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  1. IanzZed added a post in a topic Solenoids either side under bonnet/hood latches – what are they?   

    Hi Ausmo
    they are pyrotechnic solenoids.
    if you hit a pedestrian ( or anything hard) , they fire off and lift the bonnet up at the back to help cushion the impact of said pedestrian.
    there are sensors in the front of the car that sense when something hits the front hard enough.
  2. Button1 added a post in a topic Programming key fob   

    For the record I have a 2003 Nissan 350z Australian delivery and I have successfully programmed a new key fob for the car after sorting out two issues.
    1. The original remote I had operated at 315Mz frequency which I was let to believe would work on my car.  After having no success I purchased the 433Mz European version of the key fob and this turned out to be the correct one.
    2. There are at least 3 different methods to program 350z key fobs depending on the cars country of delivery eg. USA, UK, Japan.  The one that works for Australian cars is described as Method A in the attached instructions.  Unlike the USA & UK cars the hazard lights do not flash during the programming steps. 
    To programme do this -
    1. Close both doors.
    2. Both doors must be locked using the small rocker switch near the door handle.
    3. Insert the key into the ignition 5 times within 10 secs and remove.
    4.  Quickly insert the key again and the doors will unlock.
    5. Turn the key to the accessories position (not the on position).
    6. Quickly lock both doors again using the small rocker switch near the door handle.
    7. Press the unlock button on your key fob and both doors should unlock indicating the key fob is programmed.
    8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 for additional key fobs.
    9. Remove the key from the ignition and all of your key fob should now be programmed and lock/unlock the car.
    Note: I did have trouble with the timing of these steps.  I found that unless step 5 & 6 were done quickly the car would not recognise the key fob at step 7.
    I hope this helps someone.

  3. victord683 added a topic in I.C.E   

    Wiring for Audio in a 2004
    Hi folks
    I am putting in Pioneer Z5250BT head unit in my 2004. When I was removing  the 10 pin plug from the factory Bose unit it came apart and all the wires went everywhere (Shit!) . I thought it could too complicated to put them back in order.  When I have looked at other sites  to work this out the wiring they refer to doesn't match the colours that are in wiring harness. 
    I have the following wires   orange, red, Grey, Blue/White (larger wire which I assume is main power), red/blue, white, pink/black, Green. There is also a small Blue/White wire on a single plug. There is a separate line Green/white which is with the antenna and I can assume is for the power antenna. I need to know what these wires are and where they go on the 10 in plug. I have the Aeropro wire harness to plug into the 10 pin plug. I just need to get them in the right order,. Can anyone help? 
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  4. Ausmo added a post in a topic Z Insurance   

    Wow there is some insane prices around
    2017 370Z Nismo
    Agreed Value
    800 excess
    cost - $743.00  20% loyalty 65% no claim NRMA
    I'm 49 I guess that make a difference to premium but not the way I drive it
    Tracked 4 or 5 times a year, Skid pan 6 or 7 times a year and also doing 15,000 km a year as a daily driver
    My moto drive it like you stole it
  5. Ausmo added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Solenoids either side under bonnet/hood latches – what are they?
    Hi Guys,

    Had my car for a couple of year now and I notice under the hood latches at windscreen end there are these things that look like solenoids behind battery on one side and brake system on the other side
    What do they do?, It driving me nuts and can't find any info anywhere

    there to far back for suspension , Air bag system maybe
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  6. rovert added a post in a topic Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build   

    Hi Guys, episodes  5, 6, & 7 are up.
    Apologies for not updating the thread sooner, i've been quite busy.
  7. 15NSFW added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Right rear bumper indicator needed asap (Western Sydney)
    Hi guys,
    Is there anyone in Western Sydney that would possibly be wrecking a 350 & have a right rear bumper indicator available?
    Some asshole reversed into me & broke mine 
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  8. Irvyshakes added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Topgunz A2A upgrade kit for sale
    Wouldn't let me post in for sale section moderators?
    I have for sale a complete Topgunz A2A upgrade kit
    Comes with 
    All the piping, intercooler, air intake & the TIAL QRJ BOV
    I made 350kw at wheels with this on my Stillen supercharger with 600cc injectors
    Bought the kit from the states with the 9psi pulley last year for $3600AUD
    If anyone is interested let me know
    I also have a fuel pump setup with the CJM top hat & 1050X injectors
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  9. ThatZeeGuy added a post in a topic Coach   

    Welcome Ellis.
    We really hope that you enjoy your time here and get more opportunities to meet people within the community.
    Nice z32 as well. Very clean indeed 👌

  10. Guest added a post in a topic Stay away from SSV (Street SOund & Vision) + my custom audio install   

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  11. rovert added a post in a topic Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build   

    Merry Christmas Folks,
    #4 up now
  12. rovert added a post in a topic Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build   

    #3 up now.
    Cheers Guys.
  13. rovert added a post in a topic Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build   

    Cheers Blax, should be Friday I reckon at this stage.
  14. blax added a post in a topic Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build   

    really enjoying the youtube channel mate, well done.
    Looking forward to the next instalment.

  15. Guest added a post in a topic Stereo Help   

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  16. Guest added a post in a topic Stereo Help   

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  17. Mud added a post in a topic 2009 370z Reverse Camera and HDMI input   

    Pic stays on while driving

  18. Guest added a post in a topic Stereo Help   

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  19. Guest added a post in a topic Stereo Help   

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  20. Guest added a post in a topic Stereo Help   

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  21. rovert added a topic in DIY   

    Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build
    Finally Gotten around to starting my Diy RHD Twin Turbo Build.
    You won't be disappointed.
    Posting it all up to my Youtube Channel.
    I've already done 2 fuel system mod vids, but this is the first proper start of the Twin Turbo Build.
    Hope some of you guys find it helpful.
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  22. blax added a post in a topic 350z Early G37 Fuel Pump & Return Upgrade Diy   

    great stuff mate, cheers

  23. Guest added a post in a topic Stereo Help   

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  24. Guest added a post in a topic Ipad Head Unit 350Z   

    Hello. And Bye.

  25. Guest added a post in a topic 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS   

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