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  1. Goldz added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Seat covers 350Z
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  2. Bry added a post in a topic Hitachi 75mm Throttle body - HELP   

    Z1 Motorsports ship to Australia 
  3. Bry added a post in a topic Clutch secondary cylinder failure   

    Try having the clutch fluid replaced first and correctly bled to see if your clutch pedal returns. If not then you’ll probable need a new csc and cmc. Your mechanic would be able to inspect the clutch when fitting a new csc. P.s Nissan will rob you blind if you let them, find a trusted local garage
  4. beauz added a post in a topic Clutch secondary cylinder failure   

    reasonable. If correctly diagnosed. At the labour cost to drop the gearbox i would replace it all anyway. Parts required:
    -Clutch master cylinder
    -heavy duty concentric slave cylinder
    -Clutch & flywheel kit
    -dot 4 fluid 1L
    Suppliers US: Z1motorsport, concept z, Zspeed, specialty Z.
    Suppliers Aus: try Xtreme clutch australia im pretty sure they have a heavy duty concentric slave option. 
    Or if you want to lash out grab the OS giken clutch kit from Otomoto 👌
  5. Lizzie added a post in a topic Clutch secondary cylinder failure   

    Hi all. Female diver here who has limited car knowledge these days, I am really confused about this issue and am looking for your guidance and experience out there please. I have a 2012 370Z manual which has been cherished since new. It has only 32000 kms on it. At 27000 kms I did the 40K service as it had been stored for a couple of months and was 6 years old. I told Nissan at the time that the gears were a little stiff to which they said all was good and the clutch system was inspected as part of the service. It hadn't had any other symptoms but when driving one day the clutch pedal went down half way, I hooked it up with my foot and managed to park safely before it totally failed. I drive normally and city driving has been minimal as I like living regionally, I have driven manual and sports style cars for years and never had this happen before. Nissan state that "Your clutch went because the pressure plate failed and wore out the clutch and put hot spots on the fly wheel". They have quoted: 
    Solid fly wheel clutch pack $ 1739.05, Labour 7.5 hrs @ $143 p/h,  inc time spent ) $ 1072.50 Total $ 2811.55 
    Dual mass fly wheel clutch pack  $ 3099.25, Labour 7.5 hrs @ $143 p/h ( inc time spent )  $ 1072.50, Total  $ 4171.75

    Is this reasonable? from what I have read the CSC may have caused the issue in the first place though Nissan state there were no leaks. I have received mixed advice about what fly wheel to put back in? Noise, handling, longevity, gear damage etc. I am also loathe to keep spending a fortune on something that will continue to fail. Has anyone else had the same issue - did Nissan come to the party out of warranty due to crap components? Any recommendations as to clutch kit brand? Should I sell it? Do they replace the cylinders? Anything else I should ask or watch out for? I am based in the Adelaide region SA. Should I get someone else to look at it?Thank you so much
  6. Pottsy added a topic in DIY   

    Hitachi 75mm Throttle body - HELP
    Hi All,
    Looking at putting in a Blox racing plenum spacer and Hitachi 75mm Throttlebody..
    I've purchased the plenum spacer and received that no worries, now, my issue is i can't find anywhere online that delivers the throttle body to Aus but i know there are people around with the upgraded throttle body so i'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction of purchasing one?
    Any help would be much appreciated as i have spent hours looking for a website to deliver to Aus.
    (Pic of car for attention)

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  7. Goldz added a post in a topic 350Z Manual   

    Good to hear that.
  8. beauz added a post in a topic Clutch secondary cylinder failure   

    +1 for these comments^
  9. badthing added a post in a topic Clutch secondary cylinder failure   

    Happened to me almost 4 years ago.
    Replaced it with the Z1 CSC Elimination Kit.
    Changed the master cylinder as a precaution.
    Installed OS Giken clutch kit while it was on the hoist.
    No issues anymore!
  10. badthing added a post in a topic Luv My Zed   

    Welcome, mate!

  11. badthing added a post in a topic Wannbe Z owner - Brisbane   

    Welcome Mud!
    There's quite a bit of info on this forum that should be useful for you.
    Try the search function.
    If you can't find any answers, feel free to post a question.
    Someone should be able to help you.
  12. badthing added a post in a topic Hi from Newcastle   

    Welcome Rodd.
    Good to hear you're enjoying the Z!

  13. badthing added a post in a topic New kid on the block   


  14. Goldz added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

    350Z Manual
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  15. Goldz added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

    Reverse Camera for 350Z convertible
    I want to fit a Auto Vox X2 reverse camera to my 2006 350Z convertible roadster. Does anyone know of a step by step video on youtube that I can look at just to speed things up with the wiring side of it into the boot section? I have seen some but not as detailed as I would like, any suggestions please link me the site.
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  16. Goldz added a post in a topic Luv My Zed   

    Man what an awesome car, Love it. Cheers.
  17. #1ZED added a post in a topic Luv My Zed   

    Welcome and well done, car looks excellent. About 2 months ago I did a similar thing although I flew to QLD and drove back to NSW, with my son. Fantastic trip. Mine is a 370Z Roadster, was also my first drive and like you, very impressed! photo on day of pick-up.
  18. 370boi added a post in a topic Shock Absorbers   

    Slightly off topic, but I've got a 370 and I fitted Bilstein B16s in a couple of months ago. Amazing ride quality and worth every cent, you'll love them! 
  19. Goldz added a topic in Introductions   

    Luv My Zed
    Flew from Qld to NSW 4 weeks ago to buy a used 2006 350Z Roadster, I had never driven one before. Man was I impressed when I saw it, it was immaculate and the ride back to Qld was will worth it.

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  20. #1ZED added a post in a topic Should I sell my personalised number plate   

    Hi, I bought my car second hand on carsales.com. I think this is a site all car buyers go to if they are in the market for a second hand car, particularly for a more unique car as there are not as many and you may need to travel interstate to get want you want, which is what I did. Advertising here will only reach a smaller pool but it certainly cant hurt. The ZCLUB facebook site appears more active so you could try there as I'm pretty sure if there is a dedicated for sale section.
  21. jooneth added a post in a topic Should I sell my personalised number plate   

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yeah, I find it quite ridiculous that they charge so much for personalised plate. As you said paying $100 or so a year is still expensive but is somewhat affordable hence why i had chosen my plate. 
    I am selling my car too and I was wondering whether you bought brand new or second hand and if latter, what site did you find your car?
    Would posting my car for sale here be any good you think?
  22. #1ZED added a post in a topic Wannbe Z owner - Brisbane   

    Good luck Mud. I have had my Roadster for 2 months now and absolutely love it
  23. #1ZED added a post in a topic Should I sell my personalised number plate   

    Hi jooneth,
    I quite like the idea of personalised plates and yours are pretty cool. I just bough a 370z Roadster and got 001-ZED. Its good when you can use the regular RTA (NSW only) configuration of letters/numbers as its only $100 extra a year but a lot more for non-standard, i think its about  $400 a year which to me on top of rego is not worth it. It used to be a one off fee so the yearly costs puts people of I think.
    Perhaps you can advertise plates here under the for sales section and if you have no luck in a couple of weeks, sell with car with plates.
    Good luck
  24. Mud added a topic in Introductions   

    Wannbe Z owner - Brisbane
    Hi all,
    Looking at picking up a 370z very shortly here in Brisbane.
    I hope to be able to get lots of help and information from this site and maybe see some of you around.
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  25. jooneth added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

    Should I sell my personalised number plate
    I am selling my 370z roadster and I have a personalised plate (37TZZ). I wanted to get feedback from zclubbers whether it would be worth selling the plate separately or don't bother with it? What do you think?
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