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  1. MartinZ added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    Oil on the coil packs is common(ish) - can require new rocker covers
  2. MartinZ added a post in a topic remote programing problem   

    I don't think you need to remove & insert the key 6 times - just turn the ignition off/on 6 times
    These old procedures are often frustrating to get right
  3. MartinZ added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    Keep the stock sway bars in case you do upgrade to MCA blue - gives you tuning options
    The MCA blue have much higher spring rates (especially at the front) so it's a performance over comfort proposal
    You stock shocks are probably rather tired by now so new shocks should be on the horizon
    I would not lower the Z as you do end up scraping in many simple situations (frustrating), it's a pretty low car anyway 
  4. MartinZ added a post in a topic Sprint Booster   

    These are snake oil designed to empty consumer wallets into the wallet of the creator
    All it does is remap the throttle pedal - absolutely no change to engine performance 
    For example, 50% throttle could become 75% throttle making the driver think the car is more responsive
    But if you simply used more throttle manually you would get the same result for free
  5. MartinZ added a post in a topic Offset for Wheels to clear Brembos   

    There are many many many wheel fitment threads - please use search
    That's the wrong way around - larger offsets are good (more likely to clear the calipers) - lower offsets are where you can get into trouble
    However offset alone does not guarantee wheels will fit over the brembo calipers - the shape and profile of the spokes is important to clear the calipers
  6. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    That helps heaps mate, thanks.
    I'll start with the sways and go from there.
  7. 370Cal added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    I was having this issue myself a while back Ive decided to go with the swaybars personally. Only because i DD my car and where i drive its unforgiving for stock height itself hahaha. I spoke to whiteline and z1 also, and if youre on stock height you wont need the extra that BNK014 have. Like the drop links. If you do decide to lower the car and go with sway bars then of course get the kit stated above. Hope this helped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Slowpoke Glez added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Belt & pulleys
    Hello, It has come to my attention when driving my girl, that the pulleys are making squeaky noises, do i replace the whole assembly or just the pulleys and belt ? Sent from my SM-G900K using Tapatalk
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  9. pez5 added a post in a topic Thermo fans   

    Here ya go https://my350z.com/
    this is the forum sits
    heaps of info here the on the roadster https://my350z.com/forum/350z-roadster-124/
  10. s14 added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Swaybars or coilovers
    Hi guys,
    Looking at upgrading the swaybars to the whiteline BNK014 kit. 
    Will there be a noticeable handling upgrade while still having stock suspension or should I just upgrade to coilovers?
    I’m interested in the MCA blues if I go the coilover route. 
    I use my car as a weekend toy with a bit of spirited driving and I wanna take it on a track day maybe a couple days a year. 
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  11. Street to Track added a post in a topic AAM Competition Twin Turbo 370Z   

    Hi,  if the install is complete,  can you let me know what Max boost is safe on your stock internals,  and what does your dyno  test achieve in HP/KW at the wheels at that psi,  and the torque Max.?  I am considering the AAM myself.   Thanks. 
  12. razar63 added a topic in Facebook   

    South Australia
    Hi im interested in finding like minded people 45+ for cruizes around Adelaide. Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
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  13. ChocSoldier added a post in a topic 370z A/C control knob   

    Did mine shortly after I bought my car, had the car a year and a few months now, no issues. Previously I had issues with volume but I did all of them because why not.

  14. Benji added a post in a topic remote programing problem   

    Hi mate have you sorted this fiasco out? as im having the same problem?!!!!! 
  15. Farks added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    thanks will do Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  16. Bry added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    Cold air intake may (especially if it's oiled filters) may have caused your maf sensors to get dirty. Try cleaning your maf sensors
  17. mattk42 added a topic in 350Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Offset for Wheels to clear Brembos
    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone can give me a hand in answering my question. Looking to buy some rims (Advanti Tech X's) With a 20p offset... Will these clear the brembo breaks? as I have heard many things like other 350Z owners cant fit anything over 15p. Any Help would be appreciated 
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  18. grandy added a post in a topic Thermo fans   

    Some tearing in the fabric,a couple pretty bad ones both sides of back window.Forgive my ignorance but how do I get to the forum you mentioned ?
  19. MiCowC added a post in a topic 370z A/C control knob   

    Hello gentlemen, can you share how long does this fix works? I have this problem with my Z and I am going to do what you done! Hope this can help. Thank you so much for sharing!
  20. MiCowC added a post in a topic 370z A/C control knob   

    Sry...a quick stupid question.... how to remove the knobs....just pull the knob directly and then push them back once done with the spray? Thank you guys ~
  21. pez5 added a post in a topic Thermo fans   

    In regard the roof check out my350z (us forum)  Lots of info re the roof.   Whats your prob ?
  22. badthing added a post in a topic HI, noob looking for a 370Z   

    Good luck with the purchase.
    Let us know how you go.

  23. badthing added a post in a topic Hi! Newbie here.   

    Keep us posted about which car you end up with.
    We hope it will be a Z.

  24. eXtazy added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    370z NISMO 015+ headlamp washers
    Hello, anyone who know part number of headlamp washers and cover for 2015 Nismo? Thank you so much
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  25. grandy added a post in a topic Thermo fans   

    Thankyou pez5 for replying to my post. I ended up doing much searching at wreckers for fans & came across some alternatives. The Nissan x-trail & Pulsar set ups will have the same size & dimensions & fits into the origional shroud nicely there is also a Mitsubishi Outlander (2002).So there are cheaper alternatives out there,I am pleased to say.For me this was imperative. I have installed the fans & they are working as they should. I also had a sticky drivers seat control and found contact cleaner fixed that problem.This car was bought from a friend who did not really take it out so it has not really seen enough use which brings about such issues as I have been finding.Now to tackle the roof & hopefully we will be sitting pretty!