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Activity Stream

  1. s14 added a post in a topic Hi, First time Z car owner - Perth.   

    Looks mint mate. I love the bonnet bulge too. Looks very 240z ish.
  2. Des added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Has anyone used East Coast Customs in Brisbane for upgrade work recently?  If so can you let me know what was done and whether you were happy with the experience please.
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  3. badthing added a post in a topic Hi, First time Z car owner - Perth.   

    Welcome mate,
    Looking forward to more updates.

  4. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    So I took the zed from Pitt Town to Wisemans Ferry. I left the damper settings to 14 all round (16 being the hardest). The car handles amazing. The roads ranged from long sweeps to tighter sweeps, up and downhill and smooth to rough roads.
    The car handled everything so easy. It was so neutral, no understeer and oversteer only if you wanted it to. Handling was very predictable and turn in is next level.
    One of my biggest complaints with the stock suspension was the fact it got really unsettled when the roads turned rough. A sort of wallowy, over damped feeling. These have all been eliminated. The car remained composed over all of it.
    At 6 clicks all round, the car feels a little bit firmer than stock. Still extremely comfortable. At 14 all round the car’s definitely firmer but nowhere near uncomfortable.
    For a street setup, I don’t think you could ask for more.
  5. Ham added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    07 Z with mystery illness
    Hi I'm new to the Z club (Ham)
    I'm onto my 3rd 350z,first two were a lot of fun (03 & 05 mods) Recently picked up an 07 350 with the HR motor.
    Was a little rough so thought i'd sort a few things out like the seat motor, disconnected the battery and caused a bit of grief.
    Car is now idling a hunting around 1800-2000rpm. No codes thrown, won't take the relearn, Nissan had it for 4 days with no result.
    Has anyone had a similar problem and come up with a fix (car still goes well just a little hard to pull up) Will post the fix if I find one
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  6. BALIstic added a post in a topic 19" 370Z wheels for sale   

    I just realised this is a very old ad....... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. BALIstic added a post in a topic 19" 370Z wheels for sale   

    What’s kind of reasonable are you thinking. Do you know if these wheels will fit 350Z’s in a straight bolt up sense. No spacers etc ? This is the 350Z Wheel section so I’m not being a smart arse I’m hoping you know that they will fit and that’s why they’re posted in here. Where are the wheels located, if still available ? Regards Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. harry.egan added a post in a topic Paint Repair   

    $160 for the 3 in the picture and 3 other spots. Did great job in general. Those locations were just the worst by far and was hoping there wouldnt still be holes. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. s14 added a post in a topic Paint Repair   

    What did you pay for the repair? Would need a whole panel respect to really fix the chips I’d assume. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Kingacton added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Centre pocket latch
    My spring loaded latch on my centre pocket for my 06 has either come apart or Broken.
    does anybody know how to assemble the latch so I can put it back together. Or does anyone have a spare pocket to sell??
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  11. harry.egan added a post in a topic Paint Repair   

    Thanks. Assume there is something they should have used to fill tge divit? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. s14 added a post in a topic Shock Absorbers   

    I think these are the two you’re after:
  13. s14 added a post in a topic Paint Repair   

    I can only see one photo. Looks like they just used touch up paint. 
  14. FireFly63 added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Shock Absorbers
    I would like to upgrade the shock absorbers on my 2003 Nissan 350Z Touring Z33. Does anyone know if Bilstein Shocks are compatible with this model?
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  15. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    It’s a small drop but gives the car a better stance imo. Looks better in person too. 
    I’ve only pushed it through the streets. I’m gonna go for a drive through the Nash or Putty Rd This weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes. 
  16. 370Cal added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    Thats basically what sort of setup id want to go tbh, still looks really smart and nothing ridiculously low for street driving. Have you done any spirited driving yet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    Sure thing. The car definitely can go lower. I’ll wait till I get new rims to play with the height settings a bit more.
    I was able to keep my front and rear camber and toe the same as well. 

  18. 370Cal added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    S14, if you can post some pics here or on the fb z page. Im looking for coilovers too, love to see for comparison. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Busa added a post in a topic 350z NA Build - crate engine from Japan   

    Rj manafacturing they build engines to handle 1000hp they have transmissions and Suoer chargers as well.
  20. harry.egan added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Paint Repair
    Hi recently I got some severe stone chips down to metal on the bonnet of my 3 month old Z. Had them repaired but not quite satisfied with the job due to depth of pitting still visible when close. Was wanting to know if from the before amd after pictures am i just being unrealistic as i dont have alot of experience with this. Quality is a bit poor sorry.https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180330/d07f7575db08977a6a02d42791b75d36.jpg] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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  21. bradb added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    looking for any suggestions as to whats wrong with my 2009 350z . ive spent 5 grand and Launceston Nissan have had my car for seven months trying to fix it . they have been in contact with Nissan technical but still no results . it comes up with an engine management light and also misses for a split second on take off  , so I take it in and they scan it and just keep replacing whatever part shows up .I get about three hours driving out of it every time before it goes off again . ive replaced the left hand bank oxygen sensor in it , replaced the IPDM fuse box & relay module , a new crank position sensor and had the injectors tested to make sure the spray pattern Is right .  they also pulled the gearbox out and made sure that was right . has anybody else had a similar issue and what was the fix ?  
    thanks brad  
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  22. s14 added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    I had the Tein’s installed today and had time to play with the settings. 
    At halfway all round. The car feels a little bit firmer than stock. Very comfortable and not crashy over bumps. 
    At two clicks back from the hardest setting, the car’s a bit firmer but not uncomfortable. The cars very planted and extremely predictable. Points really well and doesn’t have much body roll at all. 
    I lowered the front 30mm and the rear 25mm and I’m having no problems over speed humps. I’ve changed my angle when I go up my driveway and I’m not getting any scrapes at all. 
    Pretty stoked at my purchase😁
  23. BALIstic added a post in a topic Hi, First time Z car owner - Perth.   

    So here she is boy’s and girls, on MY driveway. 😛😍. 
    A rundown and more pics coming later in the week to the main discussion pages. 
    Regards all.

  24. BALIstic added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi, First time Z car owner - Perth.
    G’day Guy’s,
    I bought myself a 2008, 350Z earlier today. I had a neighbour that had a 240Z in ac crappy brown (no pun intended) colour when I was about 11yo that I thought was the coolest car ever. Quite a while back now, 03 or 04, I got to do a few laps around Wanneroo Raceway in Perth, in a colleagues    first year 03’, I believe 350Z. I had done a lot laps there in mainly V8 Commodores and Falcons (police pursuit vehicles) and the Z was leaps and bounds ahead of those in handling terms on that track and gave nothing away in performance. In fact it was quicker than every police car I’d driven there bar a few WRX’s and Falcon Turbo XR6’s, off the line and in top speed. 
    So about the car. I’ve been on the hunt for a while for a 350Z. Why the 350Z over a 370Z, I can say honestly that I prefer the look of the 350’s over the 370, especially the last of the 350’s with the M3 like bonnet bulge. Having said that if I won one in a lottery etc, I’d happily live with the 370. Also Ive had a Few WRX & STI’s in the past but I’ve been thinking of buying an old school, air cooled, 993 Porsche 911 and I wanted to dip my toe into the whole very low, two seater’, sports car thing to see if it’s for me in the longer term. I’m middle aged, 6’3 & I get a sore back & knees, so I have to know if the “ingress and egress” is going to literally be a pita (pun intended) , 6-8 months down the track. 
    So as the heading said I purchased a 2008, Touring, I think it is in the Carbon Silver colour. It’s as good an example as I think one could reasonably be expected to find. It has an auto transmission, I just heard you all sigh in unison in disgust. I had only looked at manual cars, particularly the “Track model”. I was trying to hunt down something in excellent condition (giving the poor things some concessions for old age), unmodified, as close to stock as possible & with the service docs. If your after a “Roadster”, well they are an easy find. As I’d been holding out for a 6 speed manual......the months and km’s spent driving around the have netted me mostly disappointment & it seemed that nearly all the cars in W.A. we’re going to break my heart. Only because, I assume people with the cherry cars are holding onto them ? So after many disappointing car hunting sessions, I thought I’m going to need to look at 370 Z to get a car meeting my standards and criteria. Then yesterday I decided to have a look at an auto that was close by me for shits and giggles. Well the car drove incredibly well, the auto box in D works great, not so much in manual mode, where it takes too long to grab the next gear for my liking. I also don’t understand why many jap and euro manufacturers of pedestrian vehicles don’t rig the “novelty sports shift” so it at least shifts like a proper sequential box. Pull back to change up and forwards to change down. It went well and the car, an 05’ had all the attributes I was looking for and only 56000k’s, so as you do, I walked away to go home to have a bit of a think or rethink about buying an auto.
    Then last night I was checking gumtree and carsales and found another auto, an 08’ with 145000km but it looked as clean as a whistle, no mods, a comprehensive service history and the newer HR motor. Thankfully it wasn’t too far away from home and I went and had a look and I thought if this drives as good as it looks I’m buying it. It did, I did and here I am. 
    Hopefully I’ll pick it up either tomorrow or on Tuesday and I will report back and post up a NZD (New Z day) with loads of pics. I have no performance mods in mind but I’d like to see if the auto can be made to change up a bit quicker in manual mode. I don’t think I’ll worry about coil overs but I probably will get some Bilstein shocks and new springs fitted up in the not too distant future and will definitely be looking at an exhaust that sounds a lil more.....angry, if I can pick up a few hp doing it well and good if not I’m happy with 230kw, I think a new audio head unit with a DVD player and Apple Music is also on the cards. Probably too on my list of  change’s. I’d like to stay with bose, to keep it looking factory but I’m not sure if anyone is doing bose (I think bose audio can only be sold by bose but I’m not seeing bose car audio in Perth. If someone could point in the direction of a bose head unit that fits in Oz with the features mention above that’d be great. Failing that I’ll check out a few car stereo specific shops in the next few days to consider other options that fit.
    I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences with exhausts and any suspension components that differ from the direction I’m heading in if you feel they would be a better fit for the car over my choices / plans above. I will probably look at changing out small components like OEM bushes and exhaust hangers etc, that should probably should have replaced long ago. 
    Well thank you for reading, that was a smig long winded. Sayonara till next time.

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  25. ChocSoldier added a post in a topic AAM Competition Twin Turbo 370Z   

    There was a shop in Victoria, Cougar Motorsports or something like that doing the kit supplied and fitted for just over 14k at the time, not sure if anybody has been to them but I saved it because it sounded cheap considering the cost of just the kit on AAM's website.