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  1. #1ZED added a post in a topic Soft top repairer in Sydney?   

    Hi Tony, just saw your post, although it is over 6 months old now. Did you end up getting your roof sorted? If so whereabouts. I own a Roadster, live in Newcastle and am having an issue with the deck lid hitting the roof 5th bow.Still opens and closes fine for now. It appears to be a very common problem as I have following the ongoing US 370z forum on this matter. There is actually a Nissan service bulletin out for this plus others for roof issues.
  2. glentymillist added a topic in Introductions   

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  3. Bry added a post in a topic Mishimoto oil cooler my experience   

    I removed the stock cooler when I fitted a 34 row fast intentions oil cooler last year. According to fast intentions the stock water cooled oil cooler will hinder the effects of a front mount air cooled oil cooler. There’s a thread explaining why they say it’s best to remove the stock cooler  when fitting a front mount cooler if you feel like googling it.
  4. Pilar Pirtle added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

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  5. calebrubin added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

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  6. Optimiser added a post in a topic Mishimoto oil cooler my experience   

    No need to blank off the plate. Just leave it all alone and just add an oil cooler.
  7. Ausmo added a post in a topic Mishimoto oil cooler my experience   

    Hi Guys,
    I know this is an old topic, I'm in Qld and have a 2017 Nismo for the last 6 months
    I must say I never intended to buy a 370z but I love this car
    I have read a lot of topics on this and was confused reading US forums as there was already a sandwich plate on my car but see the OZ version had this add on make sense now. If I drive my car spirited I'm see temps of 120
    A number of people spoke about removing the OEM plate, has anyone done this and blanked off water lines. Does this affect Oil temp gauge
  8. temsherobel added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

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  9. Mud added a post in a topic 2009 370z Reverse Camera and HDMI input   

    Let me know what you need to know. The whole process is very straightforward if you have ever put a head unit in a car before. Just have to splice a couple of wires.
  10. nedz added a post in a topic 2009 370z Reverse Camera and HDMI input   

    Awsome Mud , this is something that I have been wanting to setup in my 2009 Z also .
    Did read all the other posts on this subject previously but just wasnt sure about pulling out the screen etc to go about it
    Thanks would like to follow up on this further . I also live in Brissie on the Jindalee side so would like to talk to you re the chrome cast set up if possible .
    Can be contacted at ned.56@bigpond.com if you have time . Ned.

  11. JackMacaw added a topic in Zclub Store   

    Rear Wing 350z
    Where can i buy one. 
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  12. SteveAli added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Armytrix exhaust .
    Gday people :) They say you get what you paid for !! Let's see if that's true .. I just paid 3k for An Armytrix and shipping cost me freaking 700$. I will be posting dyno numbers before and after :) will keep you guys posted . Also of you would follow me on instagram: ArabWheelz I would be grateful.. I sure could use the help and support .. Cheers Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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  13. SteveAli added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    Hey mate No mine is still stock .. I just bought an Armytrix catback and berk test pipes .. Next plan is the sc kit :) Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  14. OBSESSED added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    Hey Steve,
    The guy I brought it off said it developed 400Hp at the rear wheels. It's also had a Invidia exhaust, MCA street coil-overs and upgraded brakes, rotor and dot 6 brake fluid. It's an auto with an auto down-shift throttle rev from 5 below (never had such a thing before) sounds really good coming up to lights .
    Have you got a S/c or getting one? They are insane response and not too hard to get into a wheel spin even when moving .
  15. Bry added a post in a topic Brake pad questions   

    I they look like this then you have Akebono's. 

  16. lucifa added a post in a topic G"day from the riverina   

    im closer to melbourne so frequently visit there, but thanks for the heads up
  17. carmansifford added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

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  18. Hadi added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    Brake pad questions
    Hey guys,
    I'm just trying to understand what brakes are on my car. I've seen some posts suggesting that all 2009 models came with Akebono brakes? Is that the same as the sport package brakes? Different from the brakes on the later Nismo versions? Is there a name for the size of brake pads I should be after? 
    Please help, I'm so confused! Thanks
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  19. SusanLinder added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   


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  20. SteveAli added a post in a topic Yeah, hello   

    Hey mate . This is awesome .. and stillen is definitely the way I'm going with my Z. Care to share your experience with your supercharged Z. And how many WHP. .. auto or manual 😁 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  21. EvelynRussell added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

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  22. akuma69 added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Aircon recycle/outside air button does not work
    I think maybe something wrong with my aircon.


    See image above.
    Left knob i set to second position from the left (blowing feet and face)
    Right knob i set to AUTO.
    Middle knob i set to 25 degrees. Aircon airflow comes from outside car as highlighted in the knob. When i press this button it does not change to recycle mode.
    Only way to change it to recycle mode is when i change the degress to below 21. When its below 21, the mode automatically changes to recycle mode. Press the button to change it back to outside air doesn't work.

    So looks like i can only change the outside air/recycle only by adjusting the temp and not from pressing the button.

    Is this an issue? or this is how it is? my car is 2005 350z

    Thanks everyone
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  23. #1ZED added a post in a topic G"day from the riverina   

    Hi There, with regards to event meeting etc you may want to also link up with a smaller group from Sydney. This community here appears more for general discussion etc, which is great, a lot a good info in theses forums. Some events do run via the facebook page but i don’t think one has run in NSW for many years.
    I just joined the 'Official Sydney Fairlady Z owners’ club, which seem to be mainly 350/370z owners. They are very active with events/drives etc, going to my first one this Sat 12 Jan called ZFEST 2019, a bit of a show & shine-all for fun and lunch, already 23 going so should be great-check out their Facebook page.

  24. dixonzhai added a post in a topic Not feeling the love...   

    you can always have a RX7 and Z as the same time. I don't have a Z yet but saving money and hopefully getting one this year. Always want a good power RWD with LSD
  25. lisakelly added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   


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