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Activity Stream

  1. BiankaL added a topic in Zclub Feedback, Suggestions & Questions   

    New to the scene
    Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself just brought myself a 2015 370z in silver. Absolutely in love with her. Just wanted to know if anyone has had problems with their hands free? Mine constantly cuts outs out and the people on the other line can’t hear me! Also wanting a stillen exhaust but with everything going on getting it from the us would be a pain. Does anyone know any local places in au? And I’m know eye candy does custom decals but is there anywhere else that does them? 😊 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  2. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Greeting from the Central Coast!   

    Hey mate, Ive been told unless you're going to track it, to just go a quality poly. The strain of solid bushings in daily driving can provide more wear. Just my 2 cents. Do whatever you want Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. RWDfreak added a post in a topic Greeting from the Central Coast!   

    Hey bud, thx mate, shes great but a stock z needs a lot of $ to be an awesome sports car imo. I’d love to make it my dream ride but it would take me forever! It’s got a loose back end atm so I think it’s needs some bushings. I have to do my blown diff bushings anyway so I might do the subframe with solids. Do u reckon that would be too noisy for a street/dd? I do like noises that connect me with the car but if it’s going to annoy the piss out of me on a road trip then I’ll go poly. What do you think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Greeting from the Central Coast!   

    Hey Ryan,
    Welcome to the club! It's nice to see another fellow Coastie joining up.
    That's a nice looking 350 that you have on your hands mate. Looking forward to seeing what your dream ride looks like as you start to modify her.
    Chat soon ✌
  5. RWDfreak added a topic in Introductions   

    Greeting from the Central Coast!

    Hey guys,
    I recently moved to the central coast NSW ie Ettalong Beach and don't know anyone here yet so my first stop is of course, the car scene. I want to meet some of you crazy bastards.
    I also just bought my first Z. A 350z hr 2007 6mt. It is stock, except for my new JWT clutch & LW FW. My last car was a FBO SSV ute 6mt with a cammed LS2 putting out 300rwkw so I'm very keen for a little more poke but funds very limited. 
    Anyway, Just wanted to introduce myself and no doubt will meet some of you in the future.
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  6. Gho65t Pilot added a post in a topic New to the Z scene - Mid North Coast   

    A well optioned 350z, good to see your hard work towards modding the beast up...I’m just down the road from you in Newcastle...feel free to drop us a line when down here.
  7. SimpleVic added a post in a topic New to the Z scene - Mid North Coast   

    So... 3 Years later... ( WARNING - essay length includes backstory, mods list and overview)

    Here's what I have to update:
    ~I bought the car as an "Enthusiast model", when rego'd in my name it became a "Touring" model, without talking to anyone now my papers show it as a "Track" model.

    ~2 years ago, had to get my clutch replaced. Forced to go with HD Dual Mass as the mechanic in Coffs Harbour thought he knew best... he must have installed it wrong because it only lasted 30,000 km. And later with my Single Mass Conversion, he didn't tightened the bolt on the slave, my fluid leaked and I almost crashed on the highway... Granted I don't use him anymore and advise people away.

    ~1.5 years ago, a truck delivering to my work place, managed to clip my PARKED car and push it into the curb...
    Let's say that I stopped using NRMA after that because of how difficult they were and they removed any repairer off my policy without my knowledge right before it happened. Not Impressed.
    After a lot of messing around with insurance companies and the truck company that did the damage, 3 months later, she was as good as she was as above.

    NOTE: The only thing the Coffs Harbour mechanic did was, 2x services and 2x clutch replacements and install my High Flow Cats while installing the SMF (last job he will ever do to my Z)

    Since my last post I have done the following (in order? due to memory):
    ~Transferred my Alpine Headunit (as mentioned before)
    ~Upgraded Rear License Plate Lights
    ~Upgraded Interior Lights (front and boot)
    ~Replica HKS Cat-Back Exhaust
    ~Aftermarket Shifter (Bamshifts one-of-a-kind with custom H-pattern self engraved due to police harrasment)
    ~Aftermarket Signal Lights (iJDMTOY)
    ~Aftermarket Tail Lights (JDM BLACK ALTEZZA LED)
    ~Custom Subwoofer harness to run the stock BOSE sub and aftermarket KICKER sub. (Still running off STOCK BOSE AMP)
    ~Rear Wiper Delete
    ~Replaced Battery Terminals (Just something from Supercheap)
    ~Upgraded Brakes System (T3 Slotted Rotors, HEL Braided Brake Lines, QFM HPX Pads)
    ~Upgraded Clutch System (Single Mass Flywheel Conversion [Coffs Harbour mechanic], Stainless Steel Braided Line, New OEM Slave & Master Cylinders)
    ~Upgraded to High Flow Catalytic Converters (Unknown brand) [Coffs Harbour Mechanic]
    ~Replaced Front Lower Control Arm Bushings (GK Tech)
    ~Upgraded Front Strut Bushings (GK Tech)
    ~Replaced Lower Ball Joints (Febest Brand with Energy Suspension Polyurethane boots)
    ~Replaced Spark Plugs (NGK Platinum)
    ~Upgraded to Magnetic Oil Sump
    ~Changed Transmission Oil
    ~Changed Differential Oil
    ~Replaced Valve/Rocker Covers (both sides)
    ~Installed 5/16 Plenum Spacer
    ~Upgraded Air Filter (K&N panel filter to fit Stock Airbox)
    ~Aftermarket Head Lights (Depo)
    ~Replaced antenna to Shortened 12cm (eBay brand lol)
    ~Installed Zakustech Louvers
    ~Replaced Wheel Hubs FRONT & BACK (Febest)
    ~Upgraded Headers/Extractors (Megan Racing)

    For a short while I had
    ~Bilstein Shocks with King Lowering Springs
    ~V8 Racer Wheels 18x9 all around with Hancook Tyres (Staggered setup)
    ~TITANIUM Top Secret Single Exit Exhaust

    ^In hindsight, I started to plan another route and I should have kept the suspension and wheels.
    I do have the exhaust still but it is in need of repairs due to a crack in the muffler (tried taking it to a different mechanic who said he could fix it and clearly he got the apprentice to do it while charging my Qualified rates... didn't get my money back... Working on getting it done professionally with a titanium exhaust company overseas)

    I still have other parts to put on, both cosmetic and performance. But at the moment I'm saving up for a TUNE and extra supporting mods to go with it.
    Overall I've been really happy with the car, it's never had any major problems because I've always kept on top of things and have since serviced it regularly, staying aware of any odd feelings or sounds along the way.

  8. SimpleVic added a post in a topic New Member from Melb   


    Depends what route you want to go as mentioned above.
    Street, track, monster build, or show car.
  9. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Hola   

    Can cost you from as little as $100 up to $500 plus depending on what plate design you use AND how custom you want the combo to be...
  10. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Right rear bumper indicator needed asap (Western Sydney)   

    Do you mean the rear signal light?

    Do you still need one?

    I can post.
  11. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Probiotic drinks to get hydrated   

    I know they're good for your gut, wouldn't say it's very hydrating though.
  12. SimpleVic added a post in a topic help!!! my brake squealing like crazy ?? (new brake pad)   

    Providing the pads were cleaned with brake cleaner, as they come with a coating brand new to prevent any degrading.

    Next step would be to check your rotors for any score marks in-case any debris was caught been the rotor and pad.

    I don't believe in spraying anything on your brake system because you want complete contact to stop without a layer of lubrication.
  13. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Exahaust / Engine / idle issue   

    From my experience it could be the MAF sensor...? Maybe pick up a can of MAF cleaner from supercheap or autobarn, etc.

    It could also be a few other things depending on what's recently been done to it...
  14. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Stock Nissan 350z Exhaust. 2.5” vs 3”?   

    You can get away with a 3" but you will need a tune for it to run right.

    Of course, supporting mods will help as well.

    As ThatZeeGuy said, it's personal preference
  15. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Engine light coming on too frequently   

    Should grab a code from the scanner next time.
    It will allow you to fix it properly than to run spacers and have it low-key damage something if it's not running 100%
  16. SimpleVic added a post in a topic Engine running lean / o2 sensor tripped   

    Strange that they've both shown at the same time...
    Have you checked the cables for damage?

    Worst case you might have to replace them both
  17. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic New Member from Melb   

    Hey Kev,
    Welcome to the club. It's a proud moment buying your first Z that's for sure. As far as modifications go, this all come down to your goals and preferences. Do you want a street car, track car or simply just make it fast. Modifications should always be an expression of yourself and your dream car.
    Tasteful modifications are a catback exhaust and coilovers. Seems to be the nominal starting place.
    Happy Building ✌
  18. Hazel Smith added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Probiotic drinks to get hydrated
    Why probiotic drinks are helpful to get hydrated at work?
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  19. LuminanceAutowerke added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Custom Headlights
    Hi Guys,
    some of you may remember my previous post. But for those who doesnt. I customise headlights located in Melbourne Victoria but also take on interstate jobs. I've recently taken onboard Afterpay as a payment method so its great if you don't want to pay the whole lot in one go.
    Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or would like a quote.
    Services offered
    Blacked out housing
    Angel eyes and demon eyes retrofit
    Headlight polishing
    Resealing condensed headlights.
    IG: LuminanceAutowerke
    email: nate@luminance.melbourne

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  20. Agret added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Engine running lean / o2 sensor tripped
    My car has thrown these 2 o2 sensor codes and gone into limp mode. Doing the pedal dance shows an error code that when I looked it up indicates the engine is running lean.
    Attached is a screenshot of the o2 sensor codes.
    Has anyone had experience with running lean / o2 sensor trips?
    Following information is probably irrelevant to the issue but feel like it's worth mentioning:
    Previously I had the common issue of oil in the spark plug from a leaking valve cover but instead of replacing valve cover I just got the oil drained and replaced all the plugs and car has been going fine over 1yr.
    The power loss i've been having lately before my codes trippped feels very different to when I had oil in the plug, just gutless until 3.5k+ RPM and then suddenly you get a jolt of power and the car is operating normally until you shift up and then it is misfiring and running with reduced power until 3k rpm again and then a jolt of power. When I had oil in the plug it was just running like a dog constantly as it was basically running without a cylinder, one of my coil packs was faulty and I took the cheap option of just replacing one coil pack rather than all of them.

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  21. DAZZED added a post in a topic Fuel question   

    Great news in the end! I got special permission from the Owner of the Company and have been supplied a new Caltex Fuel Card that accepts Premium! Happy Days!!!!
  22. Newby101 added a post in a topic help!!! my brake squealing like crazy ?? (new brake pad)   

    I've got a similar issue. 
    I've taken off every wheel and checked the pads to make sure they're still 'drive-able' and theyre all fine.
    However the brakes squeal something cruel when I'm slowing down.
    They're fine on the first bit of pressure and when the pedal's almost entirely pressed in but in the mid range of the pedal the brakes squeal so very very loud...
    Has anyone found any fixes or hints as to what it is?
  23. Newby101 added a post in a topic Engine light coming on too frequently   

    So this thread didnt go anywhere at all but in case this helps out anyone in the future.
    The problem can basically be explained as an aftermarket exhaust kit.
    The sensors didn't like the emissions and intake numbers that they were reading because the exhaust wasn't stock.
    All I did to it was put a few spacers on the sensors and the light has stayed off since.
    Hope this helps
  24. Kev560 added a topic in Introductions   

    New Member from Melb
    Hi all,
    Pleased to say that i have purchased a Grey 2010 370z. Being that it has been my dream car going way back. I cannot be any more satisfied and stoked right now.
    My first mod, will obviously be getting the windows tints done. After that either wheels or exhaust... How do you guys reckon i should go about it? 
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  25. makenzee added a post in a topic Hi from Brisbane   

    Hey mate! I have been looking for a good detailing shop in around Brisbane and I found this place Timeless Car Cleaning. Has anyone ever tried their services?