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  1. 370Cal added a post in a topic 2009 370z Reverse Camera and HDMI input   

    Is the picture still there whilst driving? Or does it switch off? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. MorlesJr added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Hey guys I’m new to the ZClub (first post) Just wondering if anyone knows any aftermarket seats for 350z (preferably red) with airbags so that this car is legal. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  3. Guest added a post in a topic Stereo Help   

    Who eaten a swordfish? I'm looking for instructions how to cook it.
  4. HotKgon added a post in a topic Buying a 370Z   

    I’m also in Melbourne and I own a 2012 black auto which I daily. I thoroughly enjoy driving it and I hope you do too. I would pull the steering lock fuse to be safe as there was a recent post of a 2014 model having it fail.
  5. HotKgon added a post in a topic 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.   

    Glad it got fixed under goodwill. Hear of people having to fork out heaps to get it rectified.
  6. Prila added a topic in Introductions   

    Hi Z members, New to the club, keen to read up on Z's, have had a 350z for 5 years and a 300zx for 15years... sold the 350z looking to buy another Z soon... Also keen to join drive days or start some up as I am part of DMA and 3 other car clubs. Name is Ellis, site name Prila. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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  7. ZBanger added a post in a topic 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.   

    Well good news, the Z went in and got its new steering lock module and Nissan Australia decided to cover all associated costs under they Customer Goodwill Loyalty Program not under any warranty cause my car was out of warranty and not under any recall cause my VIN was not part of the recall, so in the end all turned out fine.
    The only cost i was out of pocket for was the original diagnostic charge of $143 to identify the problem, i did try to get them to reimburse me by asking if that also could be covered under the Goodwill scenario - but no luck on that front. But atleast i didn't have to fork out $1999.
    Been driving it since and no orange key light anymore.
    Yes Rodd, i too believe that it may very well fault again one day but i only do 5000Kms per year and it looks like this thing faults at around 30,000-35,000Kms so i should have another 5 years or so before it may become an issue and thanks to everyone on this forum who has posted rectification advice on this matter i am atleast armed with what to do if it happens unexpectedly - thanks to all those who have contributed.
    Best if this happens to any other 370Z owners no matter what year model it is, you should first go to Nissan with the issue and see if you can get it covered for the more of this issue being reported the better the chance that it may in the future be part of another recall for the later models. And if not you can always as the last resort do the fuse thing to get you out of a pickle and not have to fork out the quite expensive cost of rectification.
  8. BlueZed added a post in a topic Buying a 370Z   

    DON"T DO IT!! 
    Buy a 350Z Track and learn to drive a manual! 
  9. #1ZED added a post in a topic Convertible roof   

    Hi Elvis, this is an older post, not sure if your are still reading the forum but how did you go with replacing that plastic rub strip on your deck lid? Mine is wearing and I thought I might try Altapac, they specialise in tinting, clear wrapping etc.
    Anybody else done something similar?
    Also did you find a product to clean your soft top? Raggtopp cleaner followed by their protector appear to be the best product on the market, available in Oz from Auto sunroof and trimming in Melb.
  10. #1ZED added a post in a topic 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.   

    That's interesting Ian, didn't think 2013+ models were effected either, ie didn’t think they had those steering locks fitted. My 2012 had the same problem, you may have read my post. I had my car at Nissan waiting for a repair, not covered under the recall, and luckily I read up on the issue. I went done to Nissan to my car, wacked the lock with a hammer 3 times, got is started , pulled steering lock fuse there and then and drove off!
    I would suggest your new unit is likely to eventually fail as well so I would just pull the fuse anyway.
  11. ZBanger added a post in a topic 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.   

    Just following up for info that might be handy for any others who have the same problem and same model Z as mine.
    Put the car into my local Nissan dealer and explained my issues and they had it for 2 days and found a fault code while doing diagnostics (which cost me $143). They contacted Nissan Australia and sure enough it was the fault code for the electronic steering lock. (I know previous posts on this topic have suggested that the steering lock problem did not exist on models after a certain year) So looks like models even as late as mine are effected.
    Local dealer gave me a quote of $1999 to fix it but offered to present it to Nissan Australia as part of the recall even though my VIN number was not covered but could not guarentee me that it would be covered.
    Received phone call today from local Nissan dealer and was told that all parts and labour will be covered by Nissan Australia - great news. Goes in on Friday to be repaired.
  12. RobSmith added a post in a topic CONSULT 111   

    Thanks,   Ill talk to Chris.  
  13. RobSmith added a post in a topic Clutch secondary cylinder failure   

    It's a bit late ..but on 16-08-19 my clutch pedal went to the floor.    I decided to fix it myself.   Gearbox out in two days ...three days wait for parts  ($2000.00)  All back together 25-08-19 .   I replaced the clutch as well as the throwout bearing.   The bearing seal had tiny chunks of rubber missing.  Deterioration of a crap product. I shudder to think how much nissan would have charged.  
  14. 370Cal added a post in a topic Recently purchased a 370Z have some questions   

    1. Disconnect the battery for 30mins and try again with an oem steering wheel 2. Check power steering fluid and/or replace it 3. Just dont clutch kick it, the clutch is probably on it’s way out. This isnt an s15 brother.
  15. 370Cal added a post in a topic In-car entertainment systems   

    Why would you bother franceso? The 370z already have the bose system with a sub from factory?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. 370Cal added a post in a topic CONSULT 111   

    Snap on. As legit as it gets man Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. RobSmith added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    CONSULT 111
    My so called official Nissan dealer has no idea about sorting minor computer problems on my 2011 370Z.  I'm fed up.  Soo I want to purchase a Consult Diagnostic system for myself.   Does anyone know where I can get one ?  A legitimate one. 
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  18. ZBanger added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.
    Hi to all
    Hope you could point me in the right direction to resolve a problem.
    I have a 2014 370Z and just recently a orange key light symbol has lit up on the left side of the dash and stays on while i am driving and some times stays on all night even when the car is turned off and locked up.
    Read up heaps about the steering lock issue but was wondering if that issue effects the 2014 models. looked under the dash and sure enough there is a silver box that has been mentioned on forums. Is that box the potential problem?
    I have put new batteries into my remote keys and a new battery in the car and the orange key light still appears and stays on while driving.
    Does anyone have any ideas what it could be cause from what i have read it is not supposed to affect the later models?
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  19. dodgybugga added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

    How to interpret VINs and model years
    Heya guys. Got a question on how to interpret VIN numbers and working out what model year a Z is. Unfortunately back last November some tard just pulled through of a gap in stationary traffic into my lane and path without thinking or looking and wrote my beloved 2010 off. Thankfully he admitted full liability (like he had a choice) and after arguing with the insurance company I got a more than fair payout. I was lucky enough to find an absolutely mint 2016 with only 9k on the clock a couple of blocks from work for sale at a reasonable price and snapped it up. The owner (a nice guy) had bought it but then got in the family way almost straight away. I noticed something odd though. On all the webpages about interpreting VINs it says the model year is represented by the 8th character from the right. Every VIN number on a 370z that I’ve seen is an A which would translate to 2010, even though the manufacture date is years after that. The other odd thing I noticed is that the seller advertised it as a 2016 MY15, but when I did the checks before buying, it came back as a 2016 MY17 which I believe would have initially been input by the dealer when they first registered it (it was a lightly used demo originally). So, a bit confused was I. Knowing there wasn’t a lot of physical difference for a couple of years between model years, does anyone know a sure fire way to work out the exact model year and to know for sure? The VIN plate says manufactured Jan 2016 but I’ve searched high and low to find when Nissan changed the model years without success. Anyone got any ideas? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  20. Francesco 1973 added a post in a topic In-car entertainment systems   

    Hi all,im looking to install  under the seat slim Subwoofer to my 370z,any suggestions of size and brand? Tnx
  21. andrewfranze9991 added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Recently purchased a 370Z have some questions
    Hi guys recently purchased a 2010 370Z absolutely love the car, but run into a couple things I need answers for. 1. The car come with a quick release steering wheel and because the wheel is not factory the vdc, slip, abs and airbag light is on. Is there anyway I can sort this out I want vdc on when normal driving? 2. Because of the issue in the first question I attempted to swap the factory steering wheel over. ( was tuning the wheels a fair bit while the car was off ) anway when I turned the car back on the power steering made a grinding noise, and feels very heavy ever since, seems to get heavy after hard driving. And my last question is the clutch, I’m not sure if it how it is but seems very fragile, for example a couple clutch kicks in 2nd gear it will just slip instead of grabbing not sure if all the clutches are weak like that. But yeah if anyone can help me out on some of this questions would be appreciated cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  22. 15NSFW added a post in a topic Offset for Wheels to clear Brembos   

    Holy thread revival batman but it's not just about offset, it's about x-factor. 350Z's with Brembo brakes need wheels with a minimum 55mm brake x-factor to clear 
  23. badthing added a post in a topic Buying a 370Z   


  24. badthing added a post in a topic Hola   

    Welcome mate!

  25. badthing added a post in a topic Just Joined