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  1. brendontharp added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Exhaust rattle ?
    Hi guys, 
    need your thoughts on this noise . Slammed down on a tiny speed bump and ever since then it does this when I rev . 
    Have lifted the car and can't find anything wrong . Heat sheild seems to be fine but I could be wrong . Must forums I can
    find mostly say it's the heat shield 
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  2. ChocSoldier added a post in a topic Front Bar Upgrade 2012 to 2016   

    Attempted to do this last weekend:

    There's no issues with the actual bar and lights, but the two air bag sensors near the fangs/grille will need to be replaced (maybe if you just get new mounts you could swap it over but I'm not sure). I got really annoyed that they were mounted to the bar not the car and gave up on the idea and just ordered a lip for my 09 bar. As a warning they will be clipped in VERY tight, so for those two I just removed the mount off the bumper as opposed to unclipping the wire harness.

    As for the wiring, I was planning on running Morimoto Xchange to switch the DRL's on and off with the car, but it didn't work as advertised.. It said to wire to a 12V constant (which I was skeptical about) and I assumed it would handle sensing if the car was on or off, so I tried switching to a switched power source and couldn't get it working.

    You'll basically just need to get some sort of relay and wire it from a switched power source to the DRL's and also tap into the parkers (DRL's should turn off when the parkers are on).

    Will likely list mine up this weekend if you want it all cheap and are willing to travel, I may have blown one DRL when testing the wiring but it's more likely I just blew the Morimoto Xchange unit (there was a spark when one of the crimps failed and the wire slipped out.. was planning on soldering once I figured out where everything went).

  3. irish added a post in a topic New member Gold Coast   

    Just new to the 370z. Wondering where they all hang out on the Gold Coast ??
    Would like to join a group for a cruise for sure,
  4. BEN313 added a post in a topic Final drive   

    I'm running a 4.08 FD and replaced all the bearing etc..and also replace the LSD with quaife LSD.. Loving it and would'nt go back, not my DD but even if it was fuel consumption is not that noticeable..
  5. ghostbusters added a post in a topic Final drive   

    Bgtv8, are you using a 3.9 or 4.08 at the moment? What are your thoughts?
  6. me123 added a post in a topic Remote help for 350Z   

    Hey I just did this and it wasn't quite like all the instructions say. Do the key six times and the doors unlock, now lock the doors using the manual lock by the door handle - not the electronic lock button down by the window controls. Press a button on the remote and the doors will unlock to signal it has paired. 
    I think I had to put the key to acc and lock the doors quickly after doing the six inserts, then the remote could be pressed without rushing. 
  7. BGTV8 added a post in a topic Final drive   

    3.9 you won't really notice the SRM but with 4.08 you will.
    ECUTEK tune can correct it
  8. ghostbusters added a post in a topic Final drive   

    Sorry for the revival of this post but US 370Z owners who did the FD change notes that SRM is off by a couple hundred rpms. To those with a local manual 370z with a 3.9/4.08 FD, do you guys suffer a similar issue? And if so, how did you rectify it?
  9. ChocSoldier added a post in a topic 2010 370z Bluetooth Music Stream   

    I use a Miccus Mini-Jack RTX if you want another alternative, another member at a meet had the older model (Mini-jack RX).

    The main thing is to look out for a Bluetooth receiver that supports A2DP, but doesn't support HFC, this will ensure it doesn't interfere with the car's bluetooth for calls (HFC = handsfree calls, A2DP is for audio streaming). I'm using an iPhoine 8 with it, and have used a 6s and various other friend's phones (iPhone 7's, Google Nexus devices etc) without any issues.

    If you're looking at the Miccus options, the one I chose has some more modern audio codecs than the older one (APT-X, etc), which in theory means better audio.
  10. allcarremoval added a topic in Nissan AUSTRALIA   

    car buyers brisbane
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    All Car Removal Brisbane's Cash for Cars has been buying cars all through Brisbane and surrounding regions getting individuals as much cash for your cars as possible for their junk cars and trucks. Spare time and hassle attempting to find a private purchaser for your car.
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  11. ChocSoldier added a post in a topic Roadster Upgrades   

    EVO-R do carbon bits: http://evo-r.net/product/370Z/index.html
  12. nasawalker04 added a post in a topic New to zclub considering a 370z   

    Going to look at the car today super excited guy seems pretty cool about me just looking so ill see how it goes.
  13. Dire added a post in a topic Tell me what's wrong with your 370Z.. Cause I'm gonna tell you what's wrong with mine..   

    I have an 09 370z & my cruise control has started playing up... The dash light always works like normal but most of the time it simply won't do anything (I set a speed and it just coasts,  doing literally nothing to control speed of vehicle). The days it does work its usually fine but can occasionally cut-out while doing a set speed.
    The problem has gone from happening maybe once a fortnight to recently starting to happen more often than not.
    It could be any number of things, hopefully its just the brake pedal switch
  14. GeoL added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Remote help for 350Z
    So i recently went to my locel mr minit to get a new key cut and a new remote for my 2003 nissan 350z . Now i got the key scanned for the chip in it. The new kay starts the car however i am trying to synchronize the keyless remote however coming up with issues.
    So i lock the windows and doors, put the key in the ignition 6 times however instead of the hazard lights flashing the drivers door just unlocks.
    These where the first steps that where givrn to me. I hsve watched videos and read some forums to try and understand if i am doing something wrong however no one seems to be having the same issue i am having.
    If anyone can help that would be really great.
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  15. Grahamp2505 added a post in a topic Rattle in the driver door   

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2012 Roadster that suffered from a rattle in the door area, i found that the locating peg at the top of the door, above the lock mechanism was very dry and slightly corroded, the same applies to the keep in the bodywork, spray of silicon has resolved the issue.

  16. Mo added a post in a topic Tell me what's wrong with your 370Z.. Cause I'm gonna tell you what's wrong with mine..   

    Sorry to bump this, but the axle clicking noise is driving me nuts. 
    I've sourced the exact Kawasaki nuts (part #92210-0280) but where can I source the Cotter pins (part #400730L700) and washers from locally? Can't find the part number for the washers.
  17. 777 added a post in a topic Mighty Car Mods Modify A 350Z   

    I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting. 
  18. Bijan Búl added a post in a topic Roadster Upgrades   

    anyone able to share where I can purchase pre cut vinyl trim layovers?
  19. Bijan Búl added a post in a topic Roadster Softtop Repair!   


  20. Machvayne added a post in a topic Mighty Car Mods Modify A 350Z   

    Saw that - will be interesting to see what they do with it!
  21. RobSmith added a post in a topic Consult 3+ required   

    G'Day .. I'm in the same situation...nissan newcastle can't fix my problem .. I want the program to fix it myself.
  22. VTR added a topic in Media Gallery   

    Mighty Car Mods Modify A 350Z
    Latest project car from MCM.
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  23. jjsebastian added a post in a topic Truck Wheels   

    Is that the one from 4WheelOnline?
  24. jjsebastian added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Fender Flares
    I was caught up in a little accident 2 days ago. My front left fender flare is beyond repair and I'm thinking of getting a new set of fender flares online. I need some suggestions on which brand should I chose. 
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  25. s14 added a post in a topic New to the forum 😊   

    Love the colour mate. 
    Where’d you get the halo lights done?