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  1. Francesco 1973 added a post in a topic In-car entertainment systems   

    Hi all,im looking to install  under the seat slim Subwoofer to my 370z,any suggestions of size and brand? Tnx
  2. andrewfranze9991 added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Recently purchased a 370Z have some questions
    Hi guys recently purchased a 2010 370Z absolutely love the car, but run into a couple things I need answers for. 1. The car come with a quick release steering wheel and because the wheel is not factory the vdc, slip, abs and airbag light is on. Is there anyway I can sort this out I want vdc on when normal driving? 2. Because of the issue in the first question I attempted to swap the factory steering wheel over. ( was tuning the wheels a fair bit while the car was off ) anway when I turned the car back on the power steering made a grinding noise, and feels very heavy ever since, seems to get heavy after hard driving. And my last question is the clutch, I’m not sure if it how it is but seems very fragile, for example a couple clutch kicks in 2nd gear it will just slip instead of grabbing not sure if all the clutches are weak like that. But yeah if anyone can help me out on some of this questions would be appreciated cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  3. 15NSFW added a post in a topic Offset for Wheels to clear Brembos   

    Holy thread revival batman but it's not just about offset, it's about x-factor. 350Z's with Brembo brakes need wheels with a minimum 55mm brake x-factor to clear 
  4. badthing added a post in a topic Buying a 370Z   


  5. badthing added a post in a topic Hola   

    Welcome mate!

  6. badthing added a post in a topic Just Joined   


  7. badthing added a post in a topic New member   

    Welcome mate!

  8. BlueZed added a post in a topic How to replace stupid broken cup holder on 03 350Z   

    Thank you very very much for this thread.  After almost 10 years I finally have a functional cup holder by purchasing an assembly from Japan and installing it today.  The large spring at the rear had popped over the stop and was preventing the assembly from sliding out.  This guide was a great help.

  9. Davidmat added a post in a topic Free head unit   

    Hi So you have any details such as model etc...? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 370Cal added a post in a topic Buying a 370Z   

    Being 20 when i got my Z. I did loose my license so that definetly doesnt help my case even now 2 years later. Insurance wise I have done the same as you and gone with APIA (yes my dad is over 50 so it helps). In terms of maintenance, the platform is quite solid. The Americans complain about alot cause they expect alot from nothing. Go into the car with an open mind and you’ll love it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. #1ZED added a post in a topic Buying a 370Z   

    Hi Tini,
    From owing my 370Z and doing lots of reading they really are quite a robust and reliable car. There were issues with steering lock problems but that was in earlier models, 2009-2012 so wont effect you. Some problems with the CSC's on the manuals but again wont effect you. Your buying low k's so that's good. My two points would simply be to ensure that the car has been correctly serviced and I would recommend buying a stock standard car, one with no modifications whatsoever.
    The Zeds are a great car with lots of heritage so buy one and enjoy, you wont regret it 
  12. #1ZED added a post in a topic Hola   

    Welcome to the Zed club mate, enjoy 
  13. Flowin added a post in a topic Steering Lock failure Car wont start   

    I had very similar experience a week ago. Sept 2011 build, steering lock failed.
    My wife’s car. It refused to start and I could not help her at the time (2am on Friday morning). Car got towed to a “dealer service centre” we bought the car from, even though I had stopped taking the car there many years ago because of their poor service.
    After many hours around mid afternoon Friday dealer said steering lock problems, not covered by warranty, and will cost $2500 to replace ☹️
    I told them to wait and leave the car outside over the weekend.
    After a few hours on google on Friday night I found this forum and USA forum (excellent resources thank you) and it helped me understand steering lock failure is common and has some simple work arounds that dealerships are ignorant of. I went back to dealer on Saturday (knowing they were closed) with my other key fob. Tapped the steering lock a few times with hammer while pushing start key. This got the steering lock freed to start car and I took it home. Then when home I found the fuse, pulled it out. Starts fine and consistently after that.
    I went back to the dealer on Monday to get the other key fob they still had. They noticed me drive the car in that they had thought was “dead” on the previous Friday. Dealer said nothing, I don’t know why, maybe they were embarrassed.
    I certainly have now given up any confidence in the dealer that sold us our beloved Z.
  14. Tini added a topic in Introductions   

    Buying a 370Z
    Hi all I’m 23 years old living in Melbourne, Victoria and am looking at buying my first 370z.
    a few questions I have is what should I be looking for in a clean 370z is there any problems I should be looking for (looking at a 2015 with 18,000km in white automatic) as I will be using this car as a daily and in terms of insurance which is the cheapest and best for cover I will be putting it under my dads name and me as a nominated driver for cheaper rates.
    Thanks for reading, happy to be joining the Nissan gang.
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  15. Mr370 added a post in a topic Just Joined   

    Or if you know of one coming up?!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Mr370 added a topic in Introductions   

    Just Joined
    Hey Y’all Just got on here. Who’s from Adelaide up for starting a Zed Cruise?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  17. Zedlyfe added a topic in Introductions   

    Hey Squad, 350z owner here, haven’t got any mods on my car but hoping to pick up some tip and tricks. Thinking a custom plate would be a good place to start. Never owned one before what do they cost and would all the good combos be taken by now?
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  18. timjj added a post in a topic Anyone know where i can source.....   

    These guys might be able to help.
  19. timjj added a topic in Brakes & Suspension   

    New Pads, New rotors, same traffic light tinnitus!
    Hey all,
    Thought id hit up anyone that has had similar issues with the Z non-brembo brakes squealing under light pressure.
    My brakes were perfect up until about 12 months ago when discovered the fronts needed replacement. No big deal. Replaced them myself with some soft pads, used anti-seize grease, and they were good for about 1000ks. Anyway, they started squealing again at low pressure, I couldn't work it out so I took it into a mechanic. $700 later, new Bendix pads (harder than I had), new rotors, bedded them in, same old blasted squeal at low pressure and shockingly worse in wet weather. 
    The mechanics were happy to take my money and not find a solution, lucky for them they don't risk tinnitus every time I pull up at a traffic light!

    Any one had similar issues and worked out what it is?
    Any ideas are much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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  20. #1ZED added a post in a topic New member   

  21. BKIN added a post in a topic New member   

    Welcome to the Club!
    I recently purchased an 2010 Nissan 370z myself and have loved it!
    This forum is not as active as it used to be, however, Check out VQ Australia's Facebook page.
    It has a range of VQ Powered Owners from all around Australia.
    Enjoy your ride, Brad.
  22. Muzz370Z added a topic in Introductions   

    New member
    Hi all,
    Thanks for the add. I've just purchased my 1st 370Z and absolutely love it. Quality car, quality performance. Looking forward to seeing everyone's Z cars.

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  23. 370Cal added a post in a topic Suggestions on Exhaust   

    Start off small, go catback exhaust like invidia which is quite popular around here. I personally have a motordyne catback, and for the system itself, it is usually plenty deep and loud! If you do find yourself at one of the next car meets, swing by and have a listen to what exhaust tone you like. Moving forward with headers and test pipes like the US Z community do, they do tend to go over the db limit here in AUS, as well as become deafening whilst driving. It’s not like people dont so it, but it’s not tolerable for most. I would also encourage you to fit the catback yourself, it really isnt that hard and you save some cash installing it yourself! It’s only a couple of 12-14mm nuts and bolts and youre golden. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. BEN313 added a post in a topic Stillen exaust   

    How much just for SC kit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Z34NIZ added a post in a topic Stillen exaust   

    HI damo-heato,
    I know it's been a very, very long time since this post was made but i came across it and was wondering if you still had all the parts for sale and if so how much would you want for them (I know the answer is probably no since it's been so long but might as well try).