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  1. akuma69 added a post in a topic Replaced clock spring - now steering angle sensor problem   

    hi mate i had same problem. 0400978418. I can help you out.
    And for now, as soon as you start the car, turn off VDC. So car won't do the choke.
  2. Benamos94 added a post in a topic Insurance for under 25s?   

    Hey, I work for IAG who owns NRMA, RACV, CGU and a heap of others. You’ll have no issues you just face a higher excess for being under 25. Which you would get with any car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Breezy added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Insurance for under 25s?
    I just bought an 04 350z and have now found out that most insurance companies don't cover drivers under 25? Im 20 years old and get my full license in about 2 months. Could anybody here give me some advice or recommendations for insurance companies that will cover me?
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  4. Timboj added a post in a topic new member   

    Looks great, mate. Love to see how they drive. I'm stubbornly sticking with my Z33!
    @matt - Looking forward to getting this forum back up to its former glory!
  5. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic new member   

    Welcome Dave!!!

    How are you finding your Nismo so far?
    Did you pick it up new or 2nd hand?

  6. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Replaced clock spring - now steering angle sensor problem   

    Hey Paul,

    Not sure if I have the answer to this but it does seem like a very peculiar sequence of events.
    Was this issue happening at all (that you noticed) prior to changing the clock spring?

    This may be a process whereby you may need to re-trace your steps to ensure that all connections are plugged in correctly and that nothing has accidentally disconnected or become loose behind the dash.

    I hope that you are able to find some sort of solution.

  7. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Unsure if bad coil / cylinder not firing?   

    Hey Brendon.

    This does seem to have a miss-fire, which could be causes by the Coil Pack. I remember for our old 350, the Rocker Cover leaked slightly, causing a small amount of oil to seep into the coil channel. This caused the rubber seal around the Spark Plug to expand, which was enough to cause spark issues.

    This is not uncommon and the best way to ensure that that is the problem, see if you can track down a good coil to test out, maybe even borrow 1 from a fellow member. If that fixes the problem, then you will know that
    1) It is your coil pack and
    2) that you will need to replace the rocker cover gasket on that side to stop the leak.

    I hope that this helps you out!
  8. dave370nismo added a topic in Introductions   

    new member
    hi,David from perth here. picked up my new 370z last week,nismo edition.
    looking forward to cruises,and meeting other members.

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  9. jongpau added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Replaced clock spring - now steering angle sensor problem
    Hey everyone,
    First of all, I am a by no means a mechanic - just a guy who loves his toy Zed - so please forgive if I use incorrect language  Also, this is my first post to the forum so I hope I am in the right area to post this - as it is involving electronics. 
    The airbag light started flashing and the horn stopped working in my '05 350Z so I recently replaced the clock spring. A bit of a job and a half for a novice but I got it done eventually. So, airbag lights fixed, horn works again - yay happy days! However, now when I drive the car down the road the VCD kicks in, rattles the brakes and eventually lights up the SLIP and VCD warning lights. After this the car is drives fine. I did some Googling and found that in the process of replacing the clock spring i may have accidentally misaligned the steering angle sensor. So, I have bought a VAG KKL cable and the NDSII software and done a steering angle reset. After this I drove the car but the same problem still happened (except that I made it about 3 times as far down the road).
    My best guess at this stage is that I somehow did not mount the steering angle sensor properly to the clock spring (?) - so i will have to pull the entire thing apart again and retrace my steps. Before I get the toolbox out, does anyone have any hints and tips of where I may have gone wrong and things I can/should look into to fix the problem?
    Many thanks for any tips
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  10. ChocSoldier added a post in a topic Apple CarPlay   

    I've tried a lot of similar options and they never worked properly for my liking..

    Best bet is to get something that plugs into video inputs (you can buy kits that add reverse camera input along with RCA/HDMI or both). My current setup uses a wired remote with a knob for Apple CarPlay.

    Do not use the video input in the centre console. Some people have managed to get video bypass kits to work, but I didn't. Also, the video has weird distortion and resizing whenever I have used those inputs.
    With the kits that add additional video inputs, simply switch to that input source (there is another small button usually), and then switch the screen to "STATUS" so it thinks it doesn't have to display video.
  11. Metalpig added a post in a topic Z floor mats   

    I have the same issue: 370Z, delivered with factory mats - they slide off the 'pegs'.
    My old Civic had positive twist-type lugs which never released the mat until you wanted to.  Don't know why Nissan can't manage it......
    To fix I'm going to drill through each peg at the top and use split pins to retain.
  12. brendontharp added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Unsure if bad coil / cylinder not firing?
    Hi Guys,  
    ive had this sound for a while . car hasnt been driven in years basically . i took all sparks out and replaced them but did find a fair amount of oil in spark/cyl 6 which i believe is just a VQ thing ill do the valve cover just trying to find the cause of the noise / issue first. . ive cleaned it all up and sound is still there. could it be a bad coil or has anyone else come into this? 
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  13. Ralph Kneale added a post in a topic Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?   

    Hi, 370Cal.
    Thanks for replying to my post.
    I can see it'll be pricey to turn my 370z into an M2 beater, but I think it's worth it. I like the looks, old-school layout, and classic Japanese tuner's dream aura. I think it'll be a blast to get it up to speed. As for return on investment, I'm not concerned about that. I just need to turn-over my cars every four years to continue to benefit from depreciation at tax time. I might keep this one, after four years, and write something else off.
    Hi, Marsh.
    Thanks for the specific details regarding tuning.
    I like your approach: everything other than the engine first. That's always been mine too. The first things I would do are to tighten and tie-down the body, which I know isn't light. I also like what you said about a mechanical LSD. Those things are the best additions to a car's performance parts, in most cases.
    It's good to hear your car's on rails. I have struggled to find anything by car reviewers that goes into the inherent balance of the car. I just want to avoid  a car that understeers. For example, an Audi RS3, which has loads of power, a short wheel base, and isn't very heavy (although also not light). It understeers like a boat, and that handling flaw just can't be fully corrected by street legal suspension changes. 
    As far as the engine is concerned, I'd be very interested to see what the 370z can do short of forced induction. If I go down that route, I'll get a supercharger because I want to retain sharp throttle response.
    I checked-out the link you provided; it looks like your car goes where it's pointed.
  14. Marsh added a post in a topic Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?   

    Hi Ralph
    im also 45 YO. And own the very car you describe, For me it’s a road registered track only car and sometimes it gets taken out for the odd cruise (twice in a year). I bought a used 2014 Non Nismo 370z Manual and did the following mods, the intention was to always have this as a track toy. 
    Oil cooler Z1- This needs to be your first Mod 
    New Hardrace bushes and rear arms throughout the car.
    stillen exhaust
    front upper control arms (SPL) 
    good set of 2 piece disks and race pads- brakes are really good for about 6 -7 Hard laps  Then you have to back off for 1- I may get brake ducting, I see no need for an upgrade here.
    MCA Red coil overs - best Mod ever I can turn them down and they are very comfy. 
    white line front sway Bar 
    standard rear sway bar 
    Standard subframe and diff bushes ( I need to do the diff ones) 
    1 race seat 😀
    1 professional race level alignment and corner balance 
    Nt01 semi slick 275 40 18 all round 
    car has a basic tune to enable left foot braking and maybe get it a little more responsive -uprev
    Nismo body kit for the looks - 😎
    the car is absolutely on Rails And turn In is Porsche like. In the correct hands will Keep up with a hi end sports Car ( Not on the straights however, but Its not drag racing! ) 
    Things I’d do to it now? 
    half cage (For my well-being) 
    Mechanical LSD As the VLSD doesn’t like getting hot and I have to change fluids every track day to keep it working.
    a few instructors have jumped in with me and they have been surprised on the cars composure and balance and those guys get to see a lot of cars.
    Im after something Lighter and more track only for my next car and am contemplating selling the Z but I would do so with a heavy heart, Maybe I can convince the Wife to keep it for her Daily.... 
    All the best 
  15. papajhotel added a topic in I.C.E   

    Apple CarPlay
    Hi, has anybody tried using Naviplus  to update the stock head unit? Looks like a tidy solution.
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  16. 370Cal added a post in a topic Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?   

    Hey Ralph, Depending on what sort of power plant you left the clio in (in terms of mods and such) The nismo will be a far greater contender with the right mods attached. Depending on your overall budget for the car, off the top of my head. Everyones go-to mods are: Intake, hfc, cbe, tune, coilovers will set you a good 7k give or take on install costs. And given the right tuner you’ll see 240kw atrw. If you want to go turbo or supercharger. You’ll need deeper pockets unfortunately. Some turbo kits from the states are an easy 15k without clutch, flywheel and some without fuel pump and injectors. And obviously a tune on top. Then you add your coilovers and exhaust to that equation too. I’d personally set aside a potential 80k including cost of the car if you were looking for a daily driven track car. And i wouldn’t really expect a great return on investment at the end of the 4 years regardless of the mods. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Ralph Kneale added a topic in Introductions   

    Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?
    Hello, one and all!
    It's nice to be posting on this forum for the first time. I'll introduce myself, and then get to the reason I've joined this forum.
    I am a 45 year old man with a love of old-school performance cars. I've owned numerous Honda Type Rs and an S2000, as well as a couple of Renault Clio RS models. I like cars that handle like go-karts, rev like crazy, and are as close as possible to analogue motoring.
    My job requires me to have a new car every four years, and I am looking to trade-in my four year old Renault Clio RS Sport for the kind of car that is almost extinct: a manual, rear wheel drive coupe; just because I still can. I do a lot of country driving, and I take my cars to the track, so I want a car that will be a proper and entertaining machine at the limit. I have looked at the current options for a new RWD, manual coupe, and there aren't many that come in under $100,000. In fact, the only cars still being made that aren't tanks from America are the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ and the Nissan 370Z. The BMW M2 is $110,00 plus, and then we come to Porsche Cayman and Lotus Evora ($150,000 to $200,000+).
    So, I am looking to spend no more than $60,000 on a Nissan 370Z, and add some serious coilovers, brakes, exhaust and tuning to the package so as to turn it into an M2-beater.
    My questions are these:
    1. What are the differences between the regular 370Z and the NISMO, and could those differences be improved upon if I bought a regular 370Z and got it properly suspended and tuned?
    2. How does the 370Z respond to suspension upgrades? I want a car that I can throw into corners, and be confident it will stick. I'm used to Honda Type R and RenaultSport models that turn in as if they're on rails. Does the 370Z chassis respond well to coilovers and camber change? I'm looking at KW Clubsport or something similar.
    3. What is the best option for tuning the 3.7 litre V6? Can much be gained from lightened flywheel, upgraded exhaust, remapped ECU, cams, etc., or is supercharging or turboing the best way to liberate the engine? I like a free-revving engine, and I've read the 3.7 litre V6 is quite lazy. If so, can this be significantly improved upon?
    Okay, I'll leave it there for now. Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Cheers, everyone.
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  18. Bry added a post in a topic Exhaust Hissing Sound!!!   

    I'll say again, normal. 
  19. trev86 added a post in a topic Exhaust Hissing Sound!!!   

    Yeh thanks ey. I’ll definitely be checking for leaks just in case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Average age of Z owners 2013   

    Funny how a majority of 350z owners now are like 18+ 😅😂 I'm 26 this year. Had my girl for 3 years nearly I think Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  21. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Exhaust Hissing Sound!!!   

    Saw this on Facebook. Is normal 👌 Doesn't hurt to check for leaks just in case though. Just for peace of mind Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  22. Dd added a post in a topic Average age of Z owners 2013   

    Wifey bought me a new 370z for my 60th which is coming up at the end of the year.....can fit a couple of surfboards in it with the passenger seat fully reclined so it's all good. 
  23. trev86 added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Exhaust Hissing Sound!!!
    Hey guys so I’m pretty knew to modifying my 370z, and I don’t know if this has been a topic of discussion in the past so please excuse my ignorance. So far I’ve upgraded to the Invidia HFCs, Invidia Gemini CBE and K&N drop ins. I’ve also had the car custom tuned with Uprev. Since doing all this about a week ago, I can notably hear a hissing sound as I put a heavy load on the throttle to accelerate, and then when I release the throttle and decelerate. As this happens I can hear the sound coming from the back. Is this normal? Or is there something going on that I need to pay attention to? Any help is good help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  24. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Turning On/Off the Honk when locking/unlocking   

    Maybe take it to Nissan and see if they can reprogram your fob? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  25. gareth.williams090 added a post in a topic Turning On/Off the Honk when locking/unlocking   

    Hey! Thanks for that, but the issue is, when I hold both the lock and unlock buttons at the same time I get no response from the car! Never blinks the indicators no matter how long I hold both buttons in for.. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk