clutch?   

    Contact your local clutch specialist
    If you need to replace the flywheel that will really hurt - aftermarket flywheels are cheaper but also make unpleasant noise
  25. 370Cal added a post in a topic Nismo front end.   

    The last few times ive called nissan dealers, they’ve asked for the part numbers (being nismo or non-nismo) and they didnt have an issue selling me those parts. I did decline cause for a set of 2012 nismo wheels ended up costing 2k a wheel ?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk